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    A guy at work was "modifying" a server rack and got some metal in one of his eyes his vision will be OK they say but he has a dressing on his eye that will be there for at least another week.

    He went to the emergency room and has more doctors appointments which brought into focus (pun intended) the importance of protecting your eyes and the difficulty one would have if you had a similar injury or an injury both eyes without readily available medical care.

    I have some Scott goggles that I use mainly in the winter on the trails, Browning Black label glasses for shooting, protection when welding along with various safety glasses that I use most of the time when work around the shop but sometimes I just go for it...[smsh] no longer.

    The question is are there any feedback on preferred eye protection for people who do not need corrective lenses. The Brownings are nice but I will be picking up another pair or two of the higher quality glasses and there are many brand names out there.....

    “16% of all casualties evacuated from Iraq between March 2003 and April 2005 suffered from direct eye injuries.”Thomas Zameri, Government Relations Director , “Army Times” – 10/05

    Without eye protection this guy may have been blinded.
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    Eye protection is one of those areas that many overlook.... but never should forget to wear. These are a great set of glasses that I use personally...... and our shop provides only 3M type glasses for use in electrical construction.
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    I like Nemesis.. but befor u start wearing them they have little rubber things for the knose that come off after a while ...{if not glued}
    and fairly cheap...

    A few other notes on saftey Glasses...
    The yellow ones look cool but are ment to be worn at night to bring in the light .. if worn in the day they could cause sever head aches...

    Also when working with wire wheels on grinder {espically the knotted ones } safety glasses aint enuff the wires fly ...I recomend and always were a faceshield with them !!!! Also the same goes for doing torch work ... {but tome this is job specific...

    Also its no just the job you are doing that requires safety glasses its also other people around you...

    I see some people in the logging industry wereing these goggles that have a screen in them .. Has anyone ever used them or have an opinion on them ??
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    Yeah KAS, I've used the "armored lenses and they give me a headache in less than 10 minutes.
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    My Eyewear consists of My Prescription Bifocal Lenses with UV Activated PhotoGrey with a Color Correction Layer, that is applied to Tempered Optical Glass, and set in Aviator Style Titanium Frames. I have two pair. One with a small Reading Bifocal Area at the bottom, that I use when NOT at the Computer. A Second pair, with a Bifocal Area that extends, up thru half the lens, that are my Computer Glasses, with the Bifocal Area, ground specifically for my Eye/Computer distance. I insist, and Pay for, REAL Glass Lenses, instead of Plastic, because I am very hard on EyeWear, and Plastic scratches much easier, and needs to be replaced much more often. I get a new Prescription, once every two years, and that seems to be adequate for my needs.
    My Eyewear is supplemented with Goggles when outside in winter, (Snowmobiling, or Rhino driving) which have channels for the Ear pieces of my EyeWear.
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    While on a business trip I got steel in my eye from grinding on some equipment I was supervising the repair of. (not supposed to be doing the grinding but things weren't going fast enough) To make it worse I'd flown there in a rented Piper so I was pretty relieved when it finally cleared up so I could get home. I've been more careful about eye protection since. I'm not too picky and use a wide range of glasses for shooting and cycling. Lately using a Go-Specs for shooting that I like.
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    I have also seen letely safetly glasses with some sort of "bifocle" set up in the lenz..
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    I like these since they fit over eyeglasses yet still retain a good air seal for when when shoveling dusty manure, soil, etc, yet haven't fogged up much even when working-sweating in hot sun: Amazon.com : Safety Goggle DEWALT DPG82 CONCEALER CLEAR Anti-Fog Lens

    They work well with this: 3M 6391 P100 Reusable Respirator Gas Mask - Large - Papr Safety Respirators - Amazon.com

    I tried the combo for more than 100+ hours of dusty horse poop shovelling over a few months for a large permaculture - Hugelbeds raised bed gardening project I was working on and was surprised at how well the goggles and respirator integrated while wearing eyeglasses.

    The couple times I decided to forego the use of the goggles, the eyes protested strongly.
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    I have been treated a few times for foreign objects in my eye. I have been really lucky that there was no real damage. Big fan of eye protection
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    I scratched an eye once (high pressure water and grit) no fun! My Smith sunglasses are ce and ansi rated. The lenses interchange too. They pretty much live on my head or hat so eye protection is always there. Otherwise I'd most likely slack to much.
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