Confederate battle flag rises in Chesterfield off I-95

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    The Confederate flags are piece of American history like the 13 star flag or the Gadsden flag. The idiot sharpton and others will undoubtedly capitalize on it and the site will be vandalized.
    You don't hear anything when the Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban or various African flags are flown.

    My response, I just ordered a Confederate battle flag...

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    CHESTER, Va. - Hundreds gathered Saturday in freshly cleared woods along Interstate 95 to celebrate the raising of a Confederate battle flag, an event that stirred strong opposition from those who view the flag as a symbol of division.

    Those who attended the raising of the 15-by-15-foot flag from the Army of Northern Virginia said the ceremony was not intended to offend, but to honor the South's war dead in the Civil War.

    "The reason why we're here is to honor the soldier," said James Thompson, 50, a North Carolinian now living in Richmond. "We don't see it as a slavery issue."

    Like many who attended, Thompson said his ancestors fought for the South. A Civil War re-enactor, he wore a slouch hat and a rough wool uniform and carried an Enfield rifle.

    Since a heritage group, the Virginia Flaggers, announced earlier this summer that a flag would rise along the heavily traveled interstate, many residents of Richmond about 10 miles north up the highway have protested, saying the banner is a symbol of slavery and bigotry.

    The opponents gathered nearly 25,000 signatures for on an online protest petition, and have encouraged residents of the former capital of the Confederacy to display American flags outside their homesand to flood social media with images of the stars and stripes.
    An American flag approximately 60 feet wide was unfurled at a construction site in downtown Richmond about noon Saturday.

    Brian Cannon, a Richmond attorney who was among the organizers of a social media protest over the I-95 flag, said the city already has many memorials to the Confederate cause. He cited statues honoring Southern military leaders such as Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, along Monument Avenue, one of the most coveted addresses in the city.

    "Their flag is out of context," he said. "It's a symbol of divisiveness and for many it's hateful."

    The Confederate flag-raising was held in a circular section of woods that had been cleared recently, with branches and limbs pushed to the side. The private land was donated for the purpose of permanently flying the flag near a highway where it can be viewed by tens of thousands of people daily. From the highway, the bright red and blue of the flag's stars and bars can be seen through a thin canopy of trees.

    No protesters could be seen at the ceremony, although a large number of police vehicles were at the scene. The location of the ceremony was withheld until late Friday.

    Folding chairs were assembled in the dirt before a podium where a prayer was said, a historian spoke and speakers offered fiery oratory about what they said were efforts to silence their history.

    A rendition of "Dixie" was sung and a bagpiper played "Amazing Grace." Small Confederate flags were handed out and water was distributed in bottles with the name "Dixie Pride."
    Susan Hathaway, a member of the Virginia flaggers, told the crowd Confederate symbols are being snuffed out and they have a duty to responded when the South's "honor is attacked."

    "As sons and daughters of the South, we have inherited a birthright. Ours is a proud heritage," she said. "We are descendants of Confederates, we are friends of Confederates. ... The flag that is being raised today will be a living, breathing memorial to our Confederate dead."

    Thomas Morris, a re-enactor from Crewe, said he couldn't understand objections to the memorial.

    "We wouldn't make comments like that if they were trying to memorialize their heritage," said Morris, 59. He said a 16-year-old ancestor serving under Jackson was killed in Culpeper in what he called "the war of Northern aggression."

    As the flag was unfurled and hoisted up a pole said to be 50 feet, it was greeted by hoots and hollers and more than a few rebel yells. A volley of rifle fire sounded as the flag fluttered lightly in the wind.

    One-hundred-fifty years after the Civil War, the Confederate flag still evokes strong emotions in the South.

    Lexington, rich in Civil War history, banned the flag on city light poles after some residents complained about the display. In 1999, the NAACP launched an economic boycott of South Carolina over the Confederate flags that flew atop the Statehouse dome and in the chambers of the House and Senate. A compromise in 2000 moved the flag to a monument outside the Statehouse.

    Earlier this year, a Confederate battle flag that hung inside the old North Carolina State Capitol to mark the sesquicentennial of the Civil War was taken down after civil rights leaders raised concerns.
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    I would have suggested the Star's and Bar's instead of the Battle flag... less divisive and still gets the point across... I believe you should pick your battles...

    but to each there own....
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    I see nothing wrong with raising a competing military flag, since most Americans have wrongly believed the popular "stars and stripes" is their national flag, when it, too is a military flag.

    The United States Civil Flag for Peacetime

    But, I do not expect most people to understand anything about freedom, liberty and the republic. If they did, we wouldn't be living under tyranny right now.
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    Lots of flags flying in SC--and quite a few in NC. Seeing more Gadsden flags than ever before. Methinks people are getting fed up with the gub.
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    We can hope it isn't just a fad and that you are correct.
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    I agree you should pick your battles but I think this is a battle worth consideration as Southern People we have the right to show pride in our heritage. To a lot of Southern families we love that flag as much as we do Old Glory. Our families died fighting for her just as our families have died for Old Glory to me this is the same thing as telling me what church I have to go to. I’m not a racist and mean no hard feelings toward anyone, but the Southern people have been pushed around for years and we have been forced to give up a lot of family history and it's not right. All because people don't know the truth it was left out of the history books. One of the worst things of all is how the history books made the South the evil force overcome by the shining light of a Yankee nation. The North did just as many horrible things on Southern soil as the South and in my personal opinion did a lot worse. In today's world a kid wears a Dixie out fitter’s shirt to school he is suspended but a kid wears a Malcolm X shirt and that’s ok, Malcolm X was a thug a gang banger but that’s ok. How many times have you heard kids doing school reports on men and women (heroes) from famous battles? Now how many times have any of those reports been on Southern men and women? Then if they have how many times has the teacher told them to pick another person and re-do the report? People scream this flag is a symbol of slavery no it is a battle flag and stands for the Southern people who died trying to protect their way of life from Northern aggression. Just like all the Americans who have given their lives all over the world under Old Glory in the name of democracy. A large number of the people who scream about slavery have no idea 90% of these slaves were captured and sold by their own people or the fact that the North used just as many slaves as the South that’s something kids don't see in history any way just my opinion.
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    Both sides did horrible things. IMHO, it was the worst war we ever fought. we turned family against eachother, and neighbor against neighbor. but it was the North, that slit open a woman and pinned her unborn child to the wall with a bayonet, and wrote in blood "Thou shalt never bear another rebel"
    Carlton's legion, killed those who had surrendered. (Carlton's quarter) . And then it got truly ugly.
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    The issue I take with the Stars & Bars, battle flag or any other Confederate symbol is how the libs have made any display a symbol of racism no matter the context and reason of its display.
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    It is a flag it has no meaning other than what you affix to it. It seems to be a dividing line between liberals who see it as devisive and racist and concervatives who honor the grand flag of the south. I see no reason to back down from the presentation of this flag for no other reason than it may not be, in some peoples view, politically correct.
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    My family fought on both sides, not unusual for the times. To me it is THE FLAG in our nation's past that best delineates a time when the Government changed from for the people to “control” the people.

    Slavery was on the way out, yet the Northern ship yards as well as England continued to build the outlawed Blackbird Slave Ships.
    England even had ships patrolling African coast and the slave ship routes to intercept the very ships produced in America and England.
    North and South profited from the continuation of slavey yet the Federal Government used slavery as a way to destroy the wealth of the south. The south was in the process of starting their own mills and the Northern Bankers were not happy.
    This was accomplished in much the same way as the way the North destroyed the cotton based industry of England when all the mills were built on the northern water ways. This to turn the cotton produced by the South into CHEAP Linen for the world market.
    This fact is still taught in some schools. Of course the Libs and the Economist as well as the Feds still ignore how this progressed in our nation’s economy of the 1860s.
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    History is written by the victors and controlled by TPTB.
    ETA: could not find anything on Carlton other than a troop from Alabama. Have a link??
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    Look up the battle at cow pens. IIRC
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    Happened around the Piedmont, I think.
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    Have been to the Cowpens battleground and a few others. Will chase it down--thanks
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    Typo.Tarlton' s legion with a T ,Calvary.
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    Cowpens was a battle from the first American Civil War - 1775-1783. That battlefield is just a few miles from my house, and the battle is one of my favorites to study. Banastre Tarleton's British dragoons, along with the 71st Regiment of Foot and the Royal Fusiliers, were lured into a trap by American General Daniel Morgan.

    The brigade under Tarleton was practically wiped out, due to over confidence, and an assumption that their enemy would do what they had always done before. Morgan wrote the playbook on how to successfully deploy and utilize militia against a regular force. The lessons he taught would be well worth learning.
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    Before cow pens, was another battle (can't make out the name) where rebels were beaten, and raised the white flag to surrender, and were ripped apart by Tarleton's troops anyways. Hence forth known as tarlton's quarter. (He gave no quarter)
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    "Wax hogs" is what it sounds like. It is referenced in the audio book I am listening to. It is heavily accented. Just can't quite make it out. (Though the books is of the navy.)
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    The Battle of Waxhaws. It was near Lancaster, SC. Tarleton's dragoons, and a group of loyalists, engaged Buford's Virgina Continentals. Tarleton later claimed that it wasn't his troops, but the loyalists, who got out of control and began to massacre the continentals who had already surrendered. That was probably the truth. The fighting between patriot and loyalist was often far more bloody than the conflicts between patriot and regular British units.
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    I completely condur!!!
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