Ever wonder how politicians get so rich?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by D2wing, Jun 15, 2015.

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    How come so many enter congress with modest means and come out fabulously wealthy like the Clinton's and Obama and so many more. They promise to help the middle class and working folks. But of course with trade agreements and welfare programs and favors to nearly any industry with lobbyists and/ or government contract they somehow sell millions in books and give speeches for more millions. Just who buys theses books and pays for those speeches. I am guessing it is no one that I know. I am pretty sure it is even richer people and special interests. Somehow working people get screwed and just gets worse. It is not just Democrats, it is nearly all the greasy buggers. Course some are already rich. I don't see them get poorer in office. Any exceptions?
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    The last pol that retired and wasn't 'rich' was H. Truman. And that my friend, was a very long time ago.....
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    The only reason "Ike" was considered "Rich" was he reTIRED as a 5 Star General, and just lived comfortably, for the rest of his days......... NOT because he was part of the IndustMil Complex, and getting money as a Lobbyist, after he left office...
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    Would you think of a broadcaster as rich? Most of them can barely feed themselves. There is a joke about "what is the difference between a broadcaster and a pizza?" " a pizza can feed two people"
    Why do I bring it up? Because radio or TV is not where a broadcaster makes the majority of their money. Think of that as their resume. Most of a broadcaster's money comes from commercials, endorcements, narrations for films, recorded books, but you can't get those jobs without your day job, because that is where your potential employers hear you.
    In a similar fashion, politicians write books, make speaking tours, and figure head programs because they have been where they were, and did what they did. They have access to these jobs primarily because of previous employment.
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    Well they speak and get decent fees. And theyhave a campaign war chest and which once they retire they get to keep any campaign money they don't spend.

    So if they are really good at fund raising they can retire very wealthy
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    US Senators and Representatives get rich because they are excluded from insider trading laws (and Obamacare - makes you think...). The rest have to depend on disguised kickbacks such as no interest loans on sure deals like property at a tenth it's actual value. If you are Nancy Pelosi, your husband can win the contract for the California bullet train.
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    So you don't think it is corrupt for the politicians to receive huge fees while in office or high paying jobs with companies they have helped ? That truckloads of books are bought by single buyers? You really think they rich because they make good speeches? Could I show you a bridge?
  8. kellory

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    If you are referring to me, I didn't say that, nor did I inply it. I said they have access to those types of jobs because of where they have been, and what they have done. I did not say any of it was legitimate, for the good of the people, selfless political wrangling.
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    Sorry, I misunderstood you, and some elected officials are rewarded on genuine merit. Others get fabulously wealthy through various schemes disguised as legal transactions.
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    I am not sure that they can keep campaign money, but you are right that some do earn extra money legitimately. I was involved in politics and many are sincere good people. Nearly all appear to be. That's how they get to power. But looks are deceiving. I have found the best con-men are people you would not expect, they seem so nice.
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  12. D2wing

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    As far as I know the money is controlled by the party. That way remember they can protect against running for personal gain. But it also means that the party controls the candidate and they have to tow the party line. No independent candidates. Yup, the deck is stacked. Once you get past the local caucus as a delegate you are given copies of the party platform. A different candidate is sometimes just a different face on the same pig.
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    Interestingly, the original 13th Amendment to the US Constitution (referred to as the Honour Amendment) forbade ANY government employee from receiving ANY kind of gift, kickback, favor or "honour" while in office, lest they lose their citizenship automatically.
    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but if the Honor Amendment hadn't been unlawfully redacted, NONE of our politicians would be getting rich off kickbacks, sweet deals, or insider trading.
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    Just imagine what it would have been like having Ron Paul as President. He wouldn't have accepted any salary, just as he didn't as a Congressman.
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    I know...I know...I know....the GOP Front Runners meme, is just a silly meme, not to be taken seriously; not to be taken literally. I know that it is primarily for the entertainment of Republicans, at the expense of Democrats....and yet....not all Americans are sophisticated enough not to be impressed with the implied messages embedded in the meme. Three people, seemingly highly successful in their respective fields just have to be more credible candidates than two old white people?

    Am I an apologist for the Democrats, and Bernie and Hillary? No, they both carry considerable political baggage, which others at this, and other sites have been doing a splendid job of dissecting. I don't propose to expend any effort in doing what others are doing very well without my help. What I think is worthwhile, is examining the claims of presidential suitability of Trump, Carson and Fiorino a little more critically. Sure, they mouth, with a greater or lesser level of success, the kind of things that their conservative Republican constituency's want to hear...but what kind of walk will they walk should they become president?

    Hillary Clinton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Oh...YD, you age-ist monkey you. :LOL:

    Bernie Sanders aged 74 - old white person
    Bernie Sanders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hilliary Clinton aged 67 - old white person
    Hillary Clinton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Donald Trump aged 69 - old white person....younger than Bernie, but older than Hillary...admittedly not by much.
    Donald Trump - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ben Carson aged 64 - a youngster compared to Hillary (by 3 whole years) and Bernie...but still...an old person of a different colour.
    Ben Carson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Carly Fiorina age 61 - oldish white person...6 years younger than Hillary, but admittedly, a baby compared to Bernie.
    Carly Fiorina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Compared to JFK, they are all pensionable.

    Ronald Reagan age 69years and 49 weeks when he was inaugurated into his first presidency...definitely an old white person...but unaccountably, Republicans just love him as if he were a demi god anyway, despite, as a B grade Hollywood actor, being best known for his supporting role to a chimpanzee. Bedtime for Bonzo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Ronald Reagan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Yes, indeed, Carly Fiorina , was a CEO of a major US corporation...but an ability to climb the greasy pole of corporate success, does not necessarily equate to being suitable as the leader of a presidential executive administration. It should be noted that Carly's long, arduous, and momentarily successful climb up that corporate greasy pole, must be balanced by the very quick and decisive descent from that very same pole when the Board of Directors "pink slipped" her for the Company's failure to thrive under her leadership. Does the American electorate really want a president to do to them what she apparently did to HP and its employees.?


    This is Ben Carson MD. And this is the look that should be on his face when it is explained to him that, according to the US Constitution,
    The Urban Politico: Ben Carson is a bigot He might like to share that little gem of information with any Muslim US citizens who have ambitions of becoming the first non Christian POTUS in US history.

    Ben Carson, by all accounts, was a very competent and successful paediatric neurosurgeon. The ability to lead a small team of operating theatre staff, in doing highly complex and technical surgical procedures does not necessarily mean that one is, by that experience, suitable for the job of steering the ship of state through the shoals of domestic and international politics, diplomacy and economics. Judging from the number of asinine quotes he has bequeathed the media....as far as brains are concerned...I am not quite so sure that he has much of his own when it comes to speaking before thinking. Top 10 Quotes That Prove Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Doesn’t Have The Brain To Be President «

    Via: http://presidential-candidates.insi...iculously-offensive-donald-trump-quotes#Intross

    Donald Trump is an interesting case...yes...he actually is a wealthy business tycoon, and if the accumulation of personal wealth is a measure of success, then some may consider him "successful". However, real estate and hospitality businesses are his metier, rather than government service. He has a knack for making some very astute real estate business decisions...but, not all of his ventures are successes...and when he did not "stick to the knitting",* often those ventures ended in tears for their investors and employees. Does America want to be a Trump America, and yet another potential Trump failure? Donald Trump: 16 Successful and Unsuccessful Business Ventures 12 Donald Trump businesses that no longer exist - Yahoo Finance Walking way from failed, bankrupt business ventures has always been an option for Donald, That is not an option for the US electorate; and the electorate will have to live with the whatever Donald lays out for them. I am not predicting that Donald will pick up much in the presidential elections from the Latino vote.... :rolleyes: or the conservative religious voters, who take their crackers and wine far more seriously than Donald evidently does.

    A lot of Trump's appeal is due to his celebrity status, and that he does not conform to the mould of a professional politician. If they are the measures of a successful presidential candidate....Paris Hilton would be a shoo-in for first America's first female POTUS ....at least her presidential facebook picture gallery would make for interesting viewing! :eek:

    * http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/stick+to+knitting
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  16. 3M-TA3

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    We should already know that Hillary Clinton is not sustainable as a President. When she resigned after only 4 years as Secretary of State she was visibly beaten and haggard. She is now 4 years older and wants a job with even higher pressure. Based on that I don't think she could handle the pressure of the Presidency. In addition, let's take a look at her accomplishments as Secretary of State. Her policies make Chamberlain look like Churchill by comparison. Her continual appeasement has reduced the US to the point where our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. Let's not even go into the bungling of Benghazi or her email server housed in the bathroom of a contractor. If anybody can produce a positive accomplishment, please list it here. Oh, yes, she did increase sales of pant suits for women.
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    For many years, the democratic party has always slammed the rebub's for being the party of old white men.....
    The tables have finally turned & the meme was a cute example of that fact.

    I do have to confess that I am impressed with your concern and research into the American political landscape. Being not of this nation.... it is notable that you have more interest with what is going on with our candidates than over 50% of our own citizens..... just one of the major problems with our current society.
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    @chelloveck I agree with Yard Dart wholeheartedly - kudos for doing what the vast majority of Americans fail to do.
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  19. HK_User

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    From the so called debate, the best accomplishment she seemed content with is that she is in fact a female and because of that she is "owed" the presidency.
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  20. ghrit

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    More like she is owed prosecution for dereliction of duty for both the Benghazi affair and for compromising state secrets with that pirate server.
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