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    It's obvious that the govt. is not a good steward of our tax dollars. I don't even think most people can comprehend the amount of debt this country has amassed this century.

    So, even taxing the rich at 70+% will not solve this problem...and by problem, I mean the govt. itself. They are like a cancer...they will just keep growing and will consume whatever is given to them. The bigger it gets, the more it needs to feed. It cannot get food on its own, so it must take from others. You may have plenty of food...but this cancer can do a better job at allocating your extra to feed others who protect it.

    I guess I'm preaching to the choir here, but, typically, rich people aren't stupid, so they should see this, which makes me think this is propaganda for those that don't pay taxes. "If the rich want to pay more taxes, then it's OK if all taxes go up...sig heil. I'll do whatever you tell me to do as long as you give me free stuff."

    If the these rich folks want to pay more taxes, I'm all in favor of allowing them to do so...they just have to add a few more zeros to their checks next year. Nobody's stopping them...yet, they won't do it unless someone else does it.

    I like the idea of our founding fathers that govt. service should be a duty to be served...a step down from your commercial enterprises to do your duty for community and country. A sacrifice of their private lives for the public interest. After said service, you go back to your regular life. Now, public service...or what it has become, only attracts a certain type of person. Take away the attraction of power/money and maybe the job would go back to being a step down, a true service.

    If I could go back in time to the Constitutional Convention...or to the pubs where the Federalist Pages were discussed, I would implore them for term limits. I think that is the only solution to get back to basics.
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    they should NOT have control of their own wages and benefits either
    thats just asking them to pork us, hell its more like telling them to
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    And the punch line...
    Yeah, not going to be much to collect soon.

    Again, the disinformation. The federal debt is owed to the private Federal Reserve Banking Cartel exclusively. More people should listen to Ron Paul.

    Again, using disinformation to sidetrack the real issue: the privately owned federal Reserve.

    And don't expect things to change any time soon as long as the same banks control the same monopoly on the creation of money. The ones who will always pay for it will be the People, and the government will use its paid henchmen to place blame anywhere it can...except on the shoulders of the oligarchy and its money-making cartel.
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