Entitlement Experiments...CDN 70's study

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    A Town Without Poverty?: Canada's only experiment in guaranteed income finally gets reckoning | The Dominion

    But this experiment happened much closer to home. For a four-year period in the '70s, the poorest families in Dauphin, Manitoba, were granted a guaranteed minimum income by the federal and provincial governments.

    "The $1,200 per year she received in monthly increments was a welcome supplement, in a time when the poverty line was $2,100 a year."

    Initially, the Mincome program was conceived as a labour market experiment. The government wanted to know what would happen if everybody in town received a guaranteed income, and specifically, they wanted to know whether people would still work.

    It turns out they did.

    Only two segments of Dauphin's labour force worked less as a result of Mincome—new mothers and teenagers. Mothers with newborns stopped working because they wanted to stay at home longer with their babies. And teenagers worked less because they weren't under as much pressure to support their families.

    The end result was that they spent more time at school and more teenagers graduated. Those who continued to work were given more opportunities to choose what type of work they did."

    Interesting read....though I suspect heritage work ethics in then 70s were MUCH stronger in young people than they are today.

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    That was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
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    I found it particularly interesting that I struggle to really get "ahead" on $3000/month after tax....and the "poverty line" in the WEALTHIEST Canadian province was $2100/YEAR around when I was born...

    That's some serious inflation.
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    Wonder how that would work in chicago
  5. kellory

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    first, you would have to find some people willing to work.....
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  6. Dont

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    And there is where it falls apart..
  7. enloopious

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    The thing is that people will work more if they don't have to. If there is no drive to simply earn money people will start doing things that they love to do. It is a proven fact that people are much more productive with higher morale so if you take away the possibility of failure people will become creative and productive.
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    No. Creative? Yes, with time to think things through, we are all more creative. But productive? No. Idle hands are the devil's playthings, remember? Modern sculpture is enough to kill that idea. Just having idle time allows pePole to slooow do own, and smell the roses along the way, but does NOT make them more productive.
  9. enloopious

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    Is that experience speaking there or just pessimism? Perhaps you have some reference in the matter or is your comment only for the sake of argument?

    Just the idea that people will sit and do nothing if they can seems ridiculous at its face.
  10. kellory

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    Experience. I was a Foreman on a general contracting crew. It was my job to get it done. If there is not enough work to keep a crew busy, they either goof off, or revert to children playing grab a$$ on a job site, and embarrass the company.
    At home, without a reason to work? The TV will never be turned off....
    Most people, when they have pleasure, relax and slow down, some few , will work on hobbies, paint. Invent, create, but the vast majority will not.​
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  11. enloopious

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    Out of those people how many were there because they were doing what they were born to do as opposed to those who were there only for the money?

    Freedom is responsibility and even the fattest sloth dullard will realize after watching enough TV that there is more to life. Right now TV is THE way to relax after doing a job that sucks with a boss who is a jerk. Eliminate all of the child/parent elements and people will grow up on their own. I know it is hard to believe but responsibility and faith goes a long ways.
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  12. Dont

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    After being layed up for three months, I for one am very happy to be back to work.. Have to be buisy.
  13. kellory

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    Loopy, I call bull$#it. If you are in the wrong job, it is your own d@mn fault, and nobody else's.
    You have the freedom to change that now. there is no need to rebuild society to accommodate you.
  14. enloopious

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    LOL, everything is simple to a simpleton.
  15. kellory

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    Then you should have no problem understanding it.
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    I think that is a very naïve view to how people are. Look at the entitlement society and how they expect to get a check in the mail, free cheese and milk, subsidized housing and utilities. Tell me that those folks are going to get tired of sucking off the tit and I will call that B.S. The rare exception will crawl out of that lifestyle and make something of themselves... the rest will enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor...
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  17. enloopious

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    I think your opinion is just as limiting as theirs is. By not giving people a chance and credit to be men you justify them and reinforce their reasons for sucking off that tit. You think people want to be treated like children their whole lives? Most act that way because they are being treated like children and resent the man for doing that to them.

    I'm not saying they are going to all go on to all be the next tesla or einstein but they will grow up which is what we all want.
  18. kellory

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    (show enough respect to the truly great, and capitalize their names, please. They more than earned it.)
    your future is what you make of it, not what is handed to you. and your happiness is your responsibility, not mine. all forms of entitlement must come from other people,directly or indirectly.(click to expand)
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    EZ does it, gents --
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  20. VHestin

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    I would say the proof is in the pudding, as it were. Look at all the riots/looting whenever entitlement programs are cut. Greece anyone? If the people were really wanting to be independent, they'd be 'prepping' for whatever life holds, not just waiting for the next handout.
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