EBOLA Nurse Kaci Hickox's Dumbest Incoherent Statement to Date!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by HK_User, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. HK_User

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  2. BTPost

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    [winkthumb]Good for her.... Nothing wrong with more education.....[winkthumb]
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  3. mysterymet

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    If it keeps her away from medicine, good for her.
  4. Dunerunner

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    Sounds like a Law degree, then perhaps a run for office in politics. Just what the North East needs more of!!
  5. tacmotusn

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    I heard Obozo was going to Federalize, and turn Rhode Island into a Fema detention camp for quarantine of American's returning from African ebola zones. He considered the old leper colony of Molokai in the Hawaii, but though it was too small of an island to suit his needs, plus the cost of transport would be prohibitive as apposed to using a little spoken of Island off one of the 57 States. :rolleyes:tic from Tac. You heard it here .... lol
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  6. HK_User

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    OTOH, I heard he was going to take over the old AIDS quarantine camp in CUBA. You know the one where all the Cuban Soliders went to, as well as those in the SEX trade (that were infected). A large number of Cuban soliders got way too close to some African women they were there to protect, when Cuba and Russia were A$$ Hole buddies and Russia paid Castro to use his men for protrction of Russian assets.

    Most died on their return to Cuba.

    Little known facts that seem to ring back to the now.
  7. HK_User

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    For now it seems that she went to the Joe Biden PHD (Piled Higher & Deeper) speech center.

    Medical folks I know wish she would just keep her mouth shut, I tell them it's all part of the plan.
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  8. ghrit

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    That quote, if a couple commas were properly placed, would actually be quite coherent and meaningful. I wish her the best for standing up, and the worst to the "journalist" that quoted her improperly.
  9. kellory

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    With or without commas, "been" is a has been. (One too many)
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  10. HK_User

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    With or without commas suggesting that a doctorate degree is something to be played with, indicates to me how little value she places on an education.
    Then again I doubt many in the medical field would want to have her on their team in a critical moment.

    As far as "standing up" her attitude of being bullet proof is yet another reason she needs to rethink being in the Nursing profession.
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  11. chelloveck

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    Excellent: then, perhaps, she may be able to tell the difference between tautology and tortology.
  12. Yard Dart

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    Man, I thought I was in the inferno for a second.... nope... oh well, moving on.

    She aspires to be a liberal activist.... and is just riding on the coattails of her infamy, as a quarantine denier.... :rolleyes:
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  13. HK_User

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    Time will tell if any one wants her on their medical team.
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  14. BTPost

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    It is interesting that Momma says that she has trained hundreds of Nurses, "Like Her" and she "knows the type"....
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  15. VHestin

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    Maybe she'll learn the what someone posted about quarantine laws here a while ago, and realize she can legally be quarantined and shut the **** up. But I doubt it. As I've said before, I've been toying with the idea of suing her because it causes me mental anguish every time I hear her name.
  16. Motomom34

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    Of course she wants to know the law. Due to her behavior and attitude, her and her boyfriend are reported to be moving. I guess her Maine neighbors and his college classmates are not applauding their stance.

    Nurse Kaci Hickox’s 15 Minutes Are Up and She Is Moving

    I guess she can go learn who and how to sue everyone who believes that 21 days was appropriate. For her boyfriend, I wonder if it was worth it.
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  17. VHestin

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    Well yeah when no one is paying any more attention to her, she tries and does stuff to get noticed. I wonder how long she'll keep it up without really any public support. Maybe she get a job at that BK where the teenage employees got in big trouble for putting pot on the burgers for 2 cops.
  18. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    And I find it interesting that by her own statement, she is admitting she DOESN'T KNOW QUARANTINE LAW. Therefore she had no basis for knowing if she had any legal right to protest it. I'm betting she'll disappear from the spotlight once those in charge realize she's gone totally off the rails and is now causing them problems as well.
  19. Seawolf1090

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    So she wants to learn 'quarantine law' in order to better fight it. Hmmm...... Sounds rather like a certain ex-Constitutional Lawyer we all know and despise. [OO]
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  20. vonslob

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    She needs to move on, her 15 minutes is up. Yesterdays news. Hope she enjoyed it.
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