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    Isn't "anti-government extremist" a relative term? That is, if you disagree with the government (anti-government) and are willing to speak-up about it (extremist), you are now equated with some Arab with c-4 strapped to his chest.

    Lib-tard, commie-pinkos were very opposed to Bush....hell, I couldn't walk through my parking deck without seeing "F the President bumper stickers. You'd be called a racist/anti-American if you did that now.

    Cops with a military mentality need an enemy...and right now, that enemy is you.

    FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists | Reuters
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    Well, it's Reuters, after all.
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    The Wolves are taking over the herds and making the Sheeple hate the Sheepdogs.......

    This is only going to get worse.
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    We don't have a "sovereign citizen" issue here

    We don't have a "sovereign citizen" issue here in Australia....hell we hardly have any citizens with sovereigns when it comes to that [ * ].

    Of course there are citizens here that refuse to pay their taxes...but as they own this country, that is quite understandable. The Taxation department is less understanding of mere PAYE (pay as you earn) tax paying peons, who are rigorously prosecution for failing to pay their taxes (they are not just prosecuted for refusing to pay tax, but prosecuted for failing to pay tax)...but then again...the PAYE peons don't own the country.

    Usually there aren't any shootouts by folk here on the basis of some abstruse political principle, unless the abstruse principle involves payback for drug deals gone wrong, or the abstruse political principle that that a particular outlaw bikie gang doesn't deserve a particular franchise of drug dealing, prostitution or protection racketeering and a different outlaw bikie gang are enforceing their own ownership of that particular abstruse principle (and franchise).

    * A sovereign is a pre decimal currency gold coin, now out of circulation as legal tender in Australia.
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    They pretty much hit my nail on the head here.
    The Problem is that the entitlees have voted themselves so much..take a look at the thread below and see why I am in full-blown revolt.
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    Occupants of thousands of Motor City homes that didn't sell at a tax auction can purchase their abodes for $500. That includes squatters, renters and owners who didn't pay taxes.

    By Karen Datko 16 hours ago
    Unlike the man who claimed a pricey Dallas home for $16, squatters in Detroit houses that failed to sell at a tax auction may be able to keep their new digs -- for a mere 500 bucks.

    The Detroit News reports:
    In a stark sign that paying property taxes is optional for some in Detroit, Wayne County Treasury officials decided last week its workers will go door-to-door to some of the 6,500 city properties unsold at last fall's tax auctions and offer to make a deal with whoever is living inside. That could include renters, squatters or the owners who defaulted on their taxes.

    If taxes had been paid on the 1,500 or so occupied units last year, that would have added $17.6 million more to Detroit's shrinking coffers, the News estimates.

    The fact that some people will be able to keep their homes for $500 after not paying taxes for three years -- or just by virtue of squatting there -- hasn't gone over well with other taxpaying residents of Motor City.

    Said one reader of MLive in Detroit: "Why am I paying ever-increasing taxes on a property worth less than half of what I paid for it if paying these taxes is optional?" Post continues below.
    The Wayne County treasurer's office thinks this is better than allowing the number of vacant houses to grow. About 1,200 homes sold in a similar program last year.

    Here's the tale of one such house up for sale for $500 in this go-round, according to the News' report: A house that sold for $124,000 seven years ago was purchased on a land contract for $10,000 in 2010, but the new owner couldn't pay $17,900 in taxes, fines and interest that accumulated since then.

    The owner didn't realize he could have purchased the home at the last tax auction -- for a minimum bid of $500. But others who owe back taxes have figured this out. The newspaper says:
    The News has reported more than 400 owners last fall appeared to buy back their properties for pennies on the dollar, costing the city and schools at least $4.7 million in taxes and liens.

    It all sounds like more sad news for Detroit, already No. 2 on Forbes' "10 most miserable U.S. cities of 2012" list, right after foreclosure-laden Miami. Forbes says:
    Home prices are down 54% over the past three years, the worst decline in the U.S. The median price was $38,000 last year in the Detroit-Livonia-Dear​born metro division.

    Under the latest deal, those who successfully purchase the home they now occupy will have to pay property taxes for two years to maintain ownership.
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    Prolly because you are a republican ... and those currentlt squatting vote democrat and a national election is on it's way so we neeed all of you to do your democratic duty to vote early and vote often....

    Sorry couldn't help myself.... mea culpa
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    If I'm squatting for nothing in a house ( that is probably not worth much more than nothing ) that failed to sell at an auction, WHY in the world would I want to give Detroit 500 bucks for the privilege of "owning" it so I could keep paying annual rent in the form of property taxes ?

    Detroit fails to understand basic economics.
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