Earthquakes in the Solomon Islands

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  1. M6.6 - 36km SSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-07 18:59:16 UTC

    I don't know if any of you have been following this, but the 8M+ the day before the tsnunami had been preceded by a few others, now the aftershocks are circling the island like a cat circling its prey.

    This is just one more reason we want to be prepared. We see LEO's whining about it being a thankless job, yet can't seem to see why when 62 squad cars, of which only 3 were called, chase down 2 suspected druggies, converge on them and unload 139 rounds into the unarmed kids. (Cleveland) LEO's fail to answer their 911 calls because they are two busy smooching with their sweetie or eating their donut. Now more LEO's take off on a shooting spree in California. Then scientists estimate the next big quake will be a 9M+ in the Cascade Mountains.

    Yes. We need to find other means to protect ourselves when SHTF in a variety of ways. Apparently 2014 is the new 2012.
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    Moved you post to a New Thread as it was Off Topic, where it was......
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    Stop watching television. Trust me, everything gets better.
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    Actually, it would be the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the Oregon and Washington coast that they predict a 9M+ quake. Would that have an effect on the volcanic peaks in the Cascade Mts., probably but we'll never know until it happens.
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