Ever think that your being bullied into a belief that just isn't right

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    Ever think that your being bullied into a belief that isn't right ? Evolution is not a scientific answer it is a religion unto itself.

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    This is really interesting! I only managed to watch half but will do the latter half later today. Must say, I agree with Berlinski, science cannot explain everything and I have never totally agree with the theory of evolution, especially man coming from the monkey and all the gaps and jumps that is necessary to support the theory. Whether he is right or wrong, Berlinski is a very interesting speaker and I would love to take his classes just to see what thoughts they might provoke. Indeed, very interesting!
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    However we were created, adaption/evolution is built into all forms of life. I personally see no conflicts between science and religion, just people who try to push a conclusion to match their viewpoint. Both have limitations inherent to the limitations built into we humans.

    I'll watch the video later when I have the time.
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    Creation or the lack of it doesn't activate my BS meter, now climate change, racial equality in all things, universal right to equal income, free education, free medical care, free housing, special classes of citizens, "add your own pet gripe" do make me feel like I am being pressured into someone else's pet belief and that it is all my fault that I do not understand the truth of their statement and I must either be re educated or forced to comply with their beliefs. National public TV had a panel on "hate crimes" where it was agreed that not allowing special need students to be in regular classes was in fact segregation and was illegal. Our public school agrees with that and we now have classes of 25 students, one of whom is "special", that if it were not for the out of class learning, home work, etc, would learn almost nothing. She is unable to function in a class room situation and disrupts it to the point that it is very difficult to have a normal learning situation. Several families have either moved to private schools or home school and there is an attempt to institute some form of voucher system to move the state aid with them. The liberals and educational establishment regard that as a full blown attack on their belief system and it financial strangle hold on the educational system as a method of fostering their beliefs and brain washing the next generation. That is a threat that they will not tolerate and the media all go along with the attack against "special interests "robbing the school systems". and the tail continues to wag the dog.
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  5. ghrit

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    That's the one that lights my fuse. I have pretty much an open mind most of the time, but a guaranteed door slammer is when someone presents a theory as fact that can't hold water on the face of it, then tells me I don't understand. Yep, I don't. Any time the reasoning is so convoluted that even Einstein could not follow, it's just about certainly carnival barker material.

    (But I do like circular references in bibliographies, just not in pseudo anything.}
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  6. oil pan 4

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    Like they do with global warming?
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  7. Tully Mars

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    I agree with you but then again
    Just sayin..
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  8. Asia-Off-Grid

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    Geez. The next you guys are gonna say is, the World isn't flat.

    Raw, but too funny! :D
    Err, I mean, Tully, be nice.
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  9. Tully Mars

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    Hey! Comedy is not pretty...
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  10. Byte

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    Well, since we didn't actually evolve from monkeys as we now think of monkeys today, there are no "gaps". We share a common primate ancestor. Now extrapolate the mutation chain out to ~100 million years give or take. Nobody ever asks about a gaps with other mammals but we share genetic ancestry there too. Whales, they're mammals too. No gaps to look for.
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  11. arleigh

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    It is my understanding that anomalies in reproduction cannot reproduce them selves, further more it is usually the case that normally most creatures avoid something out of the ordinary .
    Man has interfered with natural selection , but natural selection usually kills the malformed . It does't take millions of years to observe this fact .
    Racial purity is an animal thing men have adopted in the past, and only changed in the last few centuries .
    Animals still kick out the runt, malformed ,different.
    Further more creatures that are altered, "all" are weaker than the parents .
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  12. DKR

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    "Ever think that your being bullied into a belief that isn't right ?"

    I don't get 'bully' - if someone is peddling BS, I tell then that. If it matters not at all, I walk away. Life is too short to put up with someone else's BS,.....
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  13. ochit

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    By bully I mean that they are using their position in the educational (professors) system to force students to turn in work that agrees with their ideals or they will not pass. All of us that are over 35 or 40 we are to set in a proof value system where as liberal thinking is feelings biased and that has given rise to safe spaces and impeding free speech on many campuses, that is the problem as I see it.

    I have watched David Berlinski for a while and he is very thoughtful and thought provoking, a very interesting individual who is not impressed by credentials alone, and theory as fact he does not tolerate. The part I like about him is he does not try to insult my belief structure or diminish it he takes the explanation of science as far as it can go and truthfully explains. "beyond this we do not know" that kind of truthfulness is really astounding in our present climate of keep telling the same postulations and it will become truth. I had a conversation with a high school grad about to enter college that did not realize that the monkey evolution chart with Pilt down man was a fake. Schools are teaching theory as fact and if that's the only criteria to be theory then the altruistic socialists that pant that we have yet to experience real socialism --because all the other attempts at socialism have failed, want to embed those failed ideas as truth we are just not applying them correctly. that is dangerous and more every day think that they deserve free stuff

    I posted this because I considered it may be thought provoking and yet when I watch him he has a sense of humor that is infectious, as you can hear the room rumble in laughter and it's a room full of young people, so that gives me hope that there are people not taken in by theory and are looking for real facts, sadly there are so few people willing to stand against academic hypocrisy for fear of loosing tenure or status in their field and rightly so it has happened. Berlinski is situated so his opinions have yet to do anything but make him more popular.
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  14. arleigh

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    It depends on the depth of one's belief system.
    It may not be appropriate to stand up and create a stir, however there is nothing that can stop you from getting up and leaving.
    There are things others may say here I do not subscribe to, and unless I am being directly addressed, don't care .
    I will make submissions of my opinion and pretty much live it at that .
    I have had teachers demand I retain the things they say for the sake of a test , however it does not mean I need to believe them .
    One person may believe whole heartedly that they are presenting the truth, having a limited level of information. as with ALL information . The individual has the responsibility of research to DISPROVE one's science . whether it be emotion, opinion based on hearsay, generally understood facts as have been generally accepted for some time , and personal experience .
    ( My) personal preference is personal experience .not necessarily some one else's personal experience .
    A whole prehistoric creature built out of a single bone is not fact . Which most finds are dependent .
    When I was a kid it was a known fact that some mexican mothers actually spent time shaping there infants head to elongate it .
    It is no surprise to me that finding unusual skull is possible .
    Another well known fact is that current science determines age has been built on the strata of earth uncovered , however that too is a fallacy seeing that great floods change every thing in a very short amount of time.
    Time is/was based on sun rise (earth's rotation) , however sun rise has not always been the same through out earth's existence .
    A few past tsunamis have proven how delicate it really is.
    God taught me, but for the sake of this audience, I postulate that the earth spun approximately 10X faster than it does presently .
    Biblical records indicate that men lived up to 900 years , however , after the great flood men no longer lived much over 100 years.
    This , I believe , that is due to the earth's rotation being slowed, which would account for a great many other changes in the ecosystem . also the difficulty of establishing it's age based on current measurements of it's rotation.
    There are some significant impact areas on the earth to substantiate the energy required to slow the planet's rotation , but who then would have the technology to know what to do before it occurred ?
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