CMP accepting orders for a limited number of M1 Carbines

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Jan 28, 2016.

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    If you have $625 or $685 and would like a real GI M1 carbine you may have a chance starting Feb. 1

    The three I picked up years back were in great shape until they fell into the lake.
    M1 Carbine - Civilian Marksmanship Program
    Monday, February 1, we will begin accepting orders for a limited number of M1 Carbines for mail order. Two grades will be available, Service and Field. They include the following manufacturers; Inland, Winchester, IBM, Quality Hardware, Saginaw, Standard Product and Underwood. The manufacturer you receive will be luck of the draw, please no requests. Each customer is limited to one total Carbine this year. You will not be allowed to purchase both a Service and Field Grade. You may put down your first choice and second choice.
    We DO NOT time stamp orders, we only date stamp them. All orders received the same day are put in one basket. Please do not call about your order. If information is needed for your order, our sales department will contact you. Be sure to complete the checklist for the order before you send it in. Questions about orders already in-house slow down our processing which means it takes longer to send out the end product. If your payment method is a check, we will not deposit your check until your order is processed. However, some orders may go on backorder. You will be contacted prior to depositing your check should your order be placed on a backorder list. To be placed on the backorder list, you must have a form of payment with your order.
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  3. kellory

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    "Field grade: Condition: Fair to good. Bores: good with minor imperfections. Muzzle guage greater than 3 and throat erosion less than 5. Wood will have numerous dings.

    Service grade: Condition: Good to very good. Bores/muzzle measurements: same as Field grade. Wood has fewer dings. CMP rifles may have new wood and/or mismatched wood."
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  4. Tully Mars

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    Anniston here I come!
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  5. chimo

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    They've been asking $900 and up for similar grade carbines at the gun shows around here.
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  6. kellory

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    I did not personally know the difference in grade that's why I posted it for others
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  7. AD1

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    Picked up my M1 Garand in the late 80's for $400. Great weapon.

    Would like to own a M1, but that will have to wait for a while....
  8. Tully Mars

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    Both are great rifles IMHO, and a true part of American history.
    I don't hold much stock in the stopping power of the .30 carbine, but it can and has many times in the past. It is a great introduction rifle for youth and smaller framed folks. After all that, they are just plain fun to shoot!
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    From Fulton Armory:
    0.0 indicates a .300” diameter bore, that is, .30 caliber, new, perfect.
    0.5 is like new, .3005 caliber. Proper re-crowning will perfect the crown.
    1.0 is excellent for a used barrel (.301 cal.) Re-crowning should make it like new.
    1.5 is good (.3015 cal.). Proper re-crowning should make it excellent.
    2.0 is fair (.302 cal.). Proper re-crowning should make it serviceable.
    2.5 is poor (.3025 cal.). Proper re-crowning might make it serviceable.
    3.0 or more is a "bald tire" and is now a British .303 caliber barrel. Replace barrel
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  10. Tully Mars

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    So that's what they do with all those old barrels. They sell them to the Brits for the Enfields!! :lol:
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  11. Tikka

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    Or sell them to those who don't know what bore gauging means. :D
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  12. Tikka

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    Or slugging a barrel.
  13. Garand69

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    You mean bigger isn't better??? oh oh, [LMAO]
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  14. Tikka

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    Most certainly not with used rifle bores. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    [own2]I don't want to make you all sick but a friend gave me a Winchester carbine and a Winchester Garand last week that he didn't want anymore . I think his new bride made him get rid of them , but I still don't like her:LOL::ROFLMAO:
  16. HK_User

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    Why should we be "sick" at your good luck and your friends bad choice, assuming you are correct?

    Good Hunting.
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    Yea he has been a friend for at least 30 years . But he married a woman that is
    35 years younger and voted for Obummer nuff said..........................
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    Friends don't let friends marry liberals.
  19. BTPost

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    No, "Friends HELP friends who marry Liberals, educate them, and teach them Correct Principles..."
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    [sinking][do-it]Told him to runaway but would not listen , she had the hook set to deep
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