Come to think of it, anyone seen Andy or Milhol....?

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    'Dumb and dumber' duo jailed
    From: Agence France-Presse From correspondents in Colorado
    September 24, 2005

    AUSTRALIAN thieves dubbed the "Dumb and Dumber" bank robbers have been sentenced to jail during an emotional hearing in Denver, Colorado.

    US District Court Judge Phillip Figa overnight sentenced Luke Carroll to five years in a US prison, while Anthony Prince was sentenced to four and a half years.
    Carroll's mother, Angela, and Prince's parents, Peter and Jenny, all gave emotional speeches before Judge Figa announced his sentence.

    Carroll and Prince, who were in the US on a snowboarding holiday, also both addressed the court.

    They pleaded guilty to robbing a bank in Vail, Colorado, of $US132,000 ($A173,433).

    Both were armed with BB guns that appeared to be pistols.

    One teller suffered an arm injury during the March 21, 2005 robbery when she was pushed down by Carroll.
    The bank robbing duo was dubbed "Dumb and Dumber" because of the mistakes and clues they left police.

    Jail for 'Dumb and Dumber' robbers
    By Peter Mitchell
    September 25, 2005

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    Two young Australian skiers will spend the next four years in a tough US prison for robbing a bank in Colorado.

    Luke Carroll, 19, and Anthony Prince, 20, have become known as the "Dumb and Dumber" robbers because of the bungled raid.

    Tears flowed in court yesterday as their parents made emotional pleas for mercy.

    The dramatic speeches appeared to have helped as US District Court judge Phillip Figa jailed the two for far less than the maximum 25-year sentence.

    Carroll was sentenced to five years in a US prison, while New Zealand-born Prince received a four-and-a-half-year jail term. Prosecutors had asked for at least seven years and have not ruled out an appeal.

    Under US law, even with good behaviour the pair will have to serve at least 85 per cent of their sentences, although they could be transferred to Australian jails.

    Why two clean-cut lads with no criminal history and loving parents back in Australia armed themselves with plastic pistols that looked like the real thing, walked into a bank in Vail, Colorado, injured one of the female tellers and placed a gun at the back of the other's neck on March 21, remained a mystery.

    AdvertisementPrince's father, Peter, said his son must have been in "fantasy land".

    Prince told the court he could not explain it. He said he had grown up in Rosebank, a small town outside Byron Bay in NSW, and had never experienced "the dark side" until his arrest.

    One lawyer said he had never come across a crime similar to the violent bank robbery that briefly netted Carroll and Prince $US132,000 ($A170,000), but also severely damaged the lives of the two and their families.

    "In the 33 years I have been practising law in this state, I don't think I've ever participated in a case that's sadder," Carroll's lawyer, Daniel Smith, told Judge Figa.

    Prince wept while his parents spoke to the court. Carroll kept his head straight and hidden as his mother, Angela, repeatedly cried during her plea to the judge.

    During their speeches, the parents, Carroll and Prince all turned to the back of the court and spoke to the two bank tellers, Kim Vasquez and Jessica Cole.

    Ms Vasquez suffered an arm injury when Carroll pushed her to the ground during the robbery - an injury that still persists and has impeded her ability to play sport or drive a car for long periods.

    Carroll apologised to the women and said: "I can only hope you can take it into your hearts to forgive me."

    The court also heard how Carroll and Prince had deteriorated while in jail since their arrest.

    Ms Carroll said she was shocked when she went to the Jefferson County Jail and saw her son for the first time in 10 months.

    "I saw a young man in a deep state of depression and loneliness," she told the court.

    At the end of her speech she asked the judge for the opportunity to take her son back to Australia.

    Carroll told the court the experience would follow him for the rest of his life. "This is a life sentence I have imposed upon myself," he said.

    Mr Prince described his son's journey as going from a "fantasy land of youth to harsh realities of adulthood". Prince was also supported in court by his Australian girlfriend of three years, Claire.

    He was remorseful about the bad publicity he had brought Australia: "I am sorry for the embarrassment I have caused for my own country."

    Prince and Carroll were in Vail on a working and snowboarding holiday. They are likely to be banned from entering the US again once their jail sentences have been served.

    They were dubbed Dumb and Dumber because of the number of clues they left for authorities to track down.

    Even Carroll's lawyer described the crime as "absurd".

    Mr Smith said the pair robbed the Weststar bank, where they were regular customers and well known by the tellers. This made them easily identifiable as their Australian accents were noted by the tellers during the robbery.

    During the robbery, the pair also wore name tags from the Vail sports store they worked at and attempted to buy air tickets to Mexico with the stolen money.

    Prosecutors denied it was a robbery committed by bumbling fools.

    "Two athletic young men going into a bank with what looked like real firearms and pushing people around is a horrific event," assistant US lawyer Greg Holloway said.

    While Judge Figa did not explain why, Carroll was probably given the heavier sentence because he was identified as the masked robber who pushed Ms Vasquez to the ground. Carroll also placed the gun at the back of Ms Cole's head.

    Prince was pointing his gun at the two terrified tellers at the same time.

    Both Carroll and Prince were also ordered to pay $US21,657.78, which represents the funds not yet recovered from the robbery.
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    If you cant do the time, Dont do the crime..........loosers [ghrit]
  3. ghostrider

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    They will be popular in prison. [kissit]
  4. sniper-66

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    Acutally, I can attest that it at least wasn't Milhol. He just left my house over an hour ago, so I doubt it was Andy either. Milhol is making a whirlwind tour of the midwest and he stopped by on his way through. After rifling through my gun safe, I let him pick out what he wanted to shoot and we headed to the range. I broke several of his cherries today. He got to shoot my M1A, he seemed to like that. He also shot my M4 with the EoTech and then we put my PVS-14 with the day filter on it, then I gave him a Beta-mag and let him crack away until he got to tired to hold it up anymore! Then we took my Police 11-87 and did some tactical shotgun drills with buck and slug. A rather enjoyable day. Here's one to ya Milhol, [beer]
  5. Quigley_Sharps

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    Sounds like fun sniper-66
    I bet he was great fun in person.
  6. sniper-66

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    He is a good man, rather quiet , but really likes to shoot! [beer]
  7. E.L.

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    I was hoping this thread would get a chuckle and response from one or both of them. He and Andy sound like really good guys, I wish they were on here more often. They need to just go ahead and move over here, where they can have a few more rights in the way of firearms ownership.
  8. sniper-66

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    I am thinking that if someone had a job for him that he didn't have to be a citizen, he would stay!
  9. E.L.

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    Hey, he is here legally, that is more than 10 million illegal Mexicans can say that are here working. Surely there is something available.
  10. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I'm hurt he didn't call me
  11. sniper-66

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    He said this was a quick run, but that he is coming back for a longer stay. Don't feel bad Melbo, I only got about four hours. The wife thougth he was a nice guy, which is saying a lot as my wife normally doesn't like my friends!
  12. Andy the Aussie

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    He is a nice guy buy GAY..... [beat] [beat] .....!!! I am going to try and catch up with him at the airport as he waits for his flight back south (he lives a bloody long way from me). He is only quiet till you get to REALLY know him....glad he was able to get out for a bang. It has been a long time for both of us (around 1996) since we were able to let rip.

    Mrs Andy and I hope to be over in the US around this time NEXT year all being well.

    wish I had a little more time to myself just now though.....this working for a living thing is getting old.

    All the best.

  13. sniper-66

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    Well, you have the same invitation, I will let you shoot until your hearts content. You can shoot anything in the inventory and as much ammunition your finger can handle. It's real simple to get where I will be. Fly into Baghdad international and drive north about an hour!!! [beer]
  14. Andy the Aussie

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    I can see how range time there would not be a problem mate..... :eek: :eek: When do you deploy ?

    Andy [beer]
  15. sniper-66

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    This spring. The final time has not been given, but we know where and how so far.
  16. ghrit

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    Don't forget to turn on your gun cameras and send 'em here --
  17. E.L.

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    Andy, glad to have you back mate! I know you must have been hunting lately and are dying to post some pics for us......
  18. sniper-66

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    Don't worry, I will. I make movies wherever I go, got some good ones of Narlens. Window's movie maker is a great program!
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