Faulty voting machines

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    From a friend in NC: "A neighbor of mine voted today in early voting at the downtown New Bern site and had a strange experience. He "pulled the lever" to vote straight Republican (pressed the circle at the top that allows you to vote straight ticket), and when he looked down, the voting machine had highlighted all the Democratic candidates. He cleared it and tried again, and the same thing happened. He called a poll assistant over, she tried it, and the same thing happened. Several phone calls were made, and they finally got the machine to highlight the correct candidates. If my neighbor had not been paying attention, he would have given his votes to the opposition!

    He told the Republican judge about his experience, and he said she did not seem to be that concerned. He told a Republican worker outside the poll and that worker had him call Channel 12 news about his experience."

    PLEASE tell your friends and neighbors if they are voting straight Republican (or voting period) to make sure that the correct candidates are highlighted before they finish
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    This is a duplicate of a very recent post. Must be an email going around. This one is word for word the same as the last.
    previously posted 10/22/2010 by Witch Doctor 01 as "check your ballots"
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