Constitution • Gun Rights Demonrats Demand Gun Confiscation, say Universal Background Checks Not

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    Gun Rights

    Democrats Demand Gun Confiscation, say Universal Background Checks Not Enough!

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    Written by Onan Coca

    The political winds continue to shift, and the Democrat Party seems to be growing ever more confident about their immediate future because they are getting ever more aggressive about infringing on our rights.

    Whether it’s about forcing us into genderless bathrooms, or forcing us to do work we find morally repugnant, or telling us what we can and cannot say (or think), the Democrats are assaulting our freedom on many different fronts. Now they’ve moved back to one of their favorite tyrannical hobbyhorses… the 2nd Amendment.

    The Democrat poster girl for gun violence, former Representative Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) is now busy campaigning across the USA in an effort to push liberal legislators further left on guns. Less than two years after forcing universal background checks on to the citizens of Washington State, Giffords and the Democrat Party are now actively campaigning for new laws that would allow firearm confiscation!
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    They can pass all the laws they want with respect to gun confiscation.
    They still have to convince someone to go get all the 300MM+ firearms out there.

    Some of them maybe be easy to confiscate. Others? Well, the price will be high. Probably higher than the body of collectors could pay and you know darn well it won't be the politicians nor their children going to get the guns.

    I'm sure that there are loads of guns still available in the UK and Oz after they banned them for common folk. Yep, they outlaw guns and only the criminals will have them.

    Prohibition works great.
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    Let them come and try to take mine.... They can pay for the Bush Plane ride, and then they will have to pry them, from my COLD DEAD Hands, after a few of them, Water the Grounds of Freedom, with their leaking Blood.... Remember I can hear them coming, "From a GD Long way off...."
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    Something to be said for living remotely... Personally, I don't think you I will se it in my lifetime.
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    Wouldn't bet on it.
    There are a number of things we thought we'd never see, like boys allowed in girl's bathrooms.
    All we need is a Paris style attack, or one more leftist SCOTUS justice and legal gun ownership is gone.
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    History does not repeat, but it sure rhymes. Hitler disarmed the German people and said that the state would protect them and the Gestapo started as a highly organized neighborhood watch. That worked out real well for the gypsies, communists, Jews, mental ill, disable, etc in the short run and everyone else in the long run. God protect us from anyone who knows just what needs to be done and has the power to see that it is done. The dangers come from the left, right, ISIS, terrorists, other states, other religions and so on. While guns will not protect you, they make the cost of oppressing you so high that it isn't worth doing. Swiss and Swedes come to mind, neither nation can defeat any major power, but the cost of controlling the country, and what you will have left too control, makes it not worth the effort. The issue of gun control isn't the guns, its the control, and every nation that has been conquered, either through internal or external forces, always ends up and often starts with gun control. We are facing a full court press to destroy our way of life and our society, I have no real idea way.
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