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    From a reliable source....<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
    "A neighbor of mine voted today in early voting at the downtown New Bern site and had a strange experience. He "pulled the lever" to vote straight Republican (pressed the circle at the top that allows you to vote straight ticket), and when he looked down, the voting machine had highlighted all the Democratic candidates. He cleared it and tried again, and the same thing happened. He called a poll assistant over, she tried it, and the same thing happened. Several phone calls were made, and they finally got the machine to highlight the correct candidates. If my neighbor had not been paying attention, he would have given his votes to the opposition!

    He told the Republican judge about his experience, and he said she did not seem to be that concerned. He told a Republican worker outside the poll and that worker had him call Channel 12 news about his experience."

    PLEASE tell your friends and neighbors if they are voting straight Republican (or voting period) to make sure that the correct candidates are highlighted before they finish

    Waiting to see what the reporters say about this....

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    The voting fraud by the dems just never seems to stop does it ? They are lying crooked people to say the best.
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    One of the benefits of living in a small rural county is that economics require that we keep it simple. 20,000 to 25,000 people total in entire county. No hanging chads or undetectible electronic shenanigans here. The ballot was two sided. Each issue or race has its own box. You are to fill in one selection oval maximum with a special pen in each box. You can abstain from voting on an issue by not filling in any ovals within a particular box. Fill in more than one selection oval within a box and your ballot will spit back like an old dollar bill in a change machine and the election official will set it aside for a later hand count entry like an absentee ballot. I asked, abstain voting will allow your vote to go through. Double voting within a box will negate your vote on that issue or race, but all the correctly marked boxes will count. All ballots are held the prescribed by law period for use in recounts, whether manual or electronic scanned. It ain't a perfect system, but few are. This I can live with. There are much greater shenanigans with our voting system that need real attention. Corruption, greed and influence mostly. JMHO.
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    TAC, same here in Leon County, FLorida - color in the correct oval. 1950's technology that STILL WORKS! No chads, no funky computers, easy paper trail to double-check! We had NO problems like those that plagued the more southerly counties back in 2000 and 2004.
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    If you vote with electronics, you loose...Vegas anyone?
    Here's how we vote...You go to the place, show photo ID or passport, circle name in voters register, take the paper, go into booth, circle the candidate, fold the paper, put it in the box, get invisible spray on thumb, take ID, go home, drink schnapps...
    While people vote, about dozen official reps from NGO's and all other parties with candidates in the ballots, sit in the room and observe entire process, from opening the voting place, to delivering official results to state ballots committee. All complaints are written and delivered to the committee. If anyone is not satisfied with committee's ruling, court decides if complaint is discarded, or if that place must repeat the voting from scratch.
    If we tried to use electronics, our next president would probably be Rambo or Marty the Martian... :D
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    I despise using electronics but that is what we have brought upon ourselves.
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    Potential Straight Republican Ticket Peril....

    I early-voted in my county a few days ago and selected each candidate one by one---all republican or libertarian. I did NOT opt for the straight Republican ticket electronic button. At the end of a long string of judges to be voted for/against was a key referendum involving the stoppage of the hated Red Light cameras. I voted in favor of the referendum to kill the red light cameras in our city. Pressed the "Submit vote" button after verifying my selections on the electronic Vote Summary Page and considered my mission accomplished.

    A few days later, my wife early-voted, but selected the straight Republican Ticket option, thinking that would save time. She never saw the Red Light referendum proposition, and in her haste pressed the "Submit vote" button without questioning the incompleted ballot to a proctor. Was that voting machine manipulation?[stirpot]

    The plot thickens when just three months ago every existing voting machine in Harris County (Tx), my voting county, was destroyed in a warehouse fire that suspiciously looks like arson. The machines were replaced with new or borrowed ones identical to those destroyed.

    Harris county is a key voting block in the upcoming race for Governor. Republicans did NOT carry Harris County in 2008. But it appears to be mostly back on the Republican side for 2010. Now I'm beginning to wonder.

    My best admonition to all conservative voters is to know the expected ballot issues and make each choice individually. I suspect a straight Republican ticket vote can initiate a computer programming default rife with ballot manipulation potentials.
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    It's not who's organizing or performing the's who's counting the votes...So, it's not what kind of machines you have, it's who's programming them..
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    It's not always the Democrats....

    Travis County, TX, in 2004, some of the people voting in "Advance Polls" chose a Straight Democratic ticket...At the end there was a $60 million referendum for a commuter line....Those who voted Straight Ticket had to scroll to the end to vote on the Referendum....That measure was off screen and a lot of voters did not know to go they hit the "enter" button rather than "next page"...By hitting "Enter" or "Submit"..rather than "Next Page'....there was a "glitch in the system" and it highlighted a straight Republican ticket...

    They blamed the voters...and said that by pressing "enter" the wheel inadvertently switched it to a vote for Bush/Cheney and an all Republican ticket.....

    Granted, the Voters did NOT read the Summary before voting...and yes, in the end it is their fault...Just wanted to point out it's not always the Party, but the way the machines are set up....and people not taking the time to know how to use the Voting Machines....

    I always take time to read how it's set up, in advance...and know how I'm going to vote before walking in...I haven't lived anywhere yet that there is not a Sample Ballot,explaining it in detail, in the newspaper.....

    Sometimes the people that are voting are just too lazy to know what they're doing...and can pat themselves on the back for the fact that they voted, and it counts....;)
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    The news sites reported that this morning in Nevada there have been "problems" with the electronic voting machines. It seems that a straight Republican vote turned into a straight Democrat vote, but not visa-versa. Some people caught it and raised an alarm. I wonder how many other early votes were "miscounted" by the machine.
    Every polling place in the world should have paper ballots, and be required to keep them for at least 6 months after every election. We would still have cheating, but not as much as we are getting with the machines.
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    I have 100% been done like this in a primary. I hate electronic crap machines. I feel like my vote does not count but i do it anyway. Just this year we had some one in court swear they were shown how to rig the new machines. Dirty mess go back to paper and pen. We have had the same sheriff for 36 years and the drugs and bootlegin has increased yearly. What da ya think. Like i said DIRTY.
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