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  1. cdnboy66

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    I was contemplating an enclosed trailer set up to haul my tools ( carpentry)
    Maybe as soon as 01FEB2013
    I have done this before on a limited scale as a side job, basement framing, tile floors, hardwood, trim. That sort of stuff. I don't get into major renovations as it is just way beyond what I want to do. And I have done my time slogging through the mud pulling forms out of muddy holes.
    I enjoy it and there seems to be work around for me to do. I am also facing a possible move after building my dream shop and now am considering going mobile again.

    I wanted some input into trailers, if anyone has had one.
    What brand do you like, what options can you not live without? What are a waste of money??
    How do you find it handles with weight?
    How easy is it to take everything out and convert to a small hunt camp?
    Have you got a set up you would like to share for tools?
    Ron Paulk on youtube has a nice set up on his truck that I wouldn't mind imitating

    I am thinking of going to a 20' trailer with a v-nose insulated, electric pkg, drivers side access door, rv door
    16"o/c floor, marine grade 3/4" ply floor

    I would like to be able to pull up to a job and not unload every tool I have or at least make it easier

    and who knows.....maybe we have a monkey who works for a trailer MFG who can benefit when I make the leap.
  2. ghrit

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    Mine is "Featherlite" 6X10 (V-nose) 6+ foot interior height. (I have to duck thru the doors, but can stand up inside at 5'-11") I picked it out after looking at a slew of other makes, price was comparable, but I liked the structure well enough for my light duty purposes.

    Ramp rear door, curbside mandoor. I'm rigged for motorcycle transport, about 2000 pounds loaded out, with the bare minimum on the tongue. Trails like it isn't there other than not being able to use the inside rear view mirror and cuts my mileage by a quarter. It's lighter than to require electric brakes, so can't comment on that, but it has an interior light I never use. I've put in a thin plywood sheet to keep dents and dings on the structural floor to a minimum, the floor is quite soft wood. I also recommend sealing the floor and ramp with something like Thompson's water seal for similar reasons. The inside walls are cheap plywood, and not really necessary for anything I've been able to figure out other than the light color wood. Not so sure that's needed, since the sides are aluminum. Bad ugly, the walls are stapled, and I've thought on occasion to strip them out, a very minor weight savings. The worst part is that the walls conceal the electrical penetrations to the marker lights and at least one of them is leaking in rain.

    For the bike, I installed thru the floor tie downs that fold flush with the floor. Highly recommended if there's to be anything that will go adrift under way. Again, the 3/4 inch floor wood is not all that stout, so I put backing plates on the underside. For your purposes, I think you might be better off with 1 inch. And the ramp is almost a requirement for you if you are taking a table saw on site. Remember, tho', when you drop the ramp, you need space behind the trailer to land whatever it is you are unloading.

    For camping, bear in mind that the mandoor must have a way to open it from the inside, locked or not. Mine doesn't have a window either, but that would be a good thing for camping. Also a roof vent would be nice in the summer, and a screen door. (Yes, I know these two bits.)
  3. -06

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    Bud has a dual purpose worker complete with camper hot water heater and outside water connections for an external shower. Dual axles will give much better stability in wind and load bearing. He installed a camper side door with screen door for light and ventilation. Fold down cots and work bench(kitchen counter) leave plenty of work space for tools, etc. Gen. in a self contained compartment(CO protection) and folding "saw horses" make his unit very nice to work/camp in-out of.
  4. cdnboy66

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    pics of all these units would be beneficial, but I know that can be a pain.
    I have seen some factory units with what I want, but they want 37k to outfit them all

    Ghrit, is the featherlite aluminum?? I like the door idea, I had wondered about the added security of the crossbar but wondered if it would be easier to get locked into. yep I'm paranoid!!
  5. ghrit

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    Yes, aluminum. These shots are during and after fitout for the scooter. The mandoor opens out and the lock overrides from inside, so someone would have to block it to keep you in. There's no way to open the ramp door from the inside. The nose is not part of the 10'. It's about 1300 pounds MT.
    Trailer, test haul 2. Trailer, test load before fitting out.
  6. Airtime

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    In a not too distant previous life we used a trailer for some inspection equipment and to watch the videofeed out of the sun. Tandem axle saved our butt when the spare tire somehow got leftout. Wasn't loaded too heavy so we just removed the wheel with the flat tire and drove back home. More than a few times we wished we had a small portable toilet loaded inside, you might like that for some jobsites. If you think you might seek refuge inside look for a door that can be secured and opened from inside without risk of being locked inside. Just thinkin...

  7. oldawg

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    If you live in an area covered up with "five acre horse ranches" look around for one of the "playday" trailers where the owners are up grading or getting out. 16-20 foot including tack room 5th wheel or not. Around here they make them into nice jobsite trailers and the cost is way less than half of a new speced out trailer. They're stout and tandem axle usually of two at least 3500 lb. axles and with brakes. Might be more trailer than you are looking for though.
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    I have an old 5x8 rental trailer that I modded for a camping trailer. On a Ron Hood's "Hoodlums" outing some time ago it was christened the "mobile man cave". I built a box with bins along one side that is the same height/width as a cot, so mattresses and sleeping bags fit fine. I also made a small table that folds along the other side, and a shelf for storage at the nose of the trailer.
    IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0006.JPG IMG_0010.JPG
  9. cdnboy66

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    ^^^ sweet Dude!! thats's like what I want to incorporate. I am trying to find one used, but they are as pricey as new!!
    I may have a good one I can swap for, but it's 24' long and I don't really want to drag that around if I get into the city for work.
    and it would be brutal to park to do a small job
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