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    For a while now we have been using Obi boxes for VOIP lines, my wife still loves her fax machine for sending in orders for her side business and some VOIP providers have problems with fax or security systems but the Obi box works great for her faxes.

    I ported my Google Voice line ported to both and a Callcentric number on the other both are free and have worked well for voice calls.

    The free number from Callcentric is odd since they only provide area codes from New York but it works.

    In this age of mobile phones land lines are old school but they work and after free after you buy the Obi box $39.00 on up less if you find a sale.

    There many sites where you can get free SIP addresses but we use these.

    Callcentric - VoIP Internet phone service


    OBi200 —
    The OBi200 has 1-phone port. It supports up to 4-VoIP services such as a multitude of SIP-based VoIP services plus OBiTALK calling. Of all the OBi devices available today, at about 2.7 inches square, the OBi200 packs the most power per square inch. The OBi200 supports T.38 fax for reliable facsimile calls over the Internet as well as a USB port for use with OBiWiFi and OBiBT.

    OBi100 —
    The OBi100 has 1-phone port. It supports SIP & OBiTALK VoIP services. Use the OBi100 when you do not need an analog line to a traditional telephone network or service. The OBi100 is perfect for customers who do not have a traditional telco phone service and want the savings and simplicity of using a VoIP service for all their calls.
    • Works with Google Voice
    • Easy to Set-Up Using
    • Also Supports SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric,, etc.
    • Calling Features: Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Forward, Caller ID, Telemarketer and Anonymous Caller Blocking
    • OBiTALK Portal Features: Manage Your OBi, Connect to Your Friends' OBi Devices, Add Services, Download Apps for PC, Speed Dial Up to 99 OBi Endpoints or Phone Numbers
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    Do you find the service reliable?

    I'm asking because I never did and I'm wondering if some areas are better than others.

    Great info
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    I pick it up it has dial tone, I dial it rings.

    The fax machine test is important because when they first came out with residential VOIP fax machines, answering machines and security systems were hit and miss on non POTS lines and my wife tells me her faxes go through.

    One thing will impact VOIP is how much data is being used on your network, if someone is streaming, downloading and surfing your VOIP connection may be starved unless you can go can into your router and reserve bandwidth for QOS on your VOIP connection.
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    The reason Fax Machines do NOT like VoIP Lines, is the same reason they do NOT like SAT Based Telco Circuits.... It is all due to Latency Issues... High Latency is not tolerated well, by Traditional Analog Fax Systems. The Fax Protocol is very Old, in Telecommunications timelines, and it was written when 100% Terrestrial Copper Circuits were the only thing going. Latency thru the Packetized IP Internet, rises as the Packets go thru every Switch, Router, and Hub.... For normal Internet Protocols, this doesn't present any issues. For VoIP, the Latency Issue can be mitigated by QoS Bits that te Switches, Routers and Hubs can detect and reduce the latency thru themselves. However, for Analog Modems, and Fax Machines, (Essentially the Same Technology) the ACK/NAK Timing across the Path gets really messed up, if the Latency get to large, and causes the Internal Modems to go into a Repeat Cycle, that eventually kills the Connection... We had all kinds of Issues, here with our SAT Based VoIP Telco System, and it took special Circuit Conditioning, on our Link, to get any reasonable Fax Machines, operational.... It took a completely rewritten QoS setup, to make Fax's work, but Analog Modems still just die, while negotiating the Handshaking...
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    Quite well said but allow me to simplify - it's all about your upstream and jitter.
    You can test your packetloss and jitter here: (wait for it to load in the middle - BEGIN TEST) - The Global Broadband Quality Test


    Ideally - you want under 50ms ping (100max) and under 10ms jitter (25 max) for any clean VOIP call.
    This is the same from the OP box as it is with skype ($30/year).
    It's well worth cutting the cord if your internet is RELIABLE....
    If you have a home alarm or monitored system - forget it.
    If you have less than 1mb upload - test before you buy.

    When @BTPost talks about QOS it means: "Quality of Service".
    It is a protocol for "packet shaping" that is done at the ISP level.
    Regardless of what "net neutrality" laws you have, your ISP does QoS packet shaping for traffic management purposes.
    Most folks would understand this as "throttling".
    If you are off-grid with cell phone 4g or LTE connection - your speeds will normally be excellent but your jitter not so good.
    Some isps purposefully either QoS enhance OR throttle VOIP packets based on the laws in their AO and their business model.
    Example: cable co that also sells landlines has no interest in speeding up QoS on VOIP because they want you to buy their landline.
    Example: 3rd party bulk reseller ISP doesn't throttle because they are DESPERATE for you business and don't own infrastructure.

    Just sayn
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    I use ring central fax. Not free, but it is cheaper than my land line was. I have both my business number and business fax on there. I get digital voicemails and can receive and send faxes from my various devices.

    Works great for road warriors.
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    I use a service like this as well
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