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  1. Sometimes when you are out of home you face disaster situation like tornado, earth quack, tsunami etc. At that time you need a need many survival things to survive in that situation. So i think GHB is best for us to survive in that condition. GHB is not similar to bug out bag which is made for survival in 72 hours. Its totally different from it you can built a good GHB within 4-5 hours by simple items you may already own.
    When building bag pack for survival including a GHB it's important to think about 4 main survival things.
    i.e. : Air, Shelter, Water, Food

    You need to make GHB according your requirement like if you're asthma patient then you need to carry inhaler etc. So make it according your requirement. My work is only give you suggestion & please make sure to carry your own needs during building GHB.

    You can share you idea here about Get Home Bag. I know this post is not complete with ideas but if you have any new suggestion or opinion please share with me.
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  2. vonslob

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    I do have both, but for me the whole idea of a bug out bag and get home bag is complicated. Because of the nature of the work i do ( i do a lot of propane and nat gas work in the middle of nowhere) i always have some kinda of kit including a gun. My winter job i am within three miles of my home. Signalsurvival you will like it here, there are a whole lot of smart, friendly people here. Good luck to you bro.
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  3. Yard Dart

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    @signalsurvival welcome to the Monkey once again!! There are many resources on the forum to help you along the way, in being better prepared. Use the search box on the top right with keywords to assist looking for content. You can also dig through the host of sub-forums and read the various threads that have many nuggets of wisdom. I have attached just one of the many threads for examples to your question. Some common threads discussing BOB's also translate into important items that help develop a get home bag. I for one have 45 miles to get home from my place of work, so my GHB is very similar to a BOB due to the duration and issues I may encounter along the 2 day or so movement. Each of us have different issues such as distance, terrain and potential threats to take into consideration for developing a bag that fits "your" mission.

    Some Myths About Bugging Out on Foot | Survival Monkey Forums
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  4. Tully Mars

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    Sounds like we have a couple things in common. I too often work in remote areas in the natural gas/oil fields. My kit is basically a combination of the two. If caught out in a blizzard or a sandstorm BTDT, I need to have different supplies to cover whatever situation I'm suddenly stuck in. As a result, I have to swap out certain items depending on the time of year and where I'm headed next.
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  5. vonslob

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    I dont usually work on gas fields we do installs. I have worked on a williams gas field doing land remediation work. They were very careful what they allowed you to bring into a gas field, no flame of any kind, absolutely no firearms, and definitely no smoking. My bag also differs depending on where i am and what i am doing.
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  6. @Tully Mars @vonslob Both of you're right, Situation always matter. It all depends on situation, where you are & what you need in that situation its depends on you to carry things in GHB & BOB according your situation or placer where you work.
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  7. 3M-TA3

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    Currently telecommute, so my GHB is currently a comfy pair of slippers. Each vehicle, though, currently has a winter kit that includes hat, sunglasses, gloves, coat, socks, boots, reflective vest, water, and snacks. Probably should include area map and compass. Currently researching first aid kits and plan to place level 2 kits in each as well.
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  8. GOG

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    I keep a "Truck Bag" in the truck. In Summer, it's a Camelback "Hawg" 3 liter hydration pack with assorted gear and in Winter it's a larger pack with more clothing and heat options. I also switch over to two canteens and keep a few bottles of water in the truck year round.
  9. Generally speaking.. being prepared to "go home" is a relatively low preparedness level. I will concede that "going home" to ride out a crisis is not a unreasonable plan but depending on the circumstanes, I may not be able to simply go home. To that end, I have some basic supplies in my vehicles which will allow me to mitigate "most" threats associated with a short lived crisis. My personal kit was built around the a 72 hour crisis event and [if] I cannot go home, I can at least answer some basic survival needs while I shelter in place -or- make my way to a safe/safer place. My kit rests inside a 20 x 15 x 5 rubbermade tub and if I must abandon my vehicle, I have a 5.11 MOAB-10 deticated to carrying the essentials.
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    Welcome to the Monkey!! Generally when we discuss GHB we are concerned about an issue that takes place when we are at work or away on whatever from your primary residence. The get home bag essentially is just that, to get home, round up family and your primary supplies/gear, assess the situation and then make a plan to have a defense in place.... or to B.O. A good plan is much better any day rather than poor preparation.... usually those that fail to prepare... are at the whim of the world... which usually bodes bad things to come.
  11. Thanks, the Monkey is an awesome place.

    My intent is only to highlight the fact that crisis management usually includes a multi pronged approach. If a person cannot go home- what are they equipped to do and for how long?
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  12. Yard Dart

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    One has to be prepared for whatever may come..... sometimes that is not an easy answer to provide depending on what issues you may encounter, your geography, and so on. That is the continual debate amongst ourselves... what exactly do I need and how long do I need to sustain myself for?
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