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    I am 77, still work part time repairing power tools, generators, air compressors and such. I have a greenhouse, 20 by 48,heat with wood and love 1940's tractors. Have a 1941 9N ford and a 64 Case. Have complete spare electric parts for the ford. Well with hand pump for greenhouse and have had a garden for many years. Have made almost all of the mistakes in prepping that can be made in the last 30 years. Was raised on a farm in Minnesota that did not have electricity or running water until I was 10, so everyone I knew lived "off the grid". We farmed with horses and did not use bought fertilizer until the late 40's. Put 4 years in USAF in the 50's fixing radars and computers and that convinced me that I was a career civilian. Love to shoot and do some reloading of 30-06 and 308. Not into poodle shooters. Play with hydroponics and think in another 5 years I may know enough to be able to make it work. My mothers folks were of Swiss extraction, followed Zwingli, so was raised with us kids not using the German Bible, but having to stick to the Geneva Bible. I later found that it was the later version with the missing books. Found this site looking for a copy of the 1st version of the Geneva Bible.
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree duane.
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    Welcome Duane!!!
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    Welcome to the Monkey!
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    Welcome to the Monkey @duane !!
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    Welcome! its a nice bunch of people here!
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    Welcome to our part of the web...
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    Welcome. You probably have much to add to our discussions.
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    Welcome @duane to our little part of the web.. Look forward to your posts..
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    Grab a branch and hold on. Welcome from a anti commimass neighbor.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hello @duane welcome to the monkey. Sounds like you have a wealth of knowledge and I hope you share what you know. Your greenhouse sounds wonderful. Do you have any animals or poultry?

    Glad you are here- Moto
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    Welcome @duane! Sounds like you have what it takes to survive! [winkthumb]
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