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  1. hank2222

    hank2222 Monkey+++

    Ok guys and girls what are is your favorite brands of knife makers so here is my brands i stay with over the years ..

    gerber in multi tool

    kabar in fixed blade knives standard fighting knife and back up tdi style knife for ankle sheath wear on duty

    emerson for duty folding knives

    hide away knifes for back up knives for both personal use and duty use knife carry

    zero tolernace folding knifes for personal use fighting knifes ..

    so list you name brands and why
  2. Valkman

    Valkman Knifemaker Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Strider for fixed and folder, esp. military knives
    Emerson for folders
    Benchmade for folders
    Chris Reeve for fixed and folder - also make killer combat knives
    Swiss Army Knives for utility
    Gerber for multitools
  3. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    Leatherman for utility with Coleman a close second... (you can remove the inserts in the handles and have the use of two tools simultaneously..

    Puma for hunting knives Schrade is my second choice knives handle extremely well and last...

    swiss army Tinker for utility knife (old version) has the most neded tools...(two blades, saw, flat head/bottle opener, can opener, tweesers, toothpick, phillips head awl, and a nice ring for a dummy cord when it;s needed... )

    Cold steel Tanto for fighting knive... (older version 1980 vintage) better penetration through bulky clothes, etc and sharp and anything thet you will ever need...

    Heavy field use Western Bowie.. (1960" version) great steel excellent heft for size more compact that a Machete but just as useful...

    Kershaw for modern folders the Tanto Blur is one of my favorites

    Browning for Old school folders..

    Cold steel Trail Hawk ... not in your normal list but hey i like it...
  4. 45acpJHP

    45acpJHP Monkey+

  5. Bison_Forge

    Bison_Forge Aspiring Knifemaker

    Gerber multitools
    Kershaw, and Gerber assisted opening folders
    Moki for backup lockback folders
    SAK utility
    SOG, Gerber general use fixed blades
    Kershaw (Outcast) chopper
    Mora skinning knives
    KA-BAR or Mantrack fighter

    BTW, great thread idea.
  6. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Glock survival knife, Gerber serrated Gators [2], Meyerco 3" folder. Moore Maker hunter, and three Swiss Army knives and a 17" Kuhkri.
  7. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    OP= On Person Daily
    BO/C =Bug out bag/Camping gear
    Leatherman Multitool-OP
    Swiss Army Officers Knife - General Purpose-OP
    Ka-Bar belt folder and pocket knife-OP
    Gerber dive knife in ankle sheath (boot knife)-OP
    Cheaper Than Dirt rough use Bolo style knife belt/medium duty fixed blade-BO/C
  8. dan3

    dan3 Monkey+

    Cold Steel

  9. protector 6062

    protector 6062 Monkey+

    Buck Case enuff said
  10. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Randall, Spyderco
  11. fedorthedog

    fedorthedog Monkey+++

    Gerber Blackie Collins river knife, Boot, Fighting
    Gerber ez out folder easy to open with either hand
    Gerber hatchet with knife in the handle. choping utility
    Kershaw folder
  12. Bison_Forge

    Bison_Forge Aspiring Knifemaker

    How do you like the river knife, I have been looking at them for a little while as more of a utilitarian knife.
  13. 1gewehr

    1gewehr Monkey+

    It's hard to beat a GI-spec USMC combat knife for general purpose camp chores. I've got a Brend #2 that I got way back in 1986. But I cannot recommend that anyone wait 5 years for Walter to get around to making one.

    For folders, I use a Leatherman Wave. There really is not a lot it can't do.
  14. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

  15. fedorthedog

    fedorthedog Monkey+++

    River Knife

    I love the river knife I have had a couple of then lost one hunting. The only problem I have had is the sheath clip will weaken over time and after ten years it came out of my boot while running. The blade holds a edge and I like the 50/50 blade on the one I have.

    I am looking at a way to put a velcro strap on the clip to hold it to the boot.

    The sheath allows the knife to be turned in the sheath so it faces either way.
  16. Bison_Forge

    Bison_Forge Aspiring Knifemaker

    Sweet, thanks for your help. Can you tell me where you got yours from. Thanks.
  17. Uncle Kenny

    Uncle Kenny Monkey+

    Fixed Blade.
    Bark River.... Favorites; Fox River or Canadian special
    Fallkniven.... Favorites; WM1 or F1
    Mora (for the price conscious buyer) best bang for the buck. My favorite, the Mora 2000
    Spyderco Sage
    Benchmade Mini Dejavoo. Mu current EDC

    TEXAS REBEL Monkey+

    Fallkniven Good Multi-Purpose knife
    Gerber Rock River EDC
    Gerber Multi-Tool
    Kabar GHB
  19. Bush Monkey Knives

    Bush Monkey Knives Bush Monkey

    I use my Bush Monkey Chisos the most but I have a Bark River Bumble Bee, Neck Knife and PSK that I also carry on occasion. All are simple and low profile/plain designs. It's really situational dependent. When I was on active duty I had a Randall and a few Gerber knives...
  20. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    I am a big fan of Randall knives mostly because of a Guy Clark song. I have a few, the Gemini being my favorite right ahead of the No. 1 fighter.
    I have many custom made knives from friends that I really favor and cherish. I am a little eccentric in my choice of tools that will be with me my whole life and nobody would really understand my criteria for selecting them, it might be because of a song or maybe just feels right cracking walnuts. I guess my point is that I am not an armchair commando, I live a real life and fight the good fight and there will always be someone else that has a bigger, badder, brighter, sharper, whatever and I really don't care; I got what works for me. You can look around my house and see all kinds of "Stuff", got a bunch of cool knives, guns, guitars, bows, but you want to see what I really value, open the toolbox on my truck and prowl through my little bag. That might really surprise you.
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