Correct Storage of reloading components

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Mar 16, 2015.

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    I went over to a friends house who is a reloader and like many has been stocking up a bit.
    He had all of these large 40 MM ammo cans storing his components and opened one up with 2 8 pound jugs of Accurate 2230 with 5000 CCI small rifle primers....WTF is what came out of my mouth the words not the letters.
    Do not store primers and powder together.
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    A lot of my powder is stored in the first gun safe I ever built. It's a copy of a Browning model. The rest is stored in old paint lockers that I've scrounged from different jobs over the years. Primers are in ammo cans which are stored in different areas. BP is stored away from everything else in its own little world.
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    Primes and Modern Smokeless Powders, are NOT the same as Energetic Materials, and Blasting Caps.... Primes are NOT sensitive to Mechanical Forces, of the range, like Dropping them, from ANY Height, or such. They are designed to detonate when struck by the Firing Pin of a Weapon, on the Flat Surface, (crushing the Primary Energetic between it's interior surface and the Anvil, press fit into the Primer Cup, after the Energetic is inserted) and often will withstand being Crushed from the Open End, without going off. They contain a very small amount of a Primary Energetic, (Lead Styphanate) basically Just enough to start a Detonation Shockwave on the Rear of the Smokeless Powder Charge, inside the Case.

    Also consider that Modern Smokeless Powders require a significant amount of Energy Input, inside an Enclosed Space, before ignition happens. Some are more sensitive to external Energy that others, that is true.

    About the only issue for storage of Primers and Powder would be if a Fire were to break out, INSIDE the container, and consume the Primer Containers, as well as breach the Powder Containers, and even if that happened, it would NOT Likely Breach a CLOSED 40MM Ammunition CAN.

    I had the same thoughts as @stg58 back in the day, when I was in college, and working with Chemical Engineers, at Dupont, on Primary Energetic formulations. One of the Old Gents that was supervising my research, had been designing Primer Formulations, and Primer Mechanical Designs for most of his career. I learned a lot about the subject, from my interactions with him, and his colleges, while working on that Grant, even though it wasn't my Field of Expertise, and Area of Research. I had been a ReLoader before, and pumped as much information from those Old Boys, while I had the chance.

    The Science of Ammunition Design is a very specific, and narrow Field, and mostly practiced by Weapon Designers, that have little or no Chemical Energetic Materials Science backgrounds, and use the tried and true method, of Experimental Determination, using already Manufactured Primers and Powders. The science is pretty well settled in this field, and has been since the 1940s. Primer Design hasn't changed, basically since they Dropped using Azides, and went to Lead Styphanate, which was long after they dropped the Fulminates, from Primers, as being way to sensitive, for the product.
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    Absolutely right! NEVER have loaded ammo (that is the primer sitting right under the powder with no box or container between them! GASP! THE HORROR!) laying around! Storing primers and powder like that, in the same case with nothing to stop the primer from going off and pushing the bullet out should be outlawed!
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    I think you missed the point of jugs and primers not in brass ---
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    Yes, primers store nicely inside ammo cans ALONE, in their protective boxes if possible.
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    Static electricity will set off unprotected primers. Never put primers in glass jars. If the MFG, says never store together then that works for me.
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    That is why the OEMs pack Primers in Plastic Trays, using NonStatic creating Plastics. This issue only comes up in ONE Single SENERIO, where the Primer Cup is Grounded, and the Open End of the Primer gets the Static Discharge Spark, directed into the Open End of the Primer Cup. Definitely something to consider, but NOT a BIG Worry, if you don't live in a High Static environment.
    Even if you get one to detonate in this senerio, the Size, and Amount of the Energetic, is so small, most likely it would only cause a small Second Degree Burn on your finger, as the Primer Cup wouldn't even move very far, due to the small amount of Hot Gases released.
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