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    Ben Bernanke was interviewed as a guest on 60 Minutes and National Inflation Association counters his lies with the truth about where the economy is really at, and the risk of hyper-inflation. The Fed has everything backwards...and I personally think it is on purpose and by design to implode the economy for much bigger plans and deceive the people until it is ready to implement the next phase of servitude.

    The problem is most people are so busy just trying to survive that they either do not know or do not care about what is going on because they can not do anything about it. This is precisely what the destruction by design is intended to do. I am not sure how much longer the people will take it before it turns into some kind of revolution. We are already serving the debt we can not afford! Be honest! Are you doing well? If you are good...then pay attention....cause the endless summer is about to end.

    What are the bigger plans you might ask? And who is responsible for making the plans? Both are very good and pertinent questions. The master plan is to remove the USA from economic leadership. The ones responsible for this are international bankers who are feeding on the bailouts and directing your hard earned tax money to mystery recipients with no accountability or transparency...the truth is beginning to come out now. But they still continue to suck the life out of YOU the taxpayer...robbing Peter to pay Paul. When Peter and Paul and You are all up to your eyeballs in debt without a hope of paying it off, unless you are an amazing entrepreneur.

    The Great Depression made some amazing business people very rich because they did not give up, sell out, or expect the government to take care of all their needs.

    So what kind of CRACK is Ben Bernanke smoking. He is either totally stupid or absolutely and criminally brilliant. And he is not working for you, the average American. He is on the other team of corrupt and greedy bankers who are looking to sell you out and enrich themselves beyond the reach of the common people.

    It seems obvious, just ask yourself, how is deflation a risk right now? NOOOO!
    Are you paying more for groceries? YESSSS!
    Is your dollar really going further now than it was before? NOOOO!
    Have you noticed the "economic improvement" in your city? Or are you seeing more and more empty business locations...because people just can't make it anymore? YESSS!
    Are we at great risk of deflation? NOOOOOOOOOO! We are NOT!
    This is a line of crap! And they are lying to us! What a crock!
    The real risk is HYPER-INFLATION and an imploding currency!

    You think it's bad now? Wait until your dollar becomes devalued and is no longer considered the stabilizing international currency which drives business! We have been living in a fantasy world where even the poor in America live like kings! You think this can go on forever? You are kidding yourself!
    So why would anyone want to destroy the "honorable" United States of America?

    The truth is...America stands in the way of international takeover and new world order. Our pesky dreams of exceptionalism and soveriegnty are the primary and the last remaining vestiges of a once great nation. We say that America is exceptional...but we live like slothful and lazy retards, without motivation to act in accordance with the exceptional needs of today.

    Proverbs 12:24 says:
    (King James Version) The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute.
    (English Standard Version) The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.

    The prosperity that we still enjoy is like the leftovers from a once bustling economy. Well friends...the leftovers are about to go bad...because we left them out on the counter to spoil.

    The financial bubbles are EVIDENCE people! Thank God that we still have some time to prepare...not sure how long. If we put the leftovers back in the fridge...they might keep another few years...but even then someone is going to eat them all up! We are not producing in the USA at a profitable level. We are living on borrowed credit, and the lender is starting to get angry!
    Vinnie may be coming soon to break our American legs of false prosperity and wake us from the sweet dream of kingly living with our big screen TV's, and cable, and fancy cars. Snap out of it America!

    When food becomes more important than watching the football game...then Americans will start to get the picture. By then it will be too late for most, because Americans rely on the bankrupt system to supply all their needs, food, clothing...etc. When that system is bankrupt...and you better believe it is on it's way, already at the door, then how will you get food? How will you create food, gasoline, electricity, natural gas, and all the services that run on these resources? Will it just appear out of thin air!

    The majority of Americans are not self-sufficient. They do not understand how to grow food out of the ground...nor do they care, and they will not care until it is too late....because they are spoiled brats, who expect the world to serve up their dinner on a silver platter, while they watch sports on TV and bet on fantasy football. What a joke we have become....and we should be ashamed! I am disgusted and desperate!

    The only good thing about this disaster, is we are making a slow descent into poverty. This gives those who care to open their eyes, some time to do something about it! Those who are entrepreneurs are making efforts to pull together some sort of profitable business, and their motivation is to do so is "watching the hourglass" drain away the time we have left!

    At the very minimum you should get some food while you can still afford it. Learn to store food. Learn the art of canning your food and how to safely store it for the long economic winter that is coming.

    Learn to be self-sufficient again! If you have money now, for goodness sake, help out those who are prepper minded! Learn from them and support their efforts!

    It is probably already too late for us to reverse the trend we are in, which is leading us to poverty and financial ruin. But it is not too late for YOU to take INDIVIDUAL ACTION! This is about you people. Wake up before it's too late and you become the casualty of economic disaster!
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