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    While I see all this as an attack on the freedom of individuals, I will probably not fly again in my lifetime by commercial aviation. I might take advantage of Military space A travel, but that is unlikely as well. I am quite happy where I am at, and I have roamed the face of the earth enough for several lifetimes.
    My condolences to those of you who are being forced to put up with this BS.
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    Planning on flying to Alaska next spring to visit our sons. Really do not want to but driving is out of the question. Guess they will just love having me go through. Taking a cruise back to the lower US. They are probably about as bad as airport TSA.
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    The TSA has been successfully training millions to give up their freedom and dignity.
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    I make an effort to make eye contact, smile, and be friendly whenever I'm in public, particularly at airports. I wear flip flops and clothing devoid of any metal, and I have my stuff in the stupid ziplock and out in the tray. I go through the line without pausing or holding crap up. Regardless, I've been treated with more courtesy flying in China than here in the states. Last time I flew out of... crap I can't remember where it was now... anyway, had one of those walk through ones that you stand and hold your arms up like an idiot. It went off on my knees, hip, and one arm. Three TSA goons start barking orders at me. Apparently my clothes were too loose. WTF? Got to stand there and be groped, and I hate being touched by people I don't know. Grit my teeth and smiled the whole effin time, because we all know that if I don't they're going to ask me if I really want to fly that afternoon, and do I get a "sorry" or "thanks for being patient" ? Eff no.

    Cattle, that's all we are. We can complain until our tongues fall out, won't do a bit of good. They don't care, they know we're still going to fly.
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    -06, You had better plan on a "stop By visit" on your way south, when you're by Juneau, Ak.... A Good Visit is, to good a time, to waste..... ......
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