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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by stg58, Apr 8, 2015.

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    A while back I picked up a Gerber Cortex LED flashlight and have been using it quite a bit and like it.
    Cheap LED flashlights are all over the place and there are many quality LED lights out there as well. The Gerber Cortex offers variable output up to a high output up to 675 lumens with 3 CR123 cells.
    Another feature I like is the ability to use common AA cells at a lower output but having the option for two power sources is a plus.
    Dollar Tree has CR123 Lithium photo cells that so far have worked very well and I have stocked up on quite a few.
    Another plus it is made in the USA!


    Adaptability is part of life for the modern day tactical professional. The Cortex Flashlight is built with adaptability in mind. Running on either three (3) Lithium CR123 batteries or two (2) AA batteries, the Cortex can utilize multiple power sources when having options is critical. With a maximum output level of 675 lumens (when running on three CR123 batteries), the Cortex provides a level of light useful for overwhelming an aggressor or identifying a threat. The Cortex also offers a strobe mode for tactical applications and a low output mode for administrative duties. Proudly built in Portland, OR.
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Weight: 4.8 oz.
    • Length: 6.15 in.
    • LED Type: Cree XML
    • Batteries: Accepts (3) Lithium CR123 batteries or (2) AA batteries
    • Comes with (2) Alkaline AA batteries. CR123 batteries not included.

    • High Mode Output : 675 lumens
    • High Mode Runtime : 1.75 hours
    • Low Mode Output: 30 lumens
    • Low Mode Runtime : 40 hours

    • High Output : 390 lumens
    • High Output Runtime : 1.0 hours
    • Low Output: 28 lumens
    • Low Output Runtime : 15 hours

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    I still use it and it works very well with no issues. But with so many LED lights out there buying cheaper LED lights may be the way to go just have multiple backups.

    On another note with Amazon reviews the fake ones are probably positive and the real ones one would think are negative but just like all of the fake facebook and twitter accounts you never really know.

    Amazon sues more than 1,000 sellers of 'fake' product reviews - Oct. 18, 2015

    Amazon is expanding its campaign against fake product reviews posted on its website.
    The online reseller is suing more than 1,000 people who are "misleading Amazon's customers" by selling "fake reviews of products," according to a complaint the company filed in a Seattle court on Friday.

    The lawsuit targets account holders on, a marketplace for odd-jobs where "gigs" are sold for $5 and up. Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) doesn't know who is behind the accounts so lists them all as "John Doe" in the suit.

    Amazon sued several websites in April for selling false reviews. It said most of those sites have been shut down, and it described the new suit against individual reviewers as the next
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    @stg58, will it take rechargeable CR123's? I like the two battery type option. And 390 lumens with 2 AA is really good.

    One more question, do the batteries rattle around when using AA?
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