Compact garben hose "pocket hose".

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  1. stg58

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    I have never purchased anything on a direct TV offer, QVC, HSN or an ad.
    But I admit that those pocket hose commercials intrigued me, compact hose for quick use.
    So I did some searches and the Amazon reviews convinced me I was mistaken, still like the concept but looking at others on Amazon they look the same with low ratings in different colors all chinese.

    548 reviews 324 were 1 star...


    "On day 1, the first one I tried was punctured from the start. It had a pinhole that was shooting out water. Crap.
    So I went to the second one. It was fine and dandy, but 3 days later the nozzle fell off."

    "It's garbage. Do not buy this"

    "Junk , Junk, Junk
    I knew this was too good to be true.
    connection came off as soon as I turned on the water." Customer Reviews: Pocket Hose Telebrands 6847-12 Pocket Hose, 50-Feet
  2. KAS

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    yes i have 2 and they r both pieces of shit i hate them
  3. Airtime

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    Don't know your needs but maybe one of the hoses that is like a mini fire hose and rolls up flat on a reel might fit the bill. Not much bigger than the silly bungee hose. I have a couple, don't use them much and stage them for rapid deployment in case of a fire. Have had one for 15 years and seems to still be ok, use it once or twice a year to make sure it is still good. So far so good but it certainly wouldn't last long dragging it around the yard and garden.

  4. TXKajun

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    I was going to go out and get one today and decided to take a look at the reviews. I found the same thing. So, I went on Lowe's website and found a 5/8" X75' Neverkink for a reasonable price with great reviews. Then I looked at nozzles and got a 2-pack of highly rated ones.

    Looking up reviews online is our friend. :)

  5. KAS

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    yes and women who dont coil the hose up when they are done are not our friends
  6. STANGF150

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    Walmart, Lowes, CVS, & more have that same hose for $19.99, no shipping fees needed if ya want it. I'll stick to my nice 100' hose I been using
  7. natshare

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    Is that a water hose in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?? :lol:

    Worse comes to worst, go to Harbor Freight (Mecca for all things MIC.....made in China), and buy a coiled air hose. You'll have to finagle some brass fittings, to use it for water, and the range won't be very long, but the durability should be quite a bit higher, since it's rated for higher pressure.
  8. HK_User

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    Buy the ACMES, save the life time gurantee placard that is printed on the hose packing. Never purchase another hose in your life. They will ask for the hose ends to fulfill the gurantees so call first and then cut them off and send in. Do not buy the ACMES that are the Hot Water Heavy Duty, No life time warrenty of the better heavy duty hose, go figure!!!
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