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    by Ernie Linde is a great "how to" text for becoming a top hand with the rifle. Linde trained under the great Ad Topperwein and was an exhibition shooter for Winchester for 10 years.

    Either of these men could eject a fired casing upwards from a .22 pump gun, close the bolt as he shouldered the rifle, and hit the .22 empty in mid air. Think about that. 1/2" groups at say, 6 ft from the muzzle. Geometrically speaking, that is the same thing as hitting a 4" brain circle on a man at a range of 50 ft, in 1/2 second, or a "hair" more, before the casing has fallen too low to engage.

    So, if you are using cover and poke out your head against such a man, for a bare 1/2 second, at 50 feet, he can put out your lights with his "mere" .22 rifle.

    If he starts first, and say, 5 of you are walking along, at 50 yds, he is going to chest hit 3-4 of you in 1.0-1.5 seconds, before you can react to the fact that you are being fired upon and begin to dodge, drop prone, etc. If he is using cover, you have to pull a head shot, which is going to take you yet another 1.0 second at least, while he hits 2-3 more of you. If you are lucky, dropping prone will put you out of his line of vision, or even offer cover from his bullets. But if his .22 is silenced and he is using subsonic ammo, which side of the tree, etc, is cover? :) It might take you another 2-3 seconds to figure that out, as he hits 2 or more of you per second.

    If he is prone around cover, with his .22 auto loading rifle in the bipod, he can do essentially the same thing at 100 yds, too, if he knows how much to hold over. If he's zeroed his rifle at 80 yds in the first place, he can just put the crosshairs on you and hit you, too.
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    I was going to ask a question here, BUT,I re-read the post and chose not to go there......!
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    cause you are chicken? Don't know enough to debate me on the issues, or what?
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    No, I know who you are and you are NOT worth my time, much less my effort.
    Thank You anyway!
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