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  1. tacmotusn

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    Americans For Fair Taxation: Email - Special Edition: Sign the petition to the White House!

    This petition was started on 30 Sept. 2011. Tonight, Saturday 1 Oct. 2011 signatures have already exceeded 2000. A minimum of 5000 are needed before 30 Oct. Please go to the link and read. If it sounds good to you, please sign the petition.
    If you have questions about the fair tax, post them here. I would be happy to answer them.
  3. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    i have a question..
    why should we be taxed thrice?
    we pay a tax for earning any income
    then we pay a tax on spending it
    and in the end we pay taxes on anything we save ( our kids inheritance)
    to me this seems like plain highway robbery]
    tax one or the other, not ALL!!
  4. CaboWabo5150

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    Sounds interesting, however, it fails to address the main problem facing consumers and middle income people today: GREED....

    "The removal of these hidden taxes may also allow wages to rise." - Just like when oil prices drop, the gas prices drop. Oh, wait...

    "With the FairTax, mortgage interest rates fall by about 25 percent (about 1.75 points) as bank overhead falls" - Please....Oh yes, as we all know, banks are all about passing their savings on to their customers.. Now that banks are seeing record profits ( and exec's seeing record bonuses ) why do they hit their customers with even more fee's..?

    I'm not opposed to the Fair Tax... I'm just saying watch out. Reagans Trickle Down economics isn't a bad idea at all, except for the part about where the trickling down part came in.. There is a reason that even in this economic down time, middle class net worth is dropping, and of the over 400 billionaires in the U.S. almost every single one of them has had their net worth rise by a Billion or more over the last year...

    I don't see where it would really make a difference to me at all, except I would be buying everything used.. But I pretty much do that already :)
  5. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    once the govt gets a tax in place, they dont remove it
    if you honestly believe they would remove the old taxes
    just becuz they set up a new one...
    i feel sorry for your gullibility
  6. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    The question I have and they probaly covered it in one of the video's I watched and I just didn't see it but how or on what rate would the tax be based on. Wouldn't they have to have a tax rate across the board and on what would it be based on. The working man's yearly income of $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 a year or would it be based off of a yearly income of $250,000.00. If so the tax percentage would hurt the average man like me and the families in my area I have to work my full time job and work on the side still just barely make around 38 to42 a year.
  7. tacmotusn

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    Our present IRS system does indeed tax you often thrice, just as we do things now. The Fair Tax gets you once on a Federal level for the purchase of new goods or services. No tax what so ever on income. Build your nest egg as large as you like and keep your fingers out of it and no taxes deplete it. Pass all you want on to your heirs at no depreciation of the estate. Taked on a Federal level only on what you spend for new goods or services. Buy used there is no tax. The fair tax rewards individuals for being frugal. Our present IRS system is Highway Robbery. Where is the question? The present system screws you no less than 3 times. The fair tax will get you only once when you buy new.
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  8. tacmotusn

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    Look I ain't going to say it will be easy to get this thing on the ballot, or to get it passed. I am sorry you are so negative about the Fair Tax, and truly, you know so little about it. #1 The fair tax if passed, cannot go into effect until the amendment that put the present IRS system in place gets repealed and the IRS is dissolved. Gullible? Far from it. I also feel sorry for those who make no effort to change things.
    Take the time to learn a little about the Fair Tax before you are so quick to blow it off.
    Plain English Summary of the FairTax Act (PDF)
    This document is a summary of the Fair Tax Act of 2007 (HR 25/S 1025), written in plain language.
    Testimony submitted by FairTax.org to the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform (PDF)
    Our Chairman, Leo Linbeck, explains to the Tax Panel how the FairTax meets the President’s principles of tax reform: simplicity, fairness and pro-growth.
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    With the fair tax, Income levels no longer apply. Bill Gates, Joe the Plumber, and Rosy the Bag lady, all get taxed at 23% at the cash register when they buy new goods. All other Federal taxes go bye bye. Social security and medicare continue to be paid out, but with the fair tax they are funded by the 23% collected at the cash register. The difference is, If Bill Gates spends $2,000,000 in a year in new goods and services, he pays $460,000 in taxes at the cash register. If Joe the plumber spends $100,000 a year in New goods and services, he pays $23,000 in Taxes at the cash register. If Rosy the bag lady has a valid social security card and a mail address, she will receive a prebate check from the government of $208 every month to negate the taxes on her poverty level income of less than $10,880 for one individual. If she has a banner year pan handling or whatever and takes in $15,000 and spends every cent, she will actually pay an annual tax of $947.60 at the cash register.
    here is the link for "Fair Tax" FAQ Americans For Fair Taxation: Frequently Asked Questions
    and the Fair Tax Home Page. Do a little research folks. This realy is a good idea, and a great improvement over our present unfair Oppresive system.
    Americans For Fair Taxation: Americans For Fair Taxation
    You have to do a little research here yourself folks
  10. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Thanks for the info I will research it I like the sound of it.


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