FEMA Area 3 Hysteria

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    Wow. All I can say is: wow. I'll even say it backwards: wow. This video was apparently picked up by a number of conspiracy sites and is currently circulating in paranoia emails. I want to scream at these wackos: Have you not heard of the annual government rite known as fallout spending? Or the threatened "government shutdown"?

    The reason for the delivery and exercise/training/report completion date of Oct 1 has NOTHING TO DO WITH AN EXPECTED PROBLEM and everything to do with getting it all paid for out of THIS YEAR'S fiscal budget for two reasons: 1) Next year's fiscal budget automatically gets reduced by the amount of any unspent funds from the current fiscal year ("you didn't spend that last year so you must not need it this year") and 2) All training and purchasing of supplies is halted during a "government shutdown" until a spending agreement is reached. I refuse to call it a budget agreement as that implies trying to work within the bounds of expected income.

    Plus they may get their budgets slashed to the bone next fiscal year anyway. So they are trying to get everything they want for a while paid for before Oct 1.

    Sheesh. The craziness of it all.
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    Be careful who you condemn to be "wackos" --many of these people are more informed than you give them credit for. I have enough experience in this field now to claim I am an expert, but there's not much pride in being an "expert wacko" these days. This video isn't about only purchases being crammed in for the fiscal year end, it's obvious to me. Why haven't you caught it?

    I do not know if you say and act like you do out of FEAR, or if you are on a disinfo/cointel/psyop campaign. I do not care.

    Please allow this to sink in...

    1. The current government, and any that will follow will continue to expand its power structure. They want YOU (assuming you are a patriot) dead. They want only blind, subservient slaves who will march in tune and OBEY.
    2. There are many religious and radical....and even religious radical people out there who are faithfully resisting the NWO, Satan, and all the things that go "BOO!" in the night. Some of these people can be a bit perturbing, but please remember, they also hold the line.
    3. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING is 100% black and white as it is written in your government provided history books, most of this "reality" is shaded gray, and the government isn't simply "incompetent", it is TYRANNICAL.
    4. Your "government" isn't even an actual government. It's a series of corporations --a cartel. This cartel is managed by a powerful group of European interests, which equates to an Oligarchy. On the surface, the people see a "Democracy", which is supposed to be a republic, but the meaning has long evaporated. The flavor of government the people are given is fascism or a shade of socialism, depending on which version of slavery suits the time.

    Please DO NOT make the ASSUMPTION that "crazy" people are out there circulating emails, frightened and timid, awaiting the time of panic and rapture. These people are not all "wackos" and "theorists" --they are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, they are me and they should also be you. And when the trumpet calls, we will stand as ONE, and we will fight tyranny...or not at all.

    If you want to point fingers, point them at the abusive police state. Point them at yourself. We made this happen. We made it happen through slow, insidious indoctrination and with the acceptance of despotism as the standard of life.

    It's already a widely held FACT, the government is building up for a war. And so are the people. GET OVER IT.

    Now let me soften that up a little bit. ;) There.
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    Quigley (love that movie, btw), I should have edited the word "budget" to "spending plan" everywhere I used it before posting. As I stated, budget implies an effort to spend within boundaries of income. Something for which this administration has not even attempted to put up a facade like all the other administrations since FDR.
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    :) Let me start by saying first I WILL be there when the trumpet calls to throw off tyranny. I may not be visible but rest assured, my effect will be noticed and not stop until tryanny is overthrown or I am dead. Whichever comes first. The post was made not from fear/disinfo/cointel/psyop reasons, but from frustration with the source that brought this video to my attention. Just had to vent somewhere. More on that later.

    I completely agree the current government is a tryannical beast that seeks only to expand its control over everyone within its reach until it completely controls everything and everyone. I would go so far as to say the effort to do this has been openly persued since FDR was president (and covertly persued before that). And I will not dismiss the fact that this year's end of year spending spree is being used to help further that goal. But that doesn't mean the final oppressive crush will begin in October of this year as this video seems to be saying. I'm sure it will happen at some point (hoping for a Carrington event or EMP before that happens, tho) and probably some time soon. There is too much evidence in plain view of my eyes (not just photos and reports from distant places) to believe anything other than a government gearing up for an internal fight. And citizens gearing up to resist. But this October? Not convinced of that.

    Just getting tired of the alarmist "look out! it is going to happen/possibly happen in two months!" type warnings/alerts from a particular source I cannot shut off for a variety of reasons. Much other material from this source has proven to be nothing more that frightened chicken little bleating. Sometimes it irritates a little too much. The use of wacko was an unfortunate result of this frustration/irritation..

    Other sources I tend to take a wait and see stance and try to determine if the information can be verified by at least two other independent sources before becoming truly concerned about specific threats/timetables. My philosophy on information filtering goes like this:

    If one person says you have a tail, you can laugh it off as them seeing things not in existance. If a second person says you have a tail, don't laugh and start considering they may have a valid point. If a third person says you have a tail, you better turn around and look. A fourth person? Get fitted for pants allowing a tail to move freely. You just might find the persistent pain in the butt bothering you disappears...
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    @Icefoot lol! Thanks for not taking my post as insulting as so many others have in the past. You make an excellent point --the "doomsayer" type often jump the gun and go off the deep end. As I see it, this is a two-pronged subject. On one hand, we do actually have an abusive police state, and too many clones have just become so indoctrinated, they can't even recognize what's happening. Any warning at all seems to fall on deaf ears. The people have become psychologically conditioned to the point they are no longer responsive. The warnings dispersed by the conspiracy crowd may often times carry legitimate value. Now, on the other hand, these warnings and attempts to get people to jump on board and DO SOMETHING are increasingly becoming more and more severe (to meet the cloned zombie crowd's standard). The police state is also rising to meet the times, too. It doesn't make it right, and it can be annoying to hear some of these people making bold claims...

    In the end, we will still be slaves, and we will still be subjected to tyranny. There's no mistake, though...the .GOV is gearing up for domestic conflict and the people are preparing for war. The question of "when" isn't even a factor as far as I care. As far as I see it, any resistance is better than no resistance. To seasoned "conspiracy" types we have around here, a lot of this hype doesn't really cause a problem. We've seen it all before.
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  7. Brokor

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    Ya'll should watch that 3 hour video I posted. Download it and save it. To date, it is one of the very best compilations on what we are actually facing.
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    Good discussion- spot on that there is a looming confrontation, being prepared for by both sides. When that happens is a mute point as stated above.... but being ready for that "event" that kicks it off, is the immediate concern. To many today are caught up in their day to day living and oblivious to the lies and deception all around them.... and most of all, doing nothing about the coming storm.......
    Resistance to tyranny is the only thing we can & will do- the other option is wearing chains or pushing up daisies....
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    Going to need some popcorn, beer and a comfy chair for that video- 2:57 jeesh.... thank for posting it!! [pop]
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  10. Icefoot

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    hehehehe. YD said "comfy chair"...
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    Hmmm... Sounds like a second person may have just told me I have a tail concerning civil unrest/open warfare on citizens in October:

    US Treasury to reach debt limit by mid-October: report

    I know the whole debt limit thing has come up almost constantly since 2009 and it has always been extended averting the "crisis". Probably will happen again this time. A currency crash would ensue (according to the experts) if the debt limit is not extended. I believe this is what triggered (I said triggered not caused) the mess in Greece: unable to borrow to keep operating and unable to pay the interest they already owed.

    Something that bears watching. Now where did I put that sewing kit...
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    Nobody will argue against the administration on this while they are attacking Syria.
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  13. Icefoot

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    Syria is a whole separate mess I sincerely hope we do not get into. But probably will given it will distract from the destructive domestic agenda.
  14. Yard Dart

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    Distraction is the key word here.... this play's into the .gov plan of doing things behind our back with one hand, while we watch the other...
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    What is wrong with that? Being uncomfortable is avoidable...At this time!! :cool:

    I would rather be happy like this little guy....
    Than this guy!!!

    YD ;)
  16. Mindgrinder

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    Ok that's it....
    i'm off to Antartica to join the hollow earth aliens.
    i hope they have beer and free range cheeseburgers....
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  17. kellory

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    I thought this WAS you...[​IMG]
  18. Yard Dart

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    Only at heart... the bones tell me otherwise :D
  19. Mindgrinder

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    I've met several of the people in this video and had a beer/smoke with them.
    To declare Sov...u need $20,000,000 I figure.
    It's just 1's and 0's......or 83,333 ounces of physical silver @$24/oz. Not "paper silver".
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  20. DarkLight

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    Monty Python - Comfy Chair Sketch (Spanish Inquisition)

    and, more recently, Dr. Who in reference to said sketch.
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