For once, the Jews aren't the bad guys

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    I read a review of Agora, which the reviewer describes as “Ben Hur for feminist atheists”. I think I’ll go and have a look at it. Rachel Weisz (Hypatia) is a lot easier on the eye than Saint Chuck Heston (patron saint of the NRA) when Chuck was doing his sandals and crucifixes epics (or sandals and Mogandovid epic in the case ofThe Ten Commandments movie). Agora promises to be almost as gruesome as Mel Gibson’s religious movie, “The Passion of The Christ. The essential difference between Agora and The Passsion of The Christ, is that the Jews, aren’t the bad guys.

    <FONT size=3><FONT face="Comic Sans MS">Speaking of Mel (I’m not anti-semitic) Gibson……..his toys that go bang have been taken off him by court order……couldn’t happen to a nicer fella….and I should tell you, that he is ALL American….nothing to do with Australia, other than that he was resident here for a little while…I’d be very pleased if he didn’t return. : O<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]YouTube - Agora Movie Trailer
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