Global Warming Hoax is about Destroying Capitalism.

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    Naomi Klein admits global warming is not about science but destroying capitalism.
    Posted on August 19, 2015 by gjihad

    The Heartland Institute published a very revealing article about Leftist shock jock Naomi Klein who just published a new anti-capitalst screed entitled This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. Essentially, Ms. Klein admits that the issue of climate change (formerly known as global warming) is not about science but really about overthrowing capitalism.

    “Our economic model is at war with the Earth,” writes Klein. “We cannot change the laws of nature. But we can change our economy. Climate change is our best chance to demand and build a better world.”

    The Heartland article goes on to say:

    For the author, this completely boring, run-of-the-mill flight delay became a flight of fancy, inspiring her new work. This flight delay, she reasoned, was evidence of climate change. Who cares, she added, if we know that the solar cycles impact the planet, even more than CO2 emissions ever could. Science is not the point, but it makes for a great alibi. “The really inconvenient truth is that it’s not about carbon—it’s about capitalism. The convenient truth is that we can seize this existential crisis to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better,” she writes.

    Another motivational moment for Klein, a single mother, happened when she was reading a children’s book to her son. The story was about a moose. She worried that the young lad would “never seen a moose” in his life. Then, reading another children’s book, this one about bats, she worried that the boy would “never see a bat.” Her overly emotional reactions to everyday things — plane delays, reading bed time stories to junior — are something that she feels must motivate us all to give up our way of life.

    I am sure Ms. Klein has no problem traveling by plane, car, or train in order to promote herself or her publications. If global warming is not about science then I guess, in Klein’s mind, her promotion without regard for her carbon footprint is justified since if people like her are successful then her emissions won’t matter. Yet she has no problem enjoying all of the benefits of capitalism while condemning it in word but not deed. However, those of us on the side of civilization and reason owe people like Klein a debt of gratitude for their honesty. Naomi Klein is open about what environmentalists deny or refuse to admit and the greens probably cringe every time she opens her pathetic mouth.

    Ms. Klein isn’t the first to communicate the Left’s blunt honesty about climate change. During October of last year, PJMedia posted this revealing article soon after a climate change event in Oakland, California. The article reveals a strong far Left presence at the ceremony during September 21st.
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    I do sub work for a contractor that has fired employees for being "climate change deniers". My boss warned us ahead of time so when he asked me about it I told him that climate change is part of the cycle of life, he called me an idiot. My boss had to step in between the two of us, and I am not allowed on his job sites anymore. Typical liberal, has his head so far up al gores ass he makes al look like he has four legs.
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    you make me laugh @vonslob. Good on you!

    That kind of banning people for the beliefs makes me wonder what happened to live and let live
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    Live and let live only counts if you share their philosophy.
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    Time to do the unusual, that being sue the SOB for denying you your constitutional rights to control your thoughts and free speech.

    They are also in violation of conspiring with others to control you, a Fed Law that works in your favor.

    Yes I have corrected such actions in other groups and was very surprised how quickly the state run group was suddenly reorganized, redefined and people actually let go or given time to reconsider their actions, or leave.

    Sometimes baring the torch of freedom works, sometimes the burning sap of that torch drips on your pointy little head.

    I can go to my grave standing up, not bowing down, thank you very much.
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    Any one that does not believe in what They do..... They attempt to destroy or diminish to the point that the counter argument is ignored.....
    Tolerance is their mantra... but in reality, They are the biggest violators of our freedom of speech...... denying anyone the right to express an opinion in response to their policies/beliefs, with vitriolic venom spewing out of their hateful mouths....
    They are the enemy attempting to destroy our constitution and our way of life.
    They are most likely the source of our SHTF near term.
    They are serious about their objectives, how they want to control you and your way of life.... it is time we take them serious and do something about it.
    They are what needs to be stopped.....
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    I remember reading Stalin gave birth to the earth day movement. You should have seen the faces in the bank when I told them what their earth day (free shredding) started from. Pure shock. Then quickly back to counting money.
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    I suppose it's only a consolation that capitalism is essentially dead and has long been replaced with corporatism and fascism.
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    I think it's become almost like a religion to those who buy into it. I mean a few weeks ago, a neighbor brought it up, and they were like "Do you believe in global warming?" And if you try and question it, you get jumped all over. Especially if you ask for facts to support its veracity.
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    VHestin, most of our neighbors are ostriches. We tried to talk to them about jade helm and current events and they did not want to talk about anything like that. They just sort of handed our paperwork back to us and did not read it.
    One good thing about our neighbors, they all have gardens. But, some have lost theirs due to all the rain and then the drought.
    I did tell one neighbor, we needed to plant more of something (beans, I think) to eat this winter. They said they never considered having a garden to sustain themselves. It was just a hobby. One mentioned the Gmo corn. I didn't think to bring global warming.
    I understand completely how you feel trying to talk to people.
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