Faith Circuit Diagram

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    Lol batman and holy water. ... =)
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    A blind man will never understand.... Blue.
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    He might come to some understanding when he completes the circuit with his tongue....depending upon the current voltage and amperage! ;)
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    No. At that point he has learned the wrong message. He has used the wrong tool to measure his world, and by that lack, all he has learned is pain.
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    Chelloveck. Many people on this forum seem to have no sense of humor about faith. Mine is strong enough I can laugh.... some people cannot and take everything seriously. It's unfortunate. ... faith can't be argued with and needs no defense. You either have it mm or you don't. ... people of weak faith think they have to defend it. Just my opinion
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    I don't think that it's a matter of people here not having a sense of humour about faith, for there are often jokes in this forum made by people of religious faith about the faithful, and some of the ideosyncracies that are part and parcel of faith. It is said that Jews tell the best Jewish jokes (at their own expense), but are sometimes (quite justifiably) wont to object to goyim telling jokes about Jews at the Jews' expense. kell has definitely got a sense of humour, and I don't think it is lacking in this case: He is just counterposing one metaphor with another, though with a somewhat straighter face.

    Each person's individual commitment to faith is a matter for their own personal consideration and contemplation, and
    I don't see it as my mission in life to change that. However, the epistemological foundation
    Epistemology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia upon which that faith rests is open to scrutiny and challenge through serious dialectic, or via satire. where the faithful make truth claims about their faith in the public square...

    Defending faith in general, and one's faith in particular, is a duty; and depending on what sacred texts one subscribes to, an obligation of the faithful. Those who have a strong faith disposition are probably as much disposed to defend their faith, as those with weak faith who are nominal theists. Some defend their faith so that it will not be lost...some defend their faith to demonstrate to others of faith that they still have it...and some, who have little or no faith, defend faith, because it's in their best secular interests to do so (N.B. MAny politicians and community leaders fall into this category.

    The three Abrahamic religions, have developed a whole industry of apologetics to deal with criticisms of their respective faiths, and criticisms of faith in general.


    Atheists, and secularists have a somewhat less prominent counter apologetics industry. ;)

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    Thanks chelloveck. .. I see your points and stand corrected.
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    A deer can not see red. He does not have the rods and cones in his eyes to perceive this color. He is blind to it.
    Would you argue with a deer as to if red exists? He does not have the tools to measure it, so for him, it DOES NOT EXIST, yet it is there, none the less. Would you argue red is just a figment of my imagination?
    I do not need to defend RED, red exists. How do I prove red exists to a deer? Only in death, can I prove it, by killing him while covered in red.
    Hunter's orange is a fairly new thing, and less effective than red, but easier for PEOPLE to see. Deer see yellow where we see orange, why? Because, to him he can not see the unseeable.
    RED exists.[worthless]
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    Well, it used to be a funny schematic...
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