Fukashima Update! "Nothing to see here, move along!"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gopherman, Aug 11, 2014.

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    I've heard about the desert dumping sites. These days the only thing that makes me lose sleep is Starbuck's.

    I guess we have different ideas about safety. What I look at is what is the worst that can happen to decide how safe it is, not how it is when everything is okay.
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    [/QUOTE]Um, the main argument for nuclear power is to stop global warming?
    No. The idea was (initially) to conserve resources for higher value use, as well as stabilizing electrical supplies. Nuke plants were driven by economics, starting in the 50s, well before "global warming" was even a concept.
    Isn't the global warming crap part of the 'globalist environmental movement'?
    Yes, tho' it seems problematic to assume global warming is anthropogenic.
    Me personally, I'm not a fan of nuclear because to me it's like playing Russian roulette.
    You have a choice of dying from a nuclear accident or from lung damage due to (say) coal fired plant atmospheric pollutants. I'll take my chances with a localized mess near at nuke over sure exposures world wide from power plant emissions.
    They're just banking on nothing going wrong.
    Not exactly. There are foreseeable events, however small the odds, that can be designed for, and have been, up to and including monster quakes, fire, feast and famine. Every new generation of nuke has been built with due regard to lessons learned from the previous editions. And, the previous editions are continuously upgraded.
    I'm too familar with Murphy's Law
    See also TMI, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. The Murph (and Mother Nature) will conquer all, and in the process teach. Not global events in any way shape or form, other than feeding fears.
    and I've studied enough history to know that what brings down 'great' empires is their arrogance.
    I tend to agree with that. Winning at any game will produce just such an effect, right up until the luck induced blinders force skipping over hints of oncoming problems.
    And I think people are just electricity hogs these days. And I'm betting it's the "greenies" who use the most. If they really wanted to 'help the planet', they might wanna consider getting off their iPad and try living in the 1800s for a while.[/QUOTE]
    Hogs? Yes. Reducible? Yes. Want to reduce? No. Modern conveniences are addictive in the way they can reduce effort for living. As how good that may be for humankind, well, I'll leave that to individual thinking and choices. We ARE living longer in the advanced civilizations. If anyone wants to make a comparison between modern and primitive, read Thoreau.
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    We build pretty smart these days. Machines are designed to shut down safely when there is a problem. We only really get in trouble, when the backup systems either fail or are bypassed due to error, maintance, or malfunction.
    If I recall correctly, our current nuke problem was due in part to human error or a bypassed backup system.
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    From Broker :Also, I am willing to bet most folks don't even know about the massive burial sites in the deserts of this country for hazardous waste. It's enough to make you lose sleep.

    In the 70's we would see barges of gypsum /wallboard/Sheetrock being pull out into the Pacific Ocean & dumped , that & also many other barges loaded with drums of ?? I heard they also dropped Nuke waste into the Pacific .. No proof , just my eyes watching them load and talking to the guys working there.

    Infowars has commercials on his videos , Broker is correct , he urks me , just too far on the balance scale.

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    If anyone wants to make a comparison between modern and primitive, read Thoreau
    Pretty much my experience in a nutshell.
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    OMG you guys are horrible at quoting.
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    I just push the reply button. Mybe I should hit it with the 1911.
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    I agree with everything you said about Alex Jones! He does get on my nerves a little, but with the MSMedia not doing their job anymore, He does seem to be out in front of stuff (pretty much everything) a year or so before it gains the MStream attention it deserves.
    I stopped watching him, he makes me Paranoid![OO]
    But some of his other people on info wars as well as RT news outlet, really have a pretty decent game.
    The SO WHAT portion was tongue in cheek, you can always find a better, Whatever, than someone else has , I'm not trying to Keep up with the Jones's? (LOL).
    Here's one for you guy's and Gal's, what happens"IF" the grid goes down for saaaaaay 30 days? What happens to these nuke plants we have here.
    The Hyperthyroidism problem is real and that's the beginning of what were going to witness, by no means the end of it.
    Japanese doctors are being complicit as well. "SOCIALIZED MEDICINE AT ITS FINEST".
    “It’s Madness”: Doctors in Japan helping perpetuate Fukushima cover-up — Patients not being told their illnesses are from exposure to radioactive contamination — Scientific reports showing radiation health damage to humans are forbidden to be published (AUDIO)
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    That article, sounds more like a bunch of Professors, trolling for .GOV Research Funds, so they can continue to look for, and publish Scary Stuff, to keep the Research Funding coming. It is amazing, that what they do NOT know, and then they Justify asking for Research Money, to find out, what they think they might KNOW, if they only had enough Money, and time, to go looking for it.... Better they should spend their time, actually TEACHING, rather than casting about, and Trolling for Research Funding. It is, what they get PAID for.... Teaching.....
  12. HK_User

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    Sounds like the food chain is in trouble.
  13. Brokor

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    I think the television show "Jericho", which ran only two seasons before it was pulled, brought up some really great solutions to some problems we would face and presented a few more questions we could have. I think the show really hit a spot that a few with influence didn't exactly approve of, and some of the execs were forced to pull the plug. This happens a lot with television programming, since most networks are owned by the same cartel. But, yeah, absent the zombies, I think the Walking Dead is also realistic in some ways, but very dramatized in others. I think some areas of the country would be relatively un-phased by a 30 day grid collapse. As for the nuke plants, it will depend on the severity of the outage and environmental factors, but some of them would be fine, a few might not make it. A meltdown is pretty nasty, and will only take place if personnel could not attend to the situation in time.
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    Jericho was an awesome series which presented some interesting challenges and very thought provoking reasons/angles on why we were attacked... and what was necessary to survive as a community. I need to sit down and watch that series again.... wish they had played it out for another year or two.... they rushed to tie off the series and left a lot of loose ends.
  15. Brokor

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    Yeah, and as I recall they did manage to finish up after the writer's strike, but that whole fiasco caused a lot of trouble. Also, I think the whole story about the terrorists actually being agents of the government and working for self interests kind of hit the mark a little too closely for some to allow, but that's just my theory.
  16. Yard Dart

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    I tend to agree.... the scenario played out a little to much like something that could really happen...... I suspect TPTB were concerned someone would follow the story lines playbook.... ;)
  17. DarkLight

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    Or they were afraid someone had a COPY of the playbook and didn't want them to spoil the ending?
  18. Gopherman

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    I was talking to my father about all this who lives in Seattle, and he told me " I'm 74 years old, what's it gonna do? Kill me?
    That may be true for the older population, but sounded like a very selfish statement to me. A lot of us are not 74, and we are gonna have to deal with this crisis when it all come to the front, or the truth finally gets leaked and the mass exodus from the West Coast begins.
    Unfortunately as I have said before, may be why they are not releasing the INFO!
    A massive relocation from the West Coast would Crash the economy irrevocably!
    Alaska is getting hit harder by the fallout in the rain, harder than anywhere else but Russia. It's been found as far East as Idaho!
    Fukushima radiation in Idaho rain water | InvestmentWatch
    If you watch the weather charts on the flow of upper air currents , much of the radiation that is leaking out the top of this plant , is getting into the weather system.
    You are also getting hit harder by the waterborne contamination as well due the flow of ocean currents,as well as of the fact your closer.
    Alaskan wildlife is already suffering massively and I'm sure the fishing industry is soon to follow!
    I have a Daughter and 2 grandchildren who live in Anchorage, I am very worried about them!
    Fukushima Radioactive Fallout in Alaska. Wildlife Health Implications | Global Research
    This is a map of the in the initial fallout pattern.
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    That linked article from Investment Watch is from Mar '11. Not bad, factually. The last paragraph points out that there are two theories about exposure to radiation, one says there is a threshold below which there are no effects, the other says that any is bad. Neither have been proven true, and quite frankly I don't expect that argument to ever be settled. And I hope we never have enough data to settle it.
    I'll leave it to the reader to figure out the reality of the Global Research organization. Seems to me to be another "the sky is falling" outfit.
    Now comes that illustration. It may or may not be accurate meteorologically, but it is badly flawed otherwise. "RAD" is shorthand for "radiation absorbed dose." It has nothing to do with intensity (or kind) of incident radiation as that graphic sorta implies. Anyone absorbing 750 rad of alpha, beta, gamma, or neutron radiation is dead, plain and simple, and in a short time. It hasn't happened and isn't going to from Fukushima. There could, and probably will be effects on flora and fauna (including people) from Fukushima, but it seems to me that those effects will be at worst, minimal.
    Now it is proper for me to say how and why I know these things. My Navy primary job code translated neatly into radiochemistry and health physics specialist. Nuff said?
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    I was going to say that a government should know the difference between radiation dispersal and fallout (even if the end result is similar), but Australian Radiation Services is a commercial group (owned by SGS Pty. Ltd.) If the entire western third of the US had 750 rads dumped upon it, where are the stacks of dead bodies? Not trying to minimize the risk posed, but the accuracy of the numbers seems suspect.

    ...Idaho,eh? I wonder just how quickly and efficiency spuds absorb radioactive compounds?
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