Dems' proposed gun law would have prevented Orlando

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Jun 20, 2016.

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    I sat in a hearing in Salem Oregon last year, the Communist Senator Prozanski told the crowds that passing a law to prevent private sales would stop gun crimes. To date near 1 year later not one arrest, or conviction using that law. Now either criminals are now all law abiding or passing laws to punish criminals doesn't work if they by pass the laws. Then in this case what exactly is a " SUSPECTED TERRORIST " is it one on a no fly list perhaps ???
    Or one that buys any so called black gun. When ever a Democrat seems to make partial sense like this one saying hey lets stop suspected terrorist there is a catch there always is one. The FBI already investigated the shooter I would like to know very clear what criteria they see as a way to use that proposed law. I smell a rat. Maybe I am paranoid , but I don't think I am.
  3. Motomom34

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    That is an interesting statement Ms. Feinstein made. National Security or in the name of, our rights can be stripped away much easier. But to say that that the Orlando shooting was a national security issue, don't they have to declare it an act of terrorism?
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    Don't want to do that and offend Muslims.
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    It's too bad the brain-dead media is too far up the government's butt to ask the simple question "Hey Feinstein, if these people on these lists are allegedly too dangerous to own guns, WHY ARE YOU LETTING THEM ROAM OUR COUNTRY FREE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    wha...what's that? Not enough evidence to hold them, let alone convict them? Sorry, toots, if your evidence is that thin you ain't got enough to deprive them of their god-given rights.
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    image. image. image.
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    Would seem that who is a "Suspected Terrorist" was answered in the 90's.. Any white, patriotic, God loving, Veteran, prepper, home canner, gardener, firearm owning American.
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    Nothing happens to 99.95% of 70,000 or so people who lie on the instant background form, they go out and get an illegal gun like every other criminal.
    Why would they do anything to some one who tries to buy a gun and didn't know they were even on the terror watch?
    How about we enforce the laws we already have before adding more.
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    And what's this deal about denying the rights of people "suspected" of being terrorists?
    Criminal sanctions are supposed to be applied only upon the finding of guilt in a court of law.

    Or, wait. Silly me! That was back when this country was ruled by law.
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    Yeah, that rule is innocent until proven guilty.
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    Feinstein carries a gun.
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