Cooked A Late Lunch In My Sun Oven

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    A few weeks ago, I got a Sun Oven and tried it out with a standard pot roast recipe. It came out really good. I've been reading a few recipes for that thing and today I finally had time to try out a recipe that's been percolating in my thoughts for the last week or so.

    Pork Chop, Peaches, Onion, and 'Taters

    4 large pork chops
    6 medium small russet potatoes
    1 can cream of whatever soup
    1 package Onion Soup mix
    Tony Chachere's seasoning
    Lea & Perrins
    6 small to medium ripe peaches
    1 medium onion

    I took the pork chops, put them into a small chicken roasting pan that barely fit into the oven chamber, seasoned them lightly with Tony's, a little splash of Lea & Perrins, and spooned the cream of celery soup over them. Then I washed the 'taters, scrubbed them, poked them 2X each with fork, oiled them and laid them on top of the pork chops around the sides of the roasting pan and put the top on the roasting pan. While I was doing this, the Sun Oven was out preheating. I took the pork chop pan out and put it in the oven about 10:30 AM. I adjusted the oven to the sun about every 30 minutes till 1PM. I opened the oven top, checked the pork chops and they were done to a turn. I cut the peaches into small wedges, skinned them, cut the onion into 8 wedges and put the onions and peaches on top of the pork chops. Put the top back on the roaster, closed the glass lid of the Sun Oven and cooked for another 45 minutes. I took the roaster out of the Sun Oven and into the house, let it sit for 15 minutes, then mashed up one of the 'taters, took one of the pork chops with some onions and peaches, put some gravy on the 'tater, a little butter salt and pepper and YUMMY!!


    The Sun Oven was at 350 F for most of the time.
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    Thanks! I'll try that with a crock pot, we don't get no sun up ere.
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