Country singer Charlie Daniels suffers stroke

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    Country singer Charlie Daniels suffers stroke

    Jan. 20, 2010, 9:21 AM EST

    DURANGO, Colo. (AP) -- Fiddler-guitarist Charlie Daniels is recovering after suffering a mild stroke while snowmobiling in Colorado, his spokeswoman said Wednesday. Daniels, 73, suffered the stroke Friday and was treated at a hospital in Durango, 230 miles southwest of Denver, spokeswoman Paula Szeigis said. He then was airlifted to a Denver hospital and released on Sunday.
    "It was a scary moment there but he's doing great," Szeigis said.
    Daniels lives in Mount Juliet, Tenn., but has a home in the Durango area where he takes an extended vacation every year around Christmas.

    He was snowmobiling with his wife and friends when he suffered the stroke. He's now back at his Durango-area home, Szeigis said.
    A statement on Daniels' Web site says he doesn't plan to cancel any concerts. His next appearance is scheduled for Feb. 27 in Fort Pierce, Fla.
    Daniels is best known for his 1979 hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." That same year he was featured in the John Travolta movie "Urban Cowboy." The Charlie Daniels Band was awarded a <NOBR style="COLOR: #009900; FONT-SIZE: 100%; FONT-WEIGHT: normal" id=itxt_nobr_8_0>Grammy[​IMG]</NOBR> for best country vocal for the song.
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    Prayers for Ole Charlie!
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    Is that a Night Train in your sig, Conagher?
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    It's a 2009 Dyna Street Bob.
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    Prayers to Charlie, he is a great American
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