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    I am hoping to start a discussion on what it would take to get the silver and gold markets going again. Please read the whole thing before responding.

    Let me first state the way I see things and where I would like to go. First, the United States of America is a corporation. It is a for profit business and is traded on the stock exchange. For those who don't already know this, look it up. Use or some other corporate stock tracking tools. Second, America, the common law territory is still in existence but a little atrophied from lack of use. Since gold and silver are still lawful money as outlined in the Constitution we should be able to use them right now. We don't need permission or tax forms or any of the other stuff associated with Legal Tender and I can prove it.

    If we check the United States Code Title 12 section 411 we can see that lawful money still exists. It has been reduced to a novelty in the media but in reality it is the only currency that has any real value. We can see places that used to smuggle stocks and bonds have now switched over to transporting gold and silver and rejecting any paper currency. Whole countries are demanding payments in silver and gold now (Germany for example).

    In steps the communities. Places that have had paper money devastation are starting to realize that gold, silver, and agriculture are the best ways to survive. In the Brazilian financial collapse of 2001 the government told the people to plant gardens to revive their economy. In Ireland, they have switched to the silver Punt coin to revive themselves. The Greece bailout required all of the country's gold as collateral.

    Why should we wait for things to get worse? We need to start communities with currencies based on gold and silver and means of exchange. It could be a redemption center, an exchange, or even a window in the back of a liquor store that will buy and sell silver coins.

    How can we get this started? I would say that the first step has to be a way to get gold and silver to the little people. If we can keep it local and outside of the IRS view/jurisdiction we can start something and let it grow. It can't be a single company or person because if they get raided, we all go down. See the liberty dollar for proof.

    Fighting the law. Legally we can't have this work. Regardless of whether or not we want to be outlaws there is a way to make this happen without breaking any laws. First and foremost, the business would have to be private. To understand this we need to understand the difference between laws and statutes. Laws are rules that apply to us all as Americans. Statutes are bylaws of the incorporated United States of America. To simplify things, there are two entities at play here: the business and the territory. We are going to use both but there are some rules for this to work.

    Rule 1. A receipt is a legal title to an object. It is a fictional account of that object. By accepting and issuing a receipt you are entering the legal jurisdiction. This is why everything in the legal world has a title. It can not exist in the legal world without a title and the legal world holds no jurisdiction to objects without titles. The object exists in the common law world with or without a receipt.

    Rule 2. Gold and silver has a title in the legal world. If you accept it for goods and services as payment, you are operating outside of the legal world (hence lawfully not legally). The government has no lawful right to your private business as we the people created the government and are therefore above it. Parents do not answer to children.

    Rule 3. Common law transactions must be backed up by something greater than statutory law. Honor has historically been the tool used in common law transactions. Your family name and its honor used to be prized possessions worth more than life.

    Rule 4. A legal name and a family name are NOT the same thing. We are not obliged to have legal names. We are given them by the US INC. so we can conduct legal business. Our credit scores are the legal equivalent of our honor.

    Rule 5. The only Constitutional (lawful) taxes are if you import into the country, export out of the country, or work abroad as an American. Do not try to break these rules under the ideas of the CLBM.

    We can do all of these things now. There is no conflict and the only problems that would arise are when you try to combine the two worlds, for example, trying to claim common law money on taxes or legal forms. If you pay your employees in gold and silver, why would you try to put that on tax forms? There is no law for it.

    Example: I have an ice cream store and I buy and sell to the general public. I must pay taxes on those sales. I must keep receipts and report all of the legal business I do. John Doe walks in to my store and sees the CLBM sign on the wall. He knows what it is and has a silver dollar and wants to buy some ice cream. The exchange is done and there are no receipts and no records. He has his ice cream and I have my silver. That is as far as the transaction needs to go. No red flags get raised and it is completely lawful to do.

    Now there are some ignorant people in the world and they will try to apply legal statutes to that transaction (cops come to mind) so it is imperative that we make sure we do it right. Education on how to handle the wrong people and a team of legal ninjas who can jump in at the right time would be good. Also, educating the communities and their leaders would be good as well.

    Comments, questions, concerns are appreciated.
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    In the vein of buying American and generating wealth in the right kind of people, I thought it would be good to share my views on growing our money. Here are a few things that I thought I would point out as very real ways to increase our wealth.

    Buy local. When you keep money close to you, it has a better chance of coming back to you. The farther you send it away, the less chance it has of returning to you. This seems like pretty common sense. If I buy something from a store locally, that money is in the hands of a person who may very well come into my shop to buy things. If I spend my money online to buy something from a person who lives in China, the money has almost no chance of coming back to me. If the money is spent at the town next to mine, it may take two steps to get back to me. The further away we send our money, the harder it is to get back.

    Buy with gold and silver when you can. In my town there are a few stores that will accept gold and silver coins as payment. There is a liquor store, a pawn shop, a gas station, and it seems that if you ask stores if they will accept gold and silver, there are some that want to but don't know how to start. Gold and silver gains value at the rate of inflation. If a group of people hold on to their gold and silver by buying locally, the community as a whole gains wealth without doing a thing. Just by holding it, they gain money. How awesome is that?

    Grow and buy food locally. People need food all the time. They are going to buy food when most other things are optional. Even without a house a body will need food. By growing food, gardening, buying and selling locally, we keep a good portion of our wealth in our community. We also get healthier food that has less bad stuff in it. It doesn't need to be packed full of preservatives etc. People get smarter, healthier, and happier.

    These three things would not only save our economy but they will make us wealthy. These three things will make us all rich. They will save us from having the same fate as Greece and Ireland and all the others. Why not do them?
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    A few more million like-minded people such as we, and liberty can once again be a reality. (hey, that rhymed)

    You pretty much covered all the bases (as I expected), and I do not want to draw away from the idea or concept of free market spirit and the gold standard or even simple barter, because as I see it --any change in this direction would be a good one. However, the more I have seen and witnessed, the more I lean toward re-instituting Lincoln's Greenback with the full cooperation of a legitimate Congress and VERY limited government. This means downsizing approximately 80%, withdrawing all troops from foreign conflict zones, disbanding most of the standing armies, removing the police from our streets and lining them up on the border of Mexico if they want a job at all....(sorry run-on sentence) to eliminating the corporations entirely and chartering them once again, remove all executive emergency powers, and making "banks" serve only as clearing houses without the ability to issue credit. Of course, the "New Greenback Fiat" would have to be secured properly, and it would not be permitted to be inflated by massive government spending, either. Now, if one has a problem with a debt-free currency created by Congress (instead of a private banking corporation like it is now), then I would accept a gold backed currency if only it followed these same guidelines. We don't need private banks. We don't need to permit government to borrow in excess beyond what it does not receive in trade profit, and we do not need to tax "income". We just need debt-free currency, or no "official" currency at all.

    No matter what we choose in our hypothetical cure for our monetary problems --we cannot continue as we have been. Most folks probably don't even know that the United States has ALWAYS had a private foreign controlled bank (often times funded for start-up by our government and never paid back) in control of the currency; the only exception to this being the Greenback (which was debt-free) and prior to the United States establishment, Colonial Scrip. Andrew Jackson indeed killed the banks, but it took several decades for the European moneychangers to re-acquire a foothold by pressuring Lincoln with the adoption of the banking act shortly before he was assassinated. I am of the mind he planned on giving in so that the Union could be well established, but never expected the outcome he received. Regardless, the private banks inflated the Greenback drastically, and restarted the gold standard and fractional reserve system as a means to acquire absolute power. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 forever altered the monetary system, and the dream of conquest has been masterfully executed ever since. England couldn't defeat the American rebels with war, so they turned to simple economics and played their hand at the slow and steady tactic. If we were ever to work toward establishing a gold standard again, we MUST not fall to the same deceitfulness that was orchestrated in the past. Just as England refused to accept Colonial Scrip as payment for trade and forced the colonies to pay in silver coin, the number one tactic of the moneychangers is to make us turn away from debt-free currency of our own making. This is their Achilles Heel, and it can be their undoing.

    All of the power and privilege which grants the private banks the ability to conduct business in the United States stems from the alteration of our republic in 1933, with one Executive wartime privilege carried out under the Emergency War Powers --the Bank Holiday of March 6, 1933. We are fighting a corporate cartel of epic proportion, with their own set of rules and statutes, all colorable (having the appearance of law only) and answerable to no one. They have even created fictional corporate versions of We, the People and trade us like stock to other corporations and hold us as well as any property as collateral. They have granted bills of credit to unimaginable scale, and created a means to profit from usury and credit in order to facilitate complete control due to hopeless perpetual enslavement. No matter how many times their monetary system fails, the banking elite can slap a new name on their currency and print it out of thin air. We need to STOP being so naive.
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    Correction: Answerable to us.

    I actually thought about the greenback as I wrote that. The problem is that we have had all the time in the world, all of the opportunity, and even the education at one point to make things right. It didn't happen and I am guessing that the reason it didn't happen is because there was and is a deliberate concentrated effort to keep things going in the direction they already are. While I would support a new greenback, I don't think its possible in the current world.

    You make many prescient points and I tend to agree with most of what you said. I think that the people who caused this situation are not going to be the ones to fix it. Not gonna happen. So what we need to do is what they did to us: we need to abandon their system. It is not ours so lets use their own tactics against them. If we stop using their money or convert ours to liberated money (gold or silver) then they will surely starve to death. How nice would that be?

    So let us take the reigns in our own hands. This has failed before. The people who tried it were one dimensional in their planning and thinking. They thought, lets make gold and silver coin and the world will be right. They failed because that wont work. They included corporate franchises in their plans and tried to convince fictional entities to take silver coins as payment. How ridiculous does that sound? If you are not part of the free world then you are part of the enemy even if unknowingly. So we must first not even try to include people who don't know what is going on.

    We can only include people who want freedom. They have to ask for it. We can't sell it or advertise it or try to recruit people. Do the freemasons recruit? Why not? Those exact reasons. You either get it or you don't. If you get it then you will know what is right. If you don't, it wont matter.

    We need a group of people to take charge. I have some ideas and I would like to do them but I would also like to hear why they may or may not work. A group of planners and brain stormers to take control would be good. This is part of that thing we talked about before.

    We need a private exchange were people can safely and securely trade money for notes, pay bills, or do standard business. We need to facilitate a reliable cure for those problems. How would it work if the world was already on a gold/silver/greenback standard? Seemlessly. Let's envision it completed and working and take the steps to get there. There needs to be a standard, how change is given, exchange rates, how the system works, etc.

    We need stickers that say CLBM and put them in windows like visa, mastercharge, ebt, etc. People can walk into your store, know you take gold and silver and just do it. There would be no discussion or how do you do this or that. Bank cards that exchange gold from your account into FRNs to pay for things? Why not? Lets take it to the next level.
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    You have a very positive and eager outlook, my friend. I envy that sometimes. =)

    And not to burst your focus and upbeat attitude or anything, I just don't possess your spirit any longer. I was present when We the People brought our combined efforts to fruition in a legal case against the illegal and privately owned IRS in court. When it was finally time for an answer, after many years of hard work and a lot of money --the courts simply made up their own rules and abandoned the Constitution. They continue to deny any hearing our Constitutionally protected right to redress our grievances. The IRS and the corporate legal system are one and the same, both part of the same matrix of deceit (as you already know).

    Read more here for all the legal documentation:

    Case in particular (for those who want to cut to the chase):

    What you are asking, is for people to work together and conspire against a known criminal organization (the secret government and corporate cartel syndicate) with full knowledge of the fact that even under the best circumstances, we have been shunned, beaten, imprisoned, and forced to accept illegal and unconstitutional response for our nonviolent protests. How can it ever be possible to expect any to get away with operating outside the control of these tyrants? All we will be doing is opening the door for the men in black to storm through and eliminate any who stand in their way. Just like the days of hurricane Katrina, they will knock at your door and demand compliance at the tip of a rifle. Mark my words, this will come down to either giving in to these monsters or taking up arms against them --they have purposefully offered no other solution.

    I am one who always searches for alternative choices. I do not accept the way things are, but I can see reality for what it is. The only "solution" I see, is for each of us to inspire our police and neighbors to stand together against the oppression of the Federal Government. Without our local law enforcement at our side, we stand naked in the tumult of uncertainty which lays ahead. We are divided, and as such we cannot stand against an enemy such as ours. Therefore, it is important to try and raise awareness and gain support without breaking out of the matrix entirely, or else all we will do is lay out a welcome mat for the storm troopers.

    The elite will not melt and vanish if we collectively decide to stop using their currency. I do not even see this as an option at all since most would rather keep their family safe than to risk angering the lion. It is true, their power resides in all of us continuing to use their currency; as long as we are divided against ourselves, we won't stand a chance at all. If we can first admit the problem exists and give up our petty differences, we might be able to do something...and even this is a hail mary in a tornado. Your ideas have merit, and I cherish the thought, but it serves no purpose to ask the 3% to come out into the open against the hordes on the pass. This reminds me of the fabled Xerxes and his countless armies versus 300 Spartans.

    Let's keep the channel open anyway.
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    I was there with you and I was part of that protest and court case for the GML, remember? I fought it too and I see fully what they are doing. I am not saying to go public. I am not saying to lay out the welcome mat, far from it, I am saying the opposite. I am saying that we use their tactics against them. We have seen how they operate. They grow in secret underground until their power is such that they don't have to hide anymore. We can do the same AND we have right on our side. This is the game.

    When the world has flipped and truth is a crime then we must take to hiding and meeting in secret. Not because we are wrong or afraid of the things we have to say, but because we are smarter than that. They don't need to be part of our plan, nor should they have any access to it. Going public is the last thing I would suggest. We have seen their tactics. They work in generations and decades and centuries. We aren't going to overcome that in a day.

    I know you see the world for what it is and sometimes you lose hope brother but I am here to keep us all on the right tracks. I am the shiznit that won't give up till I die. They better kill me cause it ain't stopping no matter how much intimidation, coercion, or power they think they have they can't get into my mind. Fuckers. I don't even know if killing me will stop me or the seeds I have planted.

    You know I got some plans but I can't really talk about them here. You know I do and what I have posted is just the start, a fraction of the whole. Where is the first meeting hall going to be? The foundation for our societe secre?

    Yes, they have made peaceful protest impossible. What is our duty now? I forget...
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    Israel uses the US like a whore and shows no respect. It is a one way relationship where they give us nothing in return. We give them tens of billions of dollars for free every year and they use that money to control our media and gain influence all over the world. We also give them tanks, planes, guns, ammo, missiles, nukes, and other armaments for free in addition to the money. They pay us back nothing. Our debts to all of the various entities out there are never forgiven for free so why are we giving away money that we will never get back? Please tell me because I would really like to know why they are our ally.

    I know some people would say that we need them to protect us from the hostile Arabs of the surrounding countries but seriously, those same Arabs were our friends a few years back before we stabbed them in the back at the request of British Petroleum and the queen or before we started playing both sides of the war. Is it any wonder they don't trust us? Or do we have enough friends and anyone who is not already one we should just blow up? And even if the big bad Arabs were coming to get us don't you think that we have just a bit more fire power than Israel? We could wipe out Palestine in a week if we really wanted to but they pose NO threat to the US for at least another 50 years if they were to set their minds to it and if Israel hadn't already destroyed the whole country. Seriously, all they have is sand... why are we killing them again?

    Hell yeah I'd vote for Trafficant. This would be a better country with more people like him around!
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    Ok, how does this look for a sticker that people could put in the windows of their businesses? 4"x4" If you see this in the corner you would know that you could pay for items in the store with silver or gold at the current exchange rate. Any questions or comments?
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    I am going to be printing out those stickers and selling them at cost for anyone who wants them. Just let me know and I'll get you how ever many you want. The size is going to be 3.66 inches by 4.25 inches due to print shop requirements. The printing cost is $45 for a hundred so that equals $0.45 cents each plus stamp which is also $0.45 etc ~$1 and then $0.45 for each additional.

    Next step, how can we sell stuff online for payments in gold and silver? If only there was a sight like paypal that converted gold and silver into online payments... hmm. Now that would be a capitol idea. Ebay still allows cash payments right? We could start doing ebay auctions with CLBM in the title so everyone would know that they can pay with real money off the books. Don't advertise it, just put CLBM in your auction titles to get people to find you. Suggestions and ideas welcome.
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    Hmmmm, if that were the case, then a easy use of the search function would bring up all adds with CLBM in the add......either on Ebay or perhaps Craig's List? Food for thought.
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    Yes, good point! That is what I am hoping people will do, anywhere they go put CLBM in the title and people will know that they can msg the guy selling the stuff and pay in coin. Copper coins by the ounce are selling for $1/each but the trade value is about $0.23. I can find no place cheaper that 99cents/coin. So the new silver dollar is actually a copper dollar.

    Imagine there was a real brick and mortar bank that we could all walk into. It would have to be private and it would have to not be called a bank. Maybe a redemption center or postal box rental type place. Of course there would be armed guards and wicked security measures. The only people who would know what it was are the ones who saw the CLBM sign in the window. The rest would think that they are renting a mail box or exchanging precious metals.

    Now we need a way to bank that stuff or trade online. Perhaps we can get the code for an online banking site or paypal type site and modify it so people can do their banking that way. This is next level stuff after we get started. We would need to have it instantly convert coins to FRNs or credit/digits for bill paying. We could probably work this out with the right programmers and ideas. Would people be willing to pay for a service like that? how would you charge? Banks make money by giving you a low interest rate like 1-3% and then loaning out your money at a much higher rate.
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    MOST interesting. It's well over 100 miles from here, but I still might have to go have a looksee.
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    I agree, ignoring the fed is the best way to go. The liberty dollar is not my first choice and while I do support them, I don't agree with them regulating the value of the bills. I think a silver ounce should always buy the same amount of stuff.

    The Free Lakota Bank doesn't deal with FRNs in any way what so ever. I think that is a good idea because it keeps you out of the matrix completely. They cost 1 ounce of silver per month to keep an account open though so its better if you invest the 20 silver (about $700) and get your fees waived. This is a good way to do business completely out of the system and people can transfer silver to other peoples accounts with no fee other than the waivable 1silver per month. If you ARE doing business then this would be a good way to go but they should also consider some kind of a savings plan for people who don't want to keep it in their mattresses. Having local neighbourhood banks where you could walk down and get your silver would do a lot to make people warm and cozy to the idea...
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