for those of you planning on getting a new iPhone......

Discussion in 'Technical' started by CATO, Sep 20, 2012.

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    I hope there's a way to keep your Contacts/Photos and your other apps separate if you want. I don't want Facebook to have this info

    Before any of you troglodytes who DON"t plan on getting an iPhone start (no offense ghrit), collectively: "Yes, we know we can just get a phone without all of the smartphone apps that track your every move."
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    None taken, Guit. There are other reasons I have no use for those pocket weights.
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    Ghrit is a troglodyte? Damn.
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    And so a story about another idiot with a cell phone.

    Yesterday, I was headed up to the range on an absolutely foul gravel road, made necessary by good friend state taking a bridge on the paved road out of service for replacement. I come up behind this wide by wide bottom on a mountain bike seat (that can't be seen) and said bike is wobbling all over the gravel, left edge to right, randomly and rapidly enough that I can't edge the pickup between her and the ditch. And so it remains for quarter mile or so, with me grinding along in first gear, wondering how long it will take for a wakeup to materialize. I'm no more than 20 feet back, with the engine turning over pretty well, making enough noise to attract attention of the non deaf. Had I hit the horn, she'da been in the ditch for sure given the problems she was having holding anything close to a straight line (and I would have needed a come along to get her out.) I'm taking the stance of ""Good for her, getting out and working it off, handicapped tho' she may be." The wakeup strikes, and she looks over her left shoulder with one of those infernal things up to her ear. I could not see, until she turned, that there was only one hand on the bars, that wide she was. Anyway, eyes got big like dinner plates and she got out of the way. All I could do was shake my head.

    We have a no cell phone use law for cars. It is primary, and costs 136 frns if you get pulled over.

    Not only am I a troglodyte, but a budding hermit. People are generally idiots, and I need to limit my exposure for fear of contamination.
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    I only have room for one pocket weight, my S&W Bodyguard. I live near a city so I have a Virgin Mobile "Dumb Phone" for $32 a month.
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    I have heard about this Siri application. How creepy is that. Cyber stalking. Why would anyone want to stalk their friends????? Nope! We are getting to be like Pavlov's dogs. Always needing the next treat but it is really going to be better?

    My personal rant....
    I personally don't have a cell phone but my husband does (virgin mobile pay as you go). I am in the very small percentage that doesn't want a cell phone. I had one for emergency only but people kept calling- I obviously have a different definition of emergency only, so I got rid of it. People are obsessed with their cell phones. I can't name the amount of "incidents" that have taken place from some lady losing control of her grocery cart because she is busy talking on her phone.
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    Again, if you're planning on getting a new iPhone, feel free to chime in. If you hate cell phones, feel free to start a new thread about it and I'm sure others who feel the same way will be happy to give you cyber high-fives.

    Back on topic:

    It's amazing to me how perspectives differ. I view most of these features as bad (with the exception of #2, which was already there--just set it to "Airplane mode" at night). I'm actually one of these who have my iPhone at my bedside--although it is a rare day when I actually talk to someone on it. It is my alarm clock. I could have something else, but, it is convenient and dependable.

    I'm guessing #3 will change after a few thousand of Daddy's little snowflakes upload nudie pics of themselves and embarrass everyone.

    I think that when the time comes, I'll probably be getting a Droid phone. After Apple's lawsuit against Samsung...well, they're just a bunch of whining pu$$i3s.
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    as soon as the kids move out....I'm dropping mine in the river
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    I have a Cellphone (Old Motorola original flipphone) that is on the Cannery Company Plan. It is for Comms when our fancy SAT based Phone System goes Offline. (happens a couple time a year) I asked the Book Keeper if I could buy a new iPhone5, at my expense, and change out the Flipphone. No problem... So now I just need to wait for my Alaska OIl Money to arrive in October, to pay for it. (No Contract, Subsidy, and completely Unlocked) I will retire my iTouch 3rd Generation,and give it to the most deserving Grandkid. I will use the iPhone when traveling, as my Silicon Based Brains. I find my iPad2 extremely useful, when traveling, when it s on a Cell Based Data Account, for $25/month. Does everything my Macbook does, except play Flash Based videos. Simplifies my life, by carrying only two devices, when traveling. iPhone5 and iPad2, instead of Cellphone, Macbook, GPS, and all the interconnecting Cables, chargers etc, and I will have redundancy for all major Apps, like Maps, Phone (Skype on the iPad2) and my silicon based Brains.... ...... YMMV.....
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  11. melbo

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    I have an iPhone 5 and have all the facebook stuff disabled.
    You can go in and specify which 3rd party apps have any or partial access to your contacts, etc.

    I'm aware of the perils of location tracking and all the other information that is collected about me and my usage but I have almost everything in those categories turned off. For me it's not really about the phone, it's about having a pocket computer that lets me perform my paying job and keep this place running.

    My job requires that I be eagerly reachable by phone and email 24/7/365. I am diggin the new 'do not disturb' features of ios 6... Lets me turn off some of the beeps, chirps and buzzes for everything but calls from a group of predefined numbers.
  12. CATO

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    iOS6 is available for the 4 now. I haven't downloaded it. I'm thinking about turning it into a Touch for my kids and going to Samsung because Apple is a bunch of whining hypocrites.

    How do you get iTunes on your linux box? VM to a windows instance?
  13. melbo

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    I used to use the Open Source virtualbox but now use VMWare - just seemed to handle things better for my needs.
    VM to OS X Mountain Lion instance with a shared folder to an itunes library on /home
    VM to Windows 7 instance that hits the same shared itunes library on /home

    My system uses 2 drives that are bundled under one @ volume in a btrfs filesystem.

    The entire system (2 physical drives) is called @
    Drive 1 is an SSD that contains subvolumes: @/ and @/vm
    This makes the OS super speedy and also allows the VMs to see huge performance gains from the Sata III SSD.
    Drive 2 is also a subvolume of @ and contains @/home. This is a 750G Momentus XT which is a hybrid HDD/SSD. The super slick thing about btrfs is that it takes snapshots each time I install or make any major changes. When I bork my system, I just go in and find a good snapshot and rename it to @ and reboot. I know this isn't groundbreaking to users of Windows and System Restore but it's handled very nicely on btrfs.

    The Tutorial I followed to install.

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  15. melbo

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    Dude, that's a feature, not a flaw.

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  17. melbo

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    Ok CATO, I confess.
    I am an iPhone fanboi.
    I had my 5 on 9/21 - fist kid on the block.
    I don't even use it. I just look at it.
    It's in my pocket all day (when I'm not admiring it).
    And next to my pillow at nite.
    I Facetime myself from this new iPhone to the old iPhone.
    Siri has actually sung to me.
    I like the crappy Apple maps (only crappy to the haters).
    If this SM user account wasn't protected from change, I'd change my username to iMelbo.
    I actually put those little stickers on my bumper, one for each iPhone I've had.
    All my old iPhones are in a little velvet box and I charge them once a month and keep them up to date with the latest ios.
    I once actually textd the following to a member here: "Dude, the iPhone 4 rocks!"
    You know, since 2 is 1 and 1 is none, I should probably pick up a backup iPhone 5
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    OK....I wasn't trying to be a smart@$$. I'm actually wondering... "IS it all that." It might change my mind about going to Samsung. I have a lot of $$ in apps.
  19. melbo

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    I wouldn't change to another platform. I had a 4 and skipped the 4s. The speed difference in everything from 4 to 5 is vert noticeable.

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