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    It's great to be back here at SurvivalMonkey ... it's been too long.
    Right now at Safecastle, we've pulled out all the stops ...

    Click on the link to the full email for the coupon codes needed for the Berkeys, Katadyns, Montagues and SwissBikes.

    Discounts are good while supplies last or in some cases only thru January.


    2016 is going to be a bear. You need it. We've got it ... at big discounts right now ...

    Mountain House canned food (yes--in stock!) up to 46%-off

    Grandmas Country Cream milk (best powdered milk in the world) up to 36% off

    Freeze-dried Sirloin Steaks (only a few cans left) up to 24% off

    All Yoders meats (bacon included!) up to 24% off

    Canned butter, cheese, and ghee up to 36% off

    Non-GMO premium health foods for 20-year storage, up to 35% off

    Mainstay food ration bars and water for your vehicles, up to 35% off

    Berkey and Katadyn water filters, SEE COUPON CODES BELOW for up to 25% off

    Trucker's Friend and HRT all-purpose survival tools, up to 18% off

    Lifestraw 5-pack up to 37% off

    Montague folding bikes SEE COUPON CODE BELOW for up to 27% off

    NukAlert personal radiation detector up to 19% off

    Organic Green Coffee Beans for long term storage, up to 20% off

    Survival Cave meats up to 27% off

    XMRE 6-meal cases w heaters 31% off

    Future Essentials fruits, veggies, grains, staples up to 38% off
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  2. ghrit

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    Welcome home, you've been missed.
  3. melbo

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  4. BTPost

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    Yes, Welcome Back.... I hope your stay, will be Long and Prosperous....
  5. Sapper John

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    Welcome back!
  6. Legion489

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    What, no coupon for a congresscritter? That list is a rip off! Congresscritters are ALWAYS for sale, and often cheap.
  7. JC Refuge

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    Sorry, no -- they are totally useless in a crisis.
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  8. DarkLight

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    That's funny. You made a joke. Implying that Congress critters aren't totally useless all the time.
  9. JC Refuge

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    True enough. But our market niche is crisis preparedness, so that is from whence I speak.

    Thanks all, for the welcomes!
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  10. JC Refuge

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    Here's a listing that's not on the list above. We are only selling it during the winter months--our Chocolate Candy Variety case.
    8-year shelf life.
    Make survival worthwhile!
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  11. RightHand

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    Nice to have you back. You have been missed
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  12. JC Refuge

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  13. JC Refuge

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    Some of the offers/discounts in the list above expire Jan 31.
  14. JC Refuge

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    Grandmas Country Cream milk discounts are finished--our special purchase inventory was cleaned out. (They are now available at our regular pricing.)
  15. JC Refuge

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    Yoders discounts (including bacon) end tonite.
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