Comcast Looking to License Set-Top Data

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    This is the holy grail for TV programmers and advertisers.
    Many have assumed it was shared already but the cable companies have been afraid to sell it because of the backlash but now the gates are open for a flood of cash to the cable companies at he expense of TV viewers privacy.
    They will say it is not specific to individual viewers but it could be and will be expanded to demographics and analyzed down to how many in the household how much the make ethnic makeup and......
    Yet another nail in the privacy coffin.

    Comcast Looking to License Set-Top Data | Broadcasting & Cable

    Comcast to share coveted viewer data with NBCUniversal | New York Post

    Comcast Looks to Upend Nielsen By Selling Set Top Viewer Data | DSLReports, ISP Information

    Comcast is seeking to use and monetize the viewer data generated by its millions of set-top boxes.

    The cable giant has talked about licensing the data from its subscribers with TV programmers and measurement companies, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    The report says Comcast has talked with Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN, Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting and Discovery Communications. It already provides data to NBCUniversal, which is owned by Comcast.

    Comcast also talked with Nielsen, but rejected an offer that would have paid $100 million for an exclusive license to the data, the report said.

    As TV viewing fragments, it is difficult for sample-based research to prove an accurate count of who is watching what, and the data from millions of set-top boxes is seen as a way to generate a more accurate picture.

    Some other cable operators and satellite providers license set-top box data to research companies including Rentrak, which is merging with comScore to create a potential rival to Nielsen.

    But as the largest cable operator, Comcast’s data would be particularly valuable and cover viewers in many of the nation’s largest markets.
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    This makes me that much happier that I dumped cable, then satellite service providers a few years back.
    It-s going to be difficult for them to determine what (or when) I watch something FTA...
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    I don't have to worry about the MY SAT Tv Provider, knowing what I watch as my Receiver is NOT tied to any outgoing Comm Channel.... I just watch, and they just provide Content.... If I want a "Special Event" (Boxing) I can just call them up, and ask for it.... the same with my SmartTv, from Samsung.... Not connected to a Outgoing Comm Channel... ( Isolated by a Firewall and Router)....
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