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    As I'm getting my work done this afternoon, my little monkey places her order for dinner. It seems like all my monkeys like daddy's tacos. Last time, my fixin's included shrimp as well as the chicken that the monkeys prefer.

    Since I was shorter on time, I subbed shrimp with angus beef mixed with bratwurst. Sound familiar, @Bear?


    Did the usual chicken.


    Everything was made from scratch except the cheese and sour cream.





    I had three fully stuffed tacos. They were bigger than they look next to my monkey paw.


    And a plate of Doritos nachos.


    Finished off with ice cream jello and washed down with a cup of tea. Sooo full.

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    Okay, @Hanzo you have done it again. I am sitting here drooling on my keyboard. Yes I know you probably don't often use a recipe. You I am sure have progressed to where you just throw it all together like a culinary magician. However, us mere mortals need help when we see something we would like to try ourselves. How about recipes with ingredients and directions for your Chicken taco mixture, your fresh Salsa, and last but not least your Ice Cream Jello recipes. Please!
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    @tacmotusn, you are right, I do not use a recipe. But here goes my attempt at sharing it.


    I used chicken breast (can use fresh or canned from costco)
    Sautée some garlic and onion in oil with a pinch of salt (I use a wok)
    Throw in the chicken (cubed)
    Add.a little chicken broth
    When cooked, smash it to shred it
    Mix in some cilantro


    Mix angus beef hamburger and bratwurst without the casing
    Season to taste
    Sautée garlic and onion in oil with a pinch of salt
    Add meat and cook
    Mix in cilantro when done
    Key - add lots of chili pepper

    Salsa (was told by a Mexican friend it is really close to hers)
    3/4 fresh lemon juice
    3/4 fresh lime juice
    Mince garlic (how much is to taste)
    But up some onion
    Put garlic and onion in bowl with lemon and lime juice with a pinch of salt
    Chop up some Serrano chili (to taste) and add to mixture
    Cut up fresh tomatoes (last night, I did a mix of regular and Roma)
    Chop up cilantro and add to mixture
    Season to taste with salt, chili pepper, paprika, and cumin
    Mix (I taste and reseason as needed)


    1/4 fresh lemon juice
    1/4 fresh lime juice
    Mince garlic - not too much
    Cut up onion - not too much
    Chop up maybe half a tomato
    Mix with a pinch of salt
    3-5 ripe avocados
    Chopped up cilantro
    Season to taste with same seasoning as salsa
    Smash it all up and mix
    Taste and season as needed

    I did not make the ice cream jello, but it is just jello mix with ice cream mixed in. Last night was orange jello with vanilla ice cream.

    Garnish for dinner was shredded cheese and sour cream.

    My portions were an approximation of what I thought I would need for six people with maybe a little left over. Just eyeball and guesstimate.

    And I season to taste.

    Last night was a first for me using the meat. I always do the chicken and normally also make shrimp or fish for the tacos.

    But it is one of my monkeys' all time favorites. They ask for my tacos, chicken tikka masala, chocolate chip sea salt bannock and omelettes most of the time.
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    He makes Nachos look good..
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