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    Comey Hearing
    Criminal Referral Coming Next Few Hours

    By Devvy Kidd

    Today I suffered through the usual sewage spewed by Democrats during Congressional hearings regarding anything to do with Hildebeast Clinton and her blatant lying regarding the email legal mess. One thing people must understand: Democrats care absolutely nothing about the truth or the law. Where the Clinton's are concerned their criminal behavior over decades means nothing. Every single Democrat on the committee today accused Republicans of being on a partisan witch hunt. Facts don't matter to them. Hillary the Hun's own words don't matter to them. All that matters is protecting a pathological liar who is their presumptive nominee for president. They all slobbered how wonderful Comey was and how awful it was he was brought before a Congressional committee to explain his actions.

    For those that think I play favorites, nothing could be further from the truth. Manuel Noreiga was a big time drug trafficker who worked with the CIA for decades:

    "From the 1950s until shortly before the U.S. invasion, Noreiga worked closely with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Noreiga was one of the CIA's most valued intelligence sources, as well as one of the primary conduits for illicit weapons, military equipment and cash destined for US-backed counter-insurgency forces throughout Central and South America. Noreiga was also a major cocaine trafficker, something which his U.S. intelligence handlers were aware of for years, but allowed because of his usefulness for their covert military operations in Latin America."

    To shut him up, then president, George Bush, Sr. went after Noreiga by invading Panama in 1989 killing more than 2,000 innocent civilians. I dutifully wrote my letters to Congress demanding daddy Bush be impeached. I also wrote a column, July 3, 2008 supporting charging George Bush, Jr., with murder over Iraq. Before you say, bull, perhaps you might read the column. So, no, I don't play favorites as I have absolutely no allegiance to the two main political parties who have destroyed this country.

    Like tens of millions, I was absolutely stunned when Comey gave his press conference two days ago letting Comrade Clinton off the hook. Democrats hoorah'd while the rest of us were simply stunned. On the same day Comey sold out this country Hildebeast was on Air Force One with the criminal impostor playing president. How they must have laughed at us on the ride to North Carolina. Laughed in our faces because a damn criminal was allowed once again to walk away with no punishment. No doubt in my mind Obama and Hillary the Hun were smug in their arrogance on our plane. Two people who usurped the offices they occupied in violation of the U.S. Constitution. This country now resembles some banana republic governed by lawlessness.

    Comey: Et tu, Brute? ("Et tu, Brute?" is a Latin phrase meaning "and you, Brutus?" or "you too, Brutus?", purportedly as the last words of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar to his friend Marcus Brutus at the moment of his assassination. [NOTE: two of the three historians of Caesar's time said he said nothing, one said he said something else. This phrase was used by William S. in his play]. The quotation is widely used in English-speaking world to signify the utmost unexpected betrayal by a person, such as a friend. The fame of the quotation is entirely due to its occurrence in William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, as Caesar utters these words as he is being stabbed to death, having recognized his friend and protégé Brutus among the assassins."

    Yes, James Comey, despite your long and much admired career, you stabbed us in the back. We the people. I've watched, ad nauseum since his announcement which he made big hay about during the hearings today (gee, I did it for transparency reasons) dozens of individuals give their opinions on why Comey let Hildebeast skate. Most say it was for political reasons. Comey was appointed for a ten year term. I doubt very much the pathological liar in the White House would have demanded his resignation. Even if Obama did, Comey could get a job anywhere in the private sector in 15 minutes for ten times the money.

    No, it was something else. When Comey made his announcement two days ago he looked as rested as I've ever seen him on the boob tube. Today, he had bags under his eyes the size of bird eggs. Haggard is the word. Guess he might have had a bad night's sleep going over his testimony to make it believable. High-five the FBI!

    Comey repeated several times in response to questions asked by Republicans that he was fairly sure no hostile players hacked Clinton's servers. Really? What? Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are their friends?

    WikiLeaks Publishes 1,258 Iraq War Emails From Clinton’s Private Server, July 5, 2016. Today is July 7th. Are we to believe Comey knew nothing about what WikiLeaks published two days earlier as he stated today in front of that committee? He doesn't believe her servers were hacked because 'they' couldn't find any evidence? Well, perhaps, James, you ought to spend more time on the Internet. On the very day you announced Hillary would walk and there was no evidence of hacking, WikiLeaks publishes emails from her private server. Well, take a play page from Scarlett O'Hara and think about it tomorrow.

    You can see well over a thousands of Hillary's emails regarding the Iraq undeclared war here; different from the one above. Perhaps James Comey might want to take a look.

    Comey also testified today that Marcel Lehel Lazar aka Guccifer lied when he said he hacked into Clinton's servers. Lazar is still cooling his heels in jail. Why was Pagliano given immunity by the FBI - he set up that illegal server operation - if there was nothing to all this?

    Just to recap. Billy Clinton has the ever so innocent meeting with Loretta Lynch on June 27th. On June 29th the State Department asks for a delay of 27 months in releasing more of Clinton's emails to protect that dirty piece of baggage during this election year. On July 2nd, a Saturday and a holiday weekend, Hillary the Hun sits down for a 'voluntary' interview with the FBI to avoid being subpoenaed. Guess what? Today we learned she was not under oath and the question session with five agents was not recorded. Just another friendly sit down and chat, just like Billy & Loretta Lynch. Why not? Because his mind was already made up. Comey made his announcement on Tuesday the 5th (transcript) . Yes, Director Comey - the fix was in orchestrated by you.

    How on earth Comey could sit there and state over and over there was no intent by Hillary Clinton to hide her servers defies believability. Aw, shucks, she just isn't very literate about those kinds of things. BULL. Hildebeast set up that private server network so she could hide what she was doing including cross overs between while she was illegally the Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation.

    The transcript of the hearing should be released in the next day or two. Use a search engine or hit the committee's page here.

    At the bottom of this column are articles I feel pretty much give an accurate portrayal of the situation. Read them when you have time. It seems like former U.S. prosecutors and legal experts who are in the thick of things out in DC were all wrong in their professional opinions and based on past experience that Hildebeast should be indicted. All of them - except James Comey. A jury should decide the ubiquitous 'intent' that was mashed over during the hearing today, not Comey. Comey was like a contortionist every time the issue of 'intent' was discussed.

    It was painful to watch which makes me ask the question: How much did your integrity go for, James? Those who have known you for a long time simply cannot reconcile the facts with your spin. They all wonder why? You've been portrayed as 'clean and decent' so maybe it wasn't being caught in what is called the 'honey pot'. Your reputation has been you go after Republicans and Democrats alike. Well, you've sullied your reputation except with Democrats. So, if it wasn't for political reasons, you weren't caught with a Russian spy with red hear and big boobs and you have no fear of losing your job, what caused you to sell your soul to protect one of the worst lying criminals ever to hold public office in this country? Likely we will never know.

    If, God FORBID, Hildebeast becomes president, Lynch keeps her job. Comey keeps his job. Perhaps the lying sack of excrement in the White House can get a good paying job at the Clinton Foundation since he and the Mrs. are staying in the DC area. After all, by refusing to indict Clinton it also protects Obama because he would have either been a witness or recipient of Clinton's emails.

    Chairman Jason Chavettz went after Comey during the hearing:

    "The Republican chairman of a powerful congressional committee said Thursday that he will ask the FBI for a new criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's classified email scandal, focusing on the possibility that she perjured herself in sworn testimony to Congress.

    "Utah Rep. Jason Chavettz, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, asked FBI Director James Comey whether he had cause to charge her for lying in a statement she made to Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan during a 2015 hearing on the 2012 Benghazi terror attack.

    "'There was nothing marked classified on my emails, either sent or received,' Clinton said at the time.

    "Comey said in a hearing Thursday that the FBI had not investigated whether that statement was true, despite finding three documents with classification markings among the messages on her private server.

    "Not to my knowledge. I don't think there's been a [criminal] referral from Congress,' Comey said.

    "Asked if he needed one, Comey told Chavettz: ' sure do.'

    "'You'll have one,' said Chavettz. 'You'll have one in the next few hours.'

    "Under questioning from South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, Comey agreed that 'there was classified information' on Clinton's homebrew server, and that Clinton's early denials in that regard were false.

    "'There was classified material emailed,' he said matter-of-factly.

    "Asked whether it was accurate that none of those materials were 'marked' classified when Clinton sent or received them, Comey said: 'That's not true.'"

    There's no question that witch does nothing but lie. Hillary Clinton and the truth have never crossed paths. If she'll lie about who is really Chelsea Clinton's father she'll lie about anything. We shall see if Chavettz will put teeth behind his announcement during the hearing and ask for a criminal investigation for Hildebeast lying to Congress under oath.

    I believe if Donald Trump becomes president Hillary will be right in his cross hairs in the legal arena. The statute of limitations will not have run out after Trump would be sworn in. There's also the investigation into the Clinton Foundation that I believe might sink her and Billy once and for all. They are the most arrogant rub-it-in-your face criminals ever to serve in public office. But arrogance has been the downfall of many, i.e., John Gotti, the 'teflon Don'. From my lips to God's ears.

    Comey challenges truthfulness of Clinton's email defenses, July 7, 2016
    Comey testifies Clinton email claims ‘not true’ at heated Hill hearing, July 7, 2016
    Justice Department prosecuted 4 cases like Hillary's

    Former AG Mike Mukasey: ‘Intent’ Is Irrelevant, Hillary Clinton’s ‘Gross Negligence’ Violated Text of Secrecy Law
    Ex-DOJ official: 'It's a very sad day for rule of law'
    FBI Director Blatantly Lied To America To Protect Hillary - Comey ignored the law in order to save Clinton, July 7, 2016
    Issa: ‘We Are in a Crisis,’ and Hillary Clinton Is a ‘Criminal Involved in a Criminal Enterprise’

    FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook
    FBI Director James Comey: We Will Not Indict Hillary Clinton Even Though There is ‘Evidence’ of Violations
    FBI Director James Comey Made 5 Damning Claims About Hillary's Emails…But Decided Not to Indict!
    Judicial Watch: FBI's Comey Is Complicit In Clinton Email Scandal

    FBI Says Hillary Clinton Claim on Reading Emails Was False
    Comey: ‘No reasonable prosecutor would bring this case’ - not what former US prosecutors say
    John Fund: Nine big questions for FBI Director Comey about Hillary's emails
    The 'FBI primary' is over: Hillary dodged criminal charges for one simple reason - is that okay with you

    James Comey's cop-out - national security
    State Dept. refuses to say whether Clinton, aides still have security clearance, July 5, 2016 - Comey was ask about this during the hearing. He played dumb.
    Clinton email decision seen as lifeline for those facing similar charges
    Attorneys Intend to Ask for 'the Clinton Deal' - set precedence for the new "Hillary Defense"
    Court: Private-account email can be subject to FOIA
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    Here comes a great chance for Hillary to play the victim card! "I was exonerated by the FBI, so why o why do you keep bringing up this email thing? I'm innocent. I did nothing wrong. Let's get past this and get on with the job of electing me president! I'm the victim here, not the bad guy."

    Oh yeah, how much good did the OP's first mentioned actions against Bush, jr do??

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    Someone tell me how you unintentionally hook up a unclassified server to a classified network? It's like a surgeon sewing a left leg onto where the right one should be. Hell, you even have to have an encryption device plus the cypher (KeyMat) to talk to the classified network!

    All this is nothing more than a dog and pony show for the masses! Lies! Pure and simple lies! Stalling for time until it is forgot or she is handled the keys to the White House.

    We no longer live in America. America is dead! D-E-A-D! I am not sure what they call this place but it resembles and acts just like a third-world country. And, calling it America is an insult to its founders, the people that built it and those that died for it.
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    What people have lost touch with is the federal government was never ever designed to run the country it was only created
    to help manage the affairs of the states that were growing and this helped keep unity. NOT CONTROL, within the states.
    That plan is buried so deep in dog poo, that id say a good 80% of the population thinks the Government is whom controls the nation and Obama is King. There was a video where a guy went out about asking people about the king and queen. They would start off asking who was queen on England, and then ask who was King on the United States. Most everyone under age 30 said Obama. Sounds funny but no way anyone would joke and say Obama as its a treasonous to even think it. Yet many think we have no say and the feds run everything.
    And that is why my friends they now run everything and we have no say, it is the great citizens of this United States , re read that ... UNITED STATES......who freely gave away rights for trinkets, this is not united and there is no sovereignty rights in operating separate. Any other thoughts of freedom are an illusion and its about to become a nightmare. There is one last toe hold we have as citizens to grasp what is left. Hilary gets in office America dies as we know it for all time. Only change would take revolution at that point.
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    My fingers remain crossed that she is indicted before November. But, I barely have enough alcohol to vanquish the depression should she gain the White House.

    Bill would then become the First Pervert!!
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