fukmea - Isotopes have arrived.

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    Listening to the news on the way home from the office today. Our state health department had detected a radioactive particle from Japan. Sweet. That's faster than a message in a bottle;I'd rather have had a bottle though.

    Anyway, the state says it's safe and they only found 1 particle.

    I think i should believe them for my own sanity.

    if the Compatible Geiger Counter Models that worked with the radiation network weren't so darn expensive. I'd hook one up and be part of their network too. And you have to pay for the software to participate also. I guess information doesn't want to be free in this case.

    Anyway, moving back under my rock (it's sand stone and not that radioactive marble or granite stuff)

    Peace out!
  2. Valkman

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    Yep, we had it hit Vegas last week.
  3. Ajax

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    I found a radiation particle from my microwave in the living room last week.b::
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