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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Elessar, Mar 13, 2014.

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    if people can hack the Yahoo network, with all the IT wonderboys that they have to secure their networks....then the national power grid could def be taken down lol
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  3. Mike

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    Grid has been a sore spot for a long long time. Remember the surge that took down the north east a while back? Yet most of the substations are undefended, surrounded by chain link fences, and remote from police forces. Just a matter of time
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    We have had this conversation, BEFORE, a few times, here on the Monkey....
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  5. Mike

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    Seems to keep showing up. Being a [newb] to the forums, guess I missed the first few go rounds
  6. kellory

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    Yep, they had to invent a directory for me, with all the BOB's, and TPTB, and TEOTWAIKI, and zombies, I had no clue what half of it was. I was honing my googlefu to understand what was being said.
    New software was installed to assist (Thanks @melbo);)
    now if you hover over a word that label is defined.
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  7. Mike

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    ok, great. They need to add IMTO for us Texans, tho, lol
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    We do have an excellent search function it's in the upper right hand portion of the webpage, just below your name, inbox and alert menu items

  9. Mike

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    Thanks. Am now finding what I need. Just too lazy to look at first. That's getting to be an issue, lol. Old and lazy
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