Could The Gov. Actually Get Away With Something Like This?

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    I would love to know what you think about the reality of this Happening on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being very unlikely and 10 being very likely.
    DHS to intensify attacks on freedom oriented citizens - National Conservative |
    John Oliver, Jeff Goldblum Explain How Police Can Take Your Stuff Without Charging You With A Crime - Yahoo News

    DHS to intensify attacks on freedom oriented citizens

    October 6, 2014 8:23 PM MST
    • [​IMG]
    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testifies before Congress.Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
    Within the last two weeks several tips came into the Examiner indicating pending dangers to certain groups of citizens. These tips led to a source who, speaking on condition of anonymity, alleges that just after the election a major initiative will be launched against citizens whose values are diametrically opposite to that of Barack Obama and the current Washington elitist leadership in Congress. According to the source, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will greatly intensify its attacks on freedom oriented citizens.

    The source indicated that the those within DHS and the rest of the Obama Administration who support a massive crackdown on the liberties of citizens are ready to make a dramatic move once the midterm elections in November are over. These particular government employees, particularly those at the top levels, believe that Christians, Tea Party participants, and those who support the Constitution and oppose Obama and his "progressive" agenda are dangerous and need to be subjected to a purge.

    This purge would be in the form of prosecution through the courts. The objective would be to silence their voices and remove them from society by tossing them into prison where they could spend years and a ton of money attempting to get out of jail and defend their reputations. The "progressives" in the administration and Congress believe that the lame duck period just after the November midterm elections is the time to move swiftly to get these things done. Obama doesn't have to face reelection. And if the internal polling being done by both Democrats and Republicans is true, the Democrats will be forced into minority status in the Senate in addition to the House. Thus, in the two months after the election prior to the time when the new Congress is sworn in in January of 2015, a golden opportunity exists for the "progressive" elitist tyrants to make their move. After all, they have nothing to lose.

    Although the tip concerning this information came within the last two weeks, the publication of it was on hold until more verification could be received. That verification came today in an article written by colleague David Codrea, who is the National Gun Rights Examiner.

    Shortly after the election of Barack Obama, it became all too clear that DHS intended to lay the foundation for a massive purge of Christians and liberty oriented citizens. Internal memos were discovered that referred to these citizens as "potential homegrown terrorists." The objective was to crank up the propaganda machine in an effort to malign, demonize, and ruin the reputations of otherwise good citizens so that eventually it would be easier to persecute and prosecute them without running too far afield of public opinion.

    In 2012 the Examiner received at least one document from DHS that listed the various categories of citizens that would be deemed as "potential homegrown terrorists." This document is one of the most important, but as you will see, it has been revised to include an apologetic to counteract the heavy criticism the report received. DHS used this report to compile its policy on "potential homegrown terrorists."

    But not once was Islamic extremists mentioned. Those whom DHS mentioned specifically is very telling -- Ron Paul supporters, gun owners and gun rights activists, those who promote the Constitution as the final rule of law, U.S. war veterans returning home from overseas, those who support the right of Israel to exist, evangelical Christians and others who are pro-life and who believe the Bible and take it seriously, Tea Party activists, conservative voters who take to the streets to march or to demonstrate in opposition to high taxes, runaway government spending, Obamacare, and other programs of the "progressives" in the current administration. Michelle Malkin provided this report on the issue at the time.

    So controversial were these DHS pronouncements that angry citizens began calling their elected representatives. When it became clear that this mindset at DHS may become a political liability for Democrats seeking election or reelection, the agency backed off its public statements concerning "potential homegrown terrorists." It did not help matters for the elitists that a series of high profile terrorist actions, conducted by Islamic extremists, made the news and only confirmed in the minds of most Americans that DHS had its eye on all of the wrong people. While they were watching us "conservative Christians clinging to our guns and Bibles," the Islamo-fascists were busy at work behind the scenes planning a resurgence. And now, at least half of what our men and women in the military fought for, and gave their lives for, have fallen back into the hands of Islamic extremists who behead their opposition. Not only does this denote a failed Obama foreign policy but it clearly demonstrates that the current administration does not care about the spread of extremist Islam. They had rather go after ordinary citizens who disagree with their warped view of the world.

    Against that backdrop, David Codrea reports that DHS issued a report Friday that once again places the spotlight on an odd group of people to be tracking -- ordinary U.S. citizens who once again are being tarred and feathered verbally as "potential homegrown terrorists." This time, however, their specific target is U.S. gun owners, 99 percent of whom never use their firearms to commit crimes.

    DHS tipped its hand when it cited as a basis for its report the discredited and dangerous Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which never saw a gun owner it did not hate nor a conservative Christian it did not view as deranged. This organization is a million times worse than anything Joe McCarthy did in the Senate in the 1950s when he warned that Communists had infiltrated the U.S. government. They had. And his charges were confirmed when the old KGB was forced to open its books after the demise of the old Soviet Union, and the new Russian president Boris Yeltsin ordered that those secret records be made public. It turns out that McCarthy was 95 percent correct. But the SPLC can claim no such accuracy. They have maligned and falsely charged a plethora of individuals as "racists" or "anti-government extremists" with absolutely no basis upon which to issue such a charge.

    Codrea notes that one of the incidents that SPLC is now using to malign gun owners is the standoff at the Bundy Ranch. Not only did SPLC get many of its facts wrong but it claims that supporters of Bundy prove that they are dangerous homegrown extremists who wish to attack the government. Many gun owners went to the Bundy Ranch to provide protection for Bundy as dozens of government snipers took aim at the Bundy family, ready to blow them all away. Thus, they were there to protect a fellow citizen from government snipers who apparently were ready to initiate another Ruby Ridge or Waco.

    Apparently SPLC is oblivious to the possibility that citizens can support the right of a fellow citizen to keep and bear arms and have control over his property without supporting all of that citizen's political views. Bundy's views may be problematic for many gun owners, but that does not prevent us from protecting his right to be on that property and to keep and bear arms.

    In spite of its dubious agenda, SPLC was used as an important source for Friday's report issued by DHS. This does not bode well for the next step. If the anonymous source mentioned above is correct, this is all a precursor to massive government action to silence all of the administration's most effective critics.
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    As I said in the shout box ...... these a-holes didn't learn from Waco, Ruby Ridge, or the BLM land incident that the "little people" (not progressive elitists) are fed up with this BS, and like an ignorant kid they keep poking the hornet's nest with their big stick. Not only may they get badly stung, they may get their big stick jammed up their a-hole
    HEY OBOZO ,,,,, [kissit] ..... [finger] ....... same to your ugly wife and kids
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    I'll give it a 2.
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    Based on a belief in the general goodness of humanity I want to say 3.

    Based on recent actions I would say 5.

    Based on my fears for where this country is headed I would say 8.
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    Even without bringing in the bad actions of our government over the last 2 centuries, and concentrating only on Bush2 and Obozo's administrations, along with the actions and in-actions of our houses of Congress, and the so called Supreme Court. I DO NOT TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT to do the right thing in any matter. Time and time again they are driven by favoritism, greed, power, and a total disregard for the Constitution, of which they took an oath to support and protect. The complete incompetence of our government on so many levels is our only saving grace. Our tyrannical government is a massive beast with the temperament of a spoiled child and memory of the village idiot.
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    Here is a detailed vigorous discussion based on this same Examiner article ( DHS to intensify attacks on freedom oriented citizens - National Conservative | ):

    DHS to intensify attacks on freedom oriented citizens -

    I find this interesting:

    Long live the Republic. God Speed.
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    Yes it always amazes me that those who claim to be liberal, caring, understanding, peace loving, open minded left wingers, are in reality the most vicious folks on the face of the earth when you disagree with them. Logic totally eludes them. Don't try to confuse them with real facts, it's not how they think. If it feels good to their minds, regardless of the non utopian real world situations, they are all for it, and nothing except their mortal passing will change them.
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    I refrained from rating this myself because I want to get a feel for what you all think!
    I have no way to verify what is being asserted in the article, I do know that the Chatter on Social Media is Getting Deafening!
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    I can totally see this happening. Even if the courts eventually stop them the obummer people have nothing to lose. They are using lawyers that are free to them, unlimited resources that cost them nothing. So what if the the conviction is overturned. They do not have to spend anytime in jail, having their families turned upside down. They do not have to spend tens of thousands to defend themselves. Government persecutions always work that way. It is easy for them to use the tools at their disposal to keep down those that they are afraid of. I dont know when it became us against them but they dont have a chance in hell of winning. The tide turns in libertys' favor more everyday, like an out of control snowball and we are rapidly achieving terminal velocity.
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    If we remove the timetable it's a definite from where I stand.

    The primary objective has long been the same -to criminalize the people and concentrate efforts on building the police state. Obviously, the right wing liberty types, the Christians, and all those who support freedom, the Constitution and gun ownership are a THREAT to the establishment. Unfortunately for them, the internet created a serious problem for them, which allowed the people to share information instantly and create social networks to empower the resistance to tyranny. Now, we see an increasing move toward closing down the internet by regulation and tight .GOV control under corporate monopoly and taxation. They will try every avenue possible, and the goal is to force people to become accustomed to primary news and networking outlets instead of alternative media and private networking. Once they have bombarded people enough with news incorporating Facebook, Twitter and other major social media, the change can be immediate by implementing a "need" for policing authority and control. All they really need to do is sensationalize enough crime and terror to warrant the transition. We already see nightly news covering how little Katy was abducted because of Facebook, and how cruel teens can be, how stupid they are with fads, to ISIS recruiting on Facebook, and harassment on Twitter, on and on and on. Of course, the data collecting and the fact that local police are tied in to the NSA data share will be hush hush. And Joe Shmoe loses his job because his employer caught wind of his post on Facebook, but it's okay to have the boot of Stalin tromping on our web space, because this is 'MURICA, DUDE! Eventually, it's all going to be regulated.

    Will they round people up and herd them into prison camps? Well, it depends on the situation. Maybe it won't be Ebola, we could get it under control, but one thing is for certain...there's no way it's gonna disappear forever. I bet that genie will pop back up again from time to time, just because it's a great tool for FEAR. Then again, maybe we are all going to die horribly in a zombie apocalypse. Either way, the slow one or the quick method will bring about serious changes.

    With each increasingly disgusting move by the .Gov enterprise to limit and restrict freedom and license or establish control over a right, we will see protest and retaliation. The powers that be have long expected as much, which is why it is important to steadily assault those who would give them the most trouble. Why have they not gone after the Liberals? Well, they often support the communist doctrine and don't own guns. Simple.

    No sense worrying about it. We know what side we are on, and so do they. Lucky for us, we still have them outnumbered. Stand ready.
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    I don't know if anyone remembers the first election when the Dem's told their supporters to Email the names of neibors and friends that were not on board so" They might Enlighten and Sway Them over to their way of thinking."
    That was a Nazi move right out of Hitler's SS playbook.It was called out as such at the time and downplayed.
    They already know by IRS records who is who! Tithing write offs dead give away for Christian Types, Campaign Contributions, etc.....
    As far as social media, They now have the internet kill switch!! and the Continuance Of Government Act allows The President total control over everything including Roads, food distribution, all communications including cellphones. They could conceivably create a blackout!
    The pieces are definitely in place to achieve a move like this! What they haven't conquered yet is the Fear!! Only roughly 35% of the population is far left, Look at Polling. No matter how horrible things are there is always that 35% that think this guy can do no wrong. The rest of the people in this Country are not as BLIND, that leaves approximately 250 mill. people to try and control, with only 1.5 million Military and a half million cops.
    US Military Members are on that list as well.I don't think they will be able to use US troops to do this for long, but,
    Foreign Troops will have no problem gunning you down in the street, or shoving you into trucks and hauling you off to re-education facilities!
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    The biggest problem I see right now besides the fight for internet freedom and information sharing, is the Balkanization of our nation in general. We already see .Gov henchmen for Connecticut claiming they will quarantine- Connecticut health department gets power to quarantine possible Ebola victims - The Washington Post
    Some folks will say, "oh, that's their problem. I sure am glad I don't live in Connecticut..." but state by state, as this and other disasters and emergencies develop, we are being systematically divided and slowly worn down with increasing government control. The policies they develop will come with a price, no doubt. Where does this leave us? Will we just watch as each state transcends into darkness and becomes more like California or New York? I am certain some states like Alaska will not be affected like many other states, but my point is, we are not being attacked all at once. We will also not be rounded up all at once, either. The manpower and resources required would be staggering to consider (not to mention impossible) for a nation-wide quarantine and relocation camp arrangement, so thoughts of a Red Dawn scenario may very well be just fiction. But, a few isolated incidents, state by state over time could draw a clearer picture of what may occur.

    I know lots of folks will say they will stand against tyranny, and I certainly hope they do, but I can't help but picture that patriot who has drawn a line in the sand standing on his doorstep with his children and wife huddled behind him. At the moment of decision, there's much to be weighed. We may not have the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time, either. We may be at work, or the children could be off at school. Nothing is ever as easy and simple as it is in the movies. I just hope we can be a positive barrier against the globalists and policy makers by not buying into their fear campaign or falling for the tactics they impart to sway the people into believing these draconian "laws" are necessary. The number one method to establishing public policy is gaining public support -do not support it. The media is the primary conduit for spreading the tenets of policy, know their tactics and resist these changes to our traditional authority. I guess community is most important, and hoping you aren't alone if you ever do need to take a stand.

    I like to think there would be a reckoning if the .Gov ever tried to take extreme measures against the people. Of course, memories of hurricane Katrina come to mind and I cannot help but feel saddened.
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    OK, this answers the question!
    Citizens jailed on trumped up charges a foretaste of coming woes
    • [​IMG]
    Eric Holder and the Justice Department reportedly have retaliated against ordinary citizens as political retribution.Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
    Several trusted friends with significant contacts in the federal government have reported that they personally know of many citizens who are sitting in jail on trumped up charges, all the result of retaliatory actions on the part of the federal government. The reason? The only reasonable explanation is that the current administration and its enablers in Congress seem determined to punish those who run afoul of what the Washington elitists deem to be the politically correct manner of speaking and behaving in the new world order.

    While many of these citizens are being held in prison on trumped up charges, others are "guilty" of obscure laws that are rarely enforced. But federal attorneys with an agenda can use these laws to put away an unsuspecting citizen who is not only unaware that they committed a crime(s) but unaware that such laws exist at all.

    A report was issued last year in a book which indicated that the average citizen in the United States commits an average of three crimes per day, most if not all of which are felonies. These citizens are unaware of problems with their actions due to the fact that so many laws are on the books that it is impossible to keep up with them all. It is even difficult for lawyers to keep up with them. But in this day and age under an oppressive government such as the Obama regime, woe be unto you if you show up on their radar screen as a troublemaker for the political goals and ideology of the Administration. You could find yourself in trouble with the law, even federal prosecutors, the most dishonest of which will find a rationale, any rationale, using obscure laws, to create a legal nightmare for the unsuspecting citizen.

    Once a citizen demonstrates to the Washington political elitists that he may be a significant threat to the goals of the current government and thus shows up on the radar screens of the Obama Administration, the elitist leadership in Congress, and the Justice Department in particular, it is easy enough for that citizen to become a target. The purpose is to silence their voices and discredit them. How better to do that than to bring false charges against these citizens, many of whom lack the funds, time, and resources to mount a successful defense? So, it's off to prison they go for crimes they did not commit.

    Given that this is already being done across the country, especially in the "deep blue states," it should not be too hard for the populace to accept the fact that their government could be gearing up for such a prosecution of citizens on a grand scale after the midterm elections and before Jan. of 2015 when the new Congress is sworn in. This could be one of the ways the "progressives" carry out their "purge" of conservatives, libertarians, Christians, pro-lifers, gun owners, Constitutionalists, and other liberty oriented citizens. But in spite of the fact that this is already being done on a much smaller scale, progressives have responded with vitriol, character assassination, charges of trumped up facts, and the like at the mere suggestion that such a thing could be implemented on a broader scale. Perhaps this information hits a bit too close to home.

    When the Examiner published a story late Monday on this issue, the disclosures made in that article elicited numerous comments from citizens who run the entire gamut between conservatives and libertarians on the one hand, and collectivist progressives on the other. Understandably many of the comments are quite passionate and vehement on both sides.

    For their part the progressives attempted to discredit not only the information in the article but its author. The claim was made that no such plan of retaliation against liberty oriented citizens has been discussed by the Administration. Aside from the fact that there is no way for them to verify that claim, the progressives seized the story as more evidence of conservative conspiracy theories, tin foil hats, and so forth, all in an attempt to malign those who would even suggest that the federal government has, indeed, considered the plan being reported. Putting a plan on the docket for consideration is not the same thing as approving the plan. At this point there is no information indicating that the plan has been approved for implementation. But there is information a-plenty that the plan has been and is still being discussed as a possibility.

    It is not difficult to envision this Administration implementing this scourge, even if it is on a scaled down basis. They have a history of targeting conservatives and others through the IRS, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, the EPA, and other agencies. They have succeeded in tossing citizens into prison on trumped up charges or on charges that they committed obscure felonies that no one has even heard of. So why is it too giant a leap to envision the Administration conducting such a campaign of retaliation on a much broader scale?

    Even so, this is no time to become hopeless or to give up to the inevitable. Sometimes a strong response from citizens will result in a stand down order from the Administration. This happened at the Bundy Ranch. Government snipers had their high powered assault weapons aimed directly at the Bundys and the citizens who went to the Ranch to defend them. But when it became clear that these courageous citizens would not back down and possessed the firepower to go head to head with government snipers, the Administration and the Senate (particularly Majority Leader Harry Reid) were forced to back off. A major catastrophe -- maybe even a civil war -- was averted.

    And this is the value of reporting dangerous and stupid courses of action being considered by the Feds. An informed citizenry is a force with which to be reckoned. The outrage of citizens who are livid that their government would even put such a scheme on the docket for discussion as a possible action may be the one thing that prevents this ominous plan from being implemented. Those who report it may be maligned and lampooned, but if such reporting leads to a change of course for the Administration, then the objective has been met no matter how vehemently "progressives" malign the messengers.
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