Gamma Seal Lids???

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by tedrow42, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. tedrow42

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    ok so search is crap on my phone. are they any good? rice and beans is my goal and im wondering if you still gotta use mylar with them. me and the gf just got our own place so its time to prep i feel so behind every one is starting to think a shtf event is right around the corner
  2. vonslob

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    I use them and have been very happy with them. Purchased thru baytec.
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  3. tedrow42

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    are you sposta use mylar too or does it give enough seal to avoid that step
  4. tulianr

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    I don't know if you HAVE to use mylar or not. I do; just to be sure that I have a good barrier. I like the product though.
  5. Brokor

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    Great lids. Gamma lids allow you to easily access your container and hold a seal very well. All the same food preservation rules apply.
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  6. oldawg

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    We use them for products we are into frequently once we open the vacuum sealed bags. 3/5/6 gallon buckets are a preppers friend and these lids just give you added convenience and protection the snap lids don't have after you've pop them a few times. They have become so popular you can get them a lot of places. We use Baytec but here even Home Depot and hardware stores carriy them.
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  7. kckndrgn

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    Nice lids, but I've had my problems with them.
    1 - two of my 3 red lids have cracked. In the very middle of the lid they split. There was no over loading weigh on them, just an occasional 5 gal bucket sitting on top.
    2 - I use one for my chicken feed, so it's outside in the coop. The rubber seal broke after about a month

    I emailed the manufacture about issue #1 a total of 3 times, I got 0 responses. I use the colored lids to help break up the supplies and 2 out of 3 of my red lids have failed.

    As far as mylar, yes, i use a sealed mylar bag inside of my buckets that are sealed with a gamma lid. Why? redundancy. If I hadn't and I had rice, or oats or some other bulk pack item and the lid cracked the way mine did it would have opened it up to bugs and spoilage.

    2015-03-27 06.15.51.
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  8. azrancher

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    The reason you pack in Mylar and not just plastic bags is that Oxygen penetrates plastics, unless it if Fluorinated, most plastics aren't. You should keep a few, not all lids in the Gama Lid type, take the lid off of a 5 gallon Mylar bagged bucket, use some rice, put the Gama Lid back on for convenience. Therefore you would only need a Gama lid for each variety of food you store, i.e. Rice, Beans, Sugar, Salt... etc.

    You also should stock one of these:

    $3.99 at most Brew Supply stores, or $6.95 at Baytec

  9. Tully Mars

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  10. Tully Mars

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    Don't let it get to ya bud.
    All anyone can do is the best they can with what they have. Main thing is you realize there is a need, you are here gaining knowledge. As time and money permit you've started covering the basics. We all have taken those first steps. It's a lifestyle, not a hobby. You'll get there:)
  11. Illini Warrior

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    save your $$$$ .... Gamma are great for eazy access but the pits for long term storage ... as already mentioned they crack under stacked weight .... they also have 2 seals that could fail instead of the major bucket rim seal ....

    buy some Gammas and store them to make a bucket pantry after you start cracking open food buckets for a SHTF ....

    always use mylar bags - they are your chief insulator against air re-infiltrating back into your stored food ....
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  12. HK_User

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    I'm not a plastic sort of guy, had too many split at the wrong time and found that rats will chew right thru. I still go with the large metal ammo cans. Varmint, water and O2 proof. Fill with product, use a Mylar bag if you like for a liner. Then set a small block of dry ice on top of a insulator. Let the Dry Ice melt, remove frosted insulator, close lid, come back in a few hours and seal the ammo box. The ammo cans stack better and provide more storage space per foot print. The dry ice also removes moisture! Never had a failure and never lost a drop of anything while using ammo cans. I cannot say that for the plastic products.
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  13. HK_User

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    I agree.
  14. tedrow42

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    you have convinced me of mylar and i like the ammo can idea this is y i love this site
  15. T. Riley

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    They are great but I do not trust them for long term storage. I just own one for each food type I have stored in buckets. Don't want to spend $700 on 100 lids. That's the cost of over a ton of rice on sale at my local store.
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  16. HK_User

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    That ton of rice will go into a lot fewer, although more expensive, ammo cans and take up less space.
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  17. Illini Warrior

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    Jesus Christ ... you never put food into something like a freaking old crapped out ammo can - that mylar bag isn't stopping any of that chemical residue from contaminating your food ....

    congrats - your posting of food storage is just about the worse I've seen in the last 5 years - you're like 0 for 6 in your advice & procedures ....
  18. HK_User

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    Please provide some supporting information for your rant against my advice and procedure. Not to mention your scale/rating system.

    NEW Ammo cans can be purchased if you desire.
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  19. ghrit

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    DOWN boy!! You are treading pretty close to the edges of the CoC, if not over it. Take this as a warning.
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  20. kellory

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    Seems to me, we just had a new monkey with a warehouse full of new, ammo cans of several different sizes and types, for sale. But I do not recall in what thread they were mentioned. I will attempt to locate the comment.
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