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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by pearlselby, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Cowboy Stew II Recipe

    I can remember in Girl Scouts making stew. We called it Girl Scout Stew. I remember that aroma to this day. I canned a bunch of it.
  2. Pax Mentis

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    Traveling in the motorhome, I find myself looking for simpler recipes than my normal standbys...this looks like a good simple recipe that can bee added to to suit one's mood.
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    Wifee's late grampa used to own and run a restaurant. One of there methods in the apparently well known stew is to use short ribs with the bone as the meat. While I can't give a recipe, I can tell you that it is very delicious. The bone adds nice flavor and the texture of the meat is awesome. Wifee makes it from time to time. And I always eat too much.
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  4. pearlselby

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    @Hanzo, I have another perpetual soup going this wee. But, I want some of those big beef bones to do next time. My Grandma would have a pot going all the time. I can remember sometimes it did not taste like chicken. It was probably beef. I was real small 4 or 5.
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  5. Hanzo

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    The big bones with the ball joints work well too. Especially if there is some meat on it. The meat would be bland from the cooking, but I loved eating it and the cartilage and tendons and stuff with a bit of shoyu. Same with the pork bones. But only if the meat was a little fatty. Otherwise it would be too dry and stringy. Good stuff. Thanks for the memories.
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