Feds raid gun parts stores despite court order

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. stg58

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    As usual the ATF thinks court orders, murder laws, the bill of rights and the Constitution do not apply to them.

    Federal agents raid four Ares Armor gun part stores in San Diego County, confiscating polymer 80 percent lower receivers and customer lists | FOX5 San Diego – San Diego news, weather, traffic, sports from KSWB

    SAN DIEGO – With a search warrant in hand, federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confiscated computers, customer lists and the questionable polymer 80 percent lower receivers from four Ares Armor store locations throughout San Diego County over the weekend.

    “There were women and children inside our retail establishment when the (ATF) agents came in with guns drawn,” said Ares Armor Executive Officer Dimitrios Karras. “They came into our firearms manufacturing facility saying, ‘Arms up!’ like they were invading Iraq.”

    The raid happened three days after Ares owner was granted a temporary restraining by a judge to stop ATF agents from searching their stores.

    The ATF confirmed they were investigating the stores for federal firearm violations stemming from the sale of a new plastic version of the 80 percent lowers, which gun enthusiast use to build their own AR-15 rifles.

    Building a rifle with specific versions of the 80 percent receivers is legal. The polymer lower receiver appears to be manufactured differently with two parts, making them a firearm and illegal sell, according to the ATF.

    “We did ask the court to clarify if these things were firearms or not,” said Karras. “We did ask for protection as this gets resolved within the court system.”

    Karras said they had their polymer lower receivers locked in a closet ready to turn over to the ATF since Wednesday. He was more concerned about the federal agents taking lists of his customers’ information.

    “If anybody is a criminal organization that should be investigated, I think they should look in the mirror. We gave them a black eye publicly,” Karras said. “They tried to do an underhanded deal with us. They said, ‘Hey hush, hush. Keep it secret and nobody’s going to know that we took the customer list from you. Nobody’s going to know we took this from you.’”

    The investigation has some customers nervous about their right to bear arms.

    “I’m on that list, and I’m waiting for the knock on the door to tell me they are here to remove my second amendment rights,” one customer told Fox 5.
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  2. VisuTrac

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    seriously should have shredded the customer list.
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  3. Mike

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    ATF doesn't believe in courts. They have Holder to back them up and he doesn't believe in the Constitution.
  4. BTPost

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    There is another thread on this issue.... and in that thread, it is NOTED, that Holders DOJ went to the Judge, that issued the Restraining Order, in an ExParte Communication, (means only One of the Parties (ATF/DOJ) was Present) last Friday, and had the Restraining Order modified, so that the Raid could legally take Place, without ANY Notice to the Plaintive, or HIS Attorney. This is HIGHLY Unusual, and in many cases, can be cause for Sanctions, against the Judge, AND the Attorneys who did it. That will be decided in the Federal Appeals Court. There is considerable evidence, that the ATF/DOJ Attorneys made False Accusations, and unsubstantiated Declarations of FACT, in that ExParte Communication, and if that turns out to be the case, then the Judge, will likely Sanction the ATF/DOJ Attorneys, for Perjury. This is NOT over by any stretch of the imagination. So stay tuned....
  5. Mike

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    But Holder's Gestapo will not be tried. They will have DOJ approval and concurrence and are immune to something as trite as Judicial actions. We live in an America run by morons who don't believe they can be touched.
  6. Pyrrhus

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    I'm waiting for it to come out that the lowers were shipped to: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Superman, Batman, etc. That would be fantastic.
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  7. Pax Mentis

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    Would they be the morons, or would that be us...for letting them to continue to get away with it for so long?
  8. Mike

    Mike Ol' Army Sergeant Monkey

    Pax, many of us are trying to wake the sleeping masses who just don't seem to give a damn. I guess I shouldn't have called them morons, should have used something more accurate, like traitor to the Constitution
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  9. Mountainman

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    So sick of this BS. Just ban guns and let's get on with the consequences when they come and try to confiscate. Guessing that the confiscations don't last very long and hope the fight goes to their AO right away instead of ours.
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  10. Dunerunner

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    An interview with the CEO...

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  11. kellory

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    Other than mangling the founding fathers quote, he did very well. He made it very clear, this raid had nearly nothing to do with the product in question.:(
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  12. kellory

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    The list is in ATF poses soon at this time, and will have been read, scanned into computer, and copied. That info can not be unlearned.
    If the ruling goes against the manufacture, they will be ready to move against every person on that list, for buying illegal gun parts.
    The only good outcome, would be for the court to rule in favor of the manufacturer, and tell ATF to pound sand.
    But they will still have the list.
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  13. Clyde

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  14. stg58

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    The bottom picture kind of sums up the ATF attitude on many things....

    Call it arrogance or brass balls but the ATF actually set up a booth at the 2014 SHOT show at the Sand’s Expo Center in Vegas. The SHOT show is billed as the biggest firearms industry tradeshow in America if not the world.

    Oh darn, Looks like some patriotic prankster defaced the ATF’s logo…

    Read more at ATF Gets A Lesson In Freedom - Blur Brain

    Double darn, looks like special agent Numbnutz picked a bad day to have trimmed his fingernails…

  15. Mike

    Mike Ol' Army Sergeant Monkey

    Looks like a fed, the guy trying to remove the sticker, doesn't he?????
  16. gunbunny

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    Ares Armor got a request to stop posting pictures of the raid (for officer privacy concerns) like this:
    BATFE funny.
  17. BTPost

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    I think the Shot Show Folks need to have a SPECIAL RATE for any FEDERAL Agency....
    500% of the going Rate for the size of the Booth... It should come out of their Operating Budget, just like any other Vendor.... And a SUPER SPECIAL RATE for BATFE.... 1000% of the going Rate.... Just to say,
    " You are NOT WELCOME Here".... My Opinion.... YMMV....
  18. Mike

    Mike Ol' Army Sergeant Monkey

    When are cops going to understand that when they act like gestapo, they are gestapo
  19. DarkLight

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    Unless it's a public event, as in government funded, I think Government Agencies should be told flat out that they can't have a table for ANY price and they aren't welcome. "We reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE, including douche nozzles like you!"
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  20. fedorthedog

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    The thing that I want to know is if the restraining order info was included in the search warrant affidavit. Don't withhold info from the judge it has a tendency to invalidate your warrant, and piss off the judge.
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