Concealed Carry permit arrived today

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. stg58

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    A Concealed Carry permit has not been a major priority for me we still have open carry.
    My area is relatively safe, a murder every five years or so but as more folks not born in this area move in the heroin and other dope are becoming a problem along with of course burglaries other associated crime.

    So I went to the 4 hour course and applied.
    The permit arrived Today we have a second amendment friendly AG and the price actually went down $10. I mailed the application last Friday with the permit arriving today........ So they had it on Monday approved it created the ID card and mailed it to me on Tuesday or Wednesday...Wow!:)
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    Very nice @stg58 !!

    Our process takes 30 days from application.... and they take every bit of that 30 days before they send it out....
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    All I need do now is sign a new application.

    CCL arrives in about a week.

    No wants no warrents.

    Here they check for back taxes, unpaid state loans and bum parents who owe child support.
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    Sadly I say, Florida and Marion Hammer started this must issue State CCW license thing back in the 80's. We were the first, and the NRA locals in other States rather quickly jumped on the bandwagon and the Must Issue CCW for Law Abiding folks spread fast from state to state. Florida takes close to 90 days most of the time, Same as the maximum allowable time as allowed by our State Law. Funny how so many States can do it much quicker. Makes one think Florida intentionally drags it's feet.
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    Of course they do drag their feet.... !!
  7. ghrit

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    At least they do it. Be happy you ain't in Il, NY, DC, or others that are anchored, not dragging.
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    My State, (Alaska) is a Constitutional Carry State with Concealed, and open, Carry Legal everywhere except Bars, and where illegal by Federal Statute. We still have a State Concealed Weapons Statute on the books, due to Reciprocity Requirements with other States. Momma and I, went to Washington State, last spring, Applied for, and Received, our Washington State CCW Permits. We were able to get them with little hassle, because we BOTH have had these Permits, when we were Residents of the State, in the past. It still took 90 Days for them to issue the Permits, Good for 5 years. I plasticized mine and carry it in my Wallet, right next to my plasticized FFL, Lifetime Alaska Hunting, Fishing & Trapping License, and Medicare Cards..... Old Age has it's benefits....
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    [beer] and of course [slice] :)
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    In GA it varies. My county run by libtards took 90 days. My father-in-law's county run by normal people who work for a livin' was complete the same week it was applied for.

    Congrats. It is a burdensome responsibility though--but, you already know that if you open carry.
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    Congrats i hope you never have to use it.[applaud]
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    Very happy for you and more than just a little bit jealous. My county took almost 120 days and that was after waiting almost 4 months for the appointment (my appointment was 2 days after my current permit expired so I could not legally carry concealed that entire time). I'm positive that they saw when it expired and made sure the appointment was after that date. In NC if you start the process prior to expiration, you can continue to use the old permit until the new one arrives.

    They say 45 days but that is AFTER they have all the supporting documentation and in my case, even though I have never been in the military nor been to the VA for anything they had to wait for the VA to say "Yup, we got nuthin'." I eventually ended up calling the State Bureau of Investigation (they do the background check) and spoke with someone at the 110 day mark and he tracked it down and put it through for the next printing batch.

    Other things my county does:
    Once everything is in order, they send it to the SBI...on Thursday. The SBI prints cards on Wednesday. BAM, another week.
    The SBI sends the cards via courier the day they are printed, on Wednesday. My Sheriff's Office sends notices on...wait for it...WAIT FOR IT, TUESDAY! Add another week. Bastages!

    Yeah, we're "shall issue" but they do everything they can to keep it out of your hands as long as possible.

    I have a friend in a neighboring county and it took 13 days start to finish with no waiting for an appointment. Stupid county is a blue dot in a red state!
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    Wow! Sounds like you must live in Chapel Hill or Ashville, you need to move "Down East"!
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