FAA grounds plan to deliver 12-packs by drone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stg58, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. stg58

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    It is OK to snoop and blow people up but no beer deliveries.


    The idea seemed ingenious: Delivering 12-packs of beer to the cold, windswept surfaces of popular ice fishing lakes — using a drone.

    Lakemaid Beer president Jack Supple brewed up a plan this winter to quench the beer thirst of ice fishers on central Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs, with retailers taking orders using GPS coordinates.

    He and his colleagues rented a drone, tested the idea on Lake Waconia and then put up a video. Set to cheery music, it featured a six-bladed unmanned craft gliding over fish houses and gently setting a box of Frosty Winter Lager on a snowy lake.

    Beer buzz? FAA grounds plan to deliver 12-packs by drone | Star Tribune

  2. Yard Dart

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    The video was a stroke of advertising genius. An awesome idea crushed by the government....
    Just a common theme around these parts now days..... if it does not benefit one of the lib donor's, the G-men will stomp on the neck of the businessman trying to earn a buck. maddd
  3. Wheelsucker

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    I was always taught 8hrs bottle to throttle.... Somehow Amazon will manage it though.. I'll order packages from them and get some 12ga practice, after delivery of course.
  4. stg58

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    I am impressed by the lifting capacity of the drone. If you put a larger battery and a video camera with a wireless link you would have your own eye in the sky for your AO.
  5. ghrit

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    It didn't lift a full 12er, so it says. However, ---
  6. kellory

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    Bambi thumpers are already using them to harass hunters.:mad:
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