Could Bill be Hillery's intended Running Mate ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BigO01, Feb 18, 2008.

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    I had this thought just a few days ago and finally got around to reading the 22nd Amendment again .

    There isn't a single thing that would prevent Bill from becoming her VP and yes evening serving as President again in the event of her death or resignation from the office .

    The only thing the 22nd says is a person can't be elected more than two terms to the office NOT that they can't serve in the office if appointed to it from a lower position under certain circumstances .

    As much as the Clinton's love to make a splash it wouldn't surprise me in the least .
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  3. Brokor

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    Obama would be a more suited running mate. Bill has too much controversy that he carries with him. As just about any political strategist would agree, this would be political suicide. As the potential "first man", it raises significant media coverage in a more positive light, reflecting a plethora of talk show lineups and books yet to be authored.
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    My fear: Obama gets the nomination....Hitlery comes along as VP... Obama and the wicked witch win the office. Clinton disposal unit comes into play and Obama is shot and killed. Now Hitlery is president. Bringing up Bill with her. They put the already made gun grab and ban papers into play. I won't even get into if Obama is shot by a white man (that never makes it to trial). It's not what people want to hear but the race card will be in play. Oh the conspiracy theories ... I can hear them now! I may just make up some of my own! Sorry bout the last line but gotta try some humor...this is just so depressing. Our country is bad shape no matter who wins. Ron Paul was the only chance.
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    I don't think Hillary will be getting the nod. Obama is pulling away too hard and fast. Not only that but, she tried pulling out the claws and going after him but it backfired. Not only did the people look at her as being mean the media painted that picture too.

    Obama is gathering steam from alot of different avenues. He's of course got the minority vote and make no mistake about it they are registering in new record numbers. He also has the new first time young vote, these young adults are still idological in the fact that they believe they really can make a difference. They also see their friends going off to war which is lighting a huge fire under them (sound familiar?)
    Obama is also culling the moderate Republicans so much so that there is a new buzz word out there for it, I believe it's Obamacian. These people have been very unhappy with the republican party for some time and as such they are starting to listen to his catch phrases and it "feels" good.
    Lastly the far right or hard republicans are not happy with the fact of john McCain and as such they are not throwing very much if any support behind him. If you look at Kennedy and his campaign you will see some of the same talk, same empathies, same frenzy that Obama has.
    There is one thing that I keep looking back at with Obama and that is his speech style. Where Kennedy gave facts and then followed up with feelings, Obama gives Feelings and frenzy and very few facts or vauge facts that stir more emotions.

    It is my belief that Obama will become the next President, partially out of apathy, some out of greed but alot will come from the people who feverently believe he will bring the change they so want. I'm sure he will bring change but it will be the change he wants and just like an attack dog; once you remove the chain that holds it the most you can do is give verbal commands and hope it obeys.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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    It's true that Obama is on fire right now, but political strategy is a science, and a candidate who can pull off a successful run late in the game is what matters most. I do believe that Obama will run out of steam soon. Hillary has the right backers, and if my memory serves me correctly, they don't care too much for black folk.

    WWDBD? Hrmmm...what will Die Bold do?

    Either case, we're screwed.

    McCain, Hillary, or Obama will undoubtedly continue the great work and serve the corpolitical and banking dynasties.
  7. Tango3

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    Todays paper had wi primary#'s Mccain166,000; obama 456,000 if this is any indication looks like we better become real familiar with the dem's platform(s)...
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    The primaries are pretty cut-and-run. There isn't too much difficulty until after the final contest begins. It all comes down to the DELEGATES. If you look at Obama, he's ran a fantastic course as far as the media is concerned, capturing 23 states I believe. Yet, he only has about 1,300 delegates. Hillary, running a smooth campaign managed to acquire half of the states with 13 I believe. Ready for this part? She has nearly as many delegates as Obama. Now, as we all probably know...the primaries are decided by the delegate support, not the total vote tabulation. The THREE largest states with a massive delegate total, which totally blow all the other states out of the water are New York, California, and Texas. Hillary already has TWO (NY and CA), and it isn't surprising that she also has the majority of lower income voters also...a key facet in Texas primaries.

    If Hillary captures most of the delegates in Texas, there is no stopping her nomination. Plain and simple. She is already leaps and bounds beyond Obama strategically...let's see if he really is a smooth talker in the next few weeks.

    I finally found a link to help explain what I am talking about:
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    IIRC, the amendment not only states that a person can only be elected twice but also that they can serve no more than 10 years as president. So a vice president who took over 2 years in could still be elected 2 more times BUT I wouldunderstand it to mean that a person who has served more than 6 years as president would not be eligable to be VP since they would not be allowed to complete the term if the president died or left in the first 2 years of the term and since thats the job description then I would not think it would be allowable.

    I figue it will be an Obama Clinton ticket anyway. I have noticed they keep insulateing themselves from bashing each other by doing so through Bill. I figure this is likely a planned thing so that once its determined who gets top billing they can then team up and be running mates and COMBINE their support and energy rather than have ones supporters disapointed and disintrested and by teaming up lock in the office with a near guarantee.

    I also figure there is now NOOOOOO question, we WILL have a dem in office after the election, he media is already letting us know. Just like RP didnt exist in their eyes and made sure his numbers were never shown and he barely got mentioned on the air, if you notice on the news you scarcely would know there even WAS a candidate still in the race other than Obama and Hitlery.
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    I think Bill would take her senate seat. In an interview on one of the msm talkshows, Bill said he would not take a cabinet position, would not be an ambassador, would not be vp, but he didn't mention her senate seat. I thought it interesting that he left the senate out of the list of jobs he would not take.
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