Democide: Death by Govenments

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  1. This page has a lot of facts, figures, and number of deaths attributed to most if not all of the socialist countries in history. With plenty of background on how Socialism is the ideology of death. It go's into great depth on historical facts from China, Soviet Union, and Germany.

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    Very interesting website! Thanks!
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    good link!
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    Hey! He has some fiction novels also. The PDFs are free. Amazon is carrying the hard and paperbacks but - strange - no eBooks. I think I will pull down the pdfs and have a look. Using his research that more power the government has the more people are likely to die by the government's hand in one way or another he wrote these books to get his message out. Here is summary of the books:

    "The six novels in this series are a what-if, alternative history. Two lovers are sent back in time to 1906 with modern weapons and 38 billion 1906 dollars. Their mission is to prevent the rise of fascism and communism, avert the major 20th Century wars, including World Wars I and II, and forestall such democides as those by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot."
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  5. If you do get the novels PDF's? Could you zip them and post here, or email me the file? They sound like they might be enjoyable reads.
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    I did get the first two. Let me have a read of the first one a bit and see if it is worth posting, just because the guy has a PhD doesn't mean he can write a good story. LOL! My FIRE is charging right now but I should know some time tomorrow.
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